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Letters: Here’s how to survive social isolation in one piece


Prescription for the pandemic

If I were the governor, I would disseminate the following prescription to the citizens I serve:

1. Get outside and walk and or recreate, every day if possible.

2. Recreate at least 20 minutes, and longer as your capabilities allow (phone/devices off).

3. Kill the TV and use the extra time to read, listen to music and create. If you need more books, borrow them or order online.

4. Laugh at yourself, while trying to make others laugh.

5. Take a shower every day, and brush your teeth three to four times a day with an electric brush.

6. Avoid eating anything two to three hours before retiring for the night.

7. Turn the phone/devices off for the night.

8. Earn your keep and then to sleep … at least eight hours every night, and preferably eight to 10 hours. If you come up short, make it up with a nap.

9. Never ever let money be your master. Share the sandbox.

10. Enjoy your vice(s) of choice, in moderation.

11. Practice the Golden Rule and lifelong learning; keep your head up and your eyes open.

12. Embrace our fleeting existence, opting for quality time, as opposed to just more time.

Assuming you’ve integrated all of this into your routine, you can now dispose of all your unnecessary meds, being sure they are destined for the landfill, not the building sewer. If you can integrate only two of the above items, they would be, in this order:

1. Earn your keep and then to sleep … at least eight hours every night, and preferably eight to 10 hours; in particular, see items 1 and 2 for how to fall asleep, and stay asleep.

2. Practice the Golden Rule.

Regarding the current event, sleep is a wonder drug. Your immune system will crash without it.

Nothing new here. Except for the references to phone/devices — mom and dad preached all of this decades ago. The challenge for our race, the human race, is to evolve to the point where we do not repeat past mistakes. To reach this goal, we’ll have to permanently ditch that tired fallback line of “We’re only human.”

In the meantime, you’ve got a great smile … let it rip.

Gus Sharry

Summit Park

Trump steering county through coronavirus

I was alarmed when I read Patrick McLane’s letter to the editor criticizing our president. The coronavirus threatens us all. President Trump is doing a great job steering the country through this pandemic. The Democrats blocked the multi-trillion dollar Phase 3 coronavirus bill for weeks. The bi-partisan bill was ready to be voted on last Sunday when Nancy Pelosi proposed amendments that included unprecedented collective bargaining powers for unions, increased fuel emission standards for airlines, expansion of wind and solar tax credits, airline carbon emissions offsets, funding for Planned Parenthood, provisions for a federal takeover of elections, a climate change study on aviation and employment diversity requirements. These proposals reflect much of the Democratic platform for the impending presidential election, and have no place in an emergency spending bill. Five days were spent negotiating a compromise bill that now includes funding for: The Kennedy Center ($25 million), National Endowment for the Arts ($75 million), National Endowment for the Humanities ($75 million). Corporation For Public Broadcasting ($75 million), Institute of Museums and Libraries ($50 million), National Disaster Assistance ($258 million), migration and refugee assistance ($350 million), Peace Corps ($88 million), Amtrak ( more than $1 billion), Native American programs ($300 million), Housing For Persons With Aids ($65 million).

We need to focus on the pandemic at hand and get Park City back to work.

Hillary Jessup

Park City

The fact of the matter

In early 2016, as the presidential race was well underway, it became apparent to many that candidate Trump was not fit for public office — certainly not for the presidency. In the years since his election, that concern has been validated to citizens with an open mind that are willing to look objectively at his actions and words. His favorite ploy is to blame other persons or entities in a transparent attempt to deflect responsibility. Unfortunately his words are repeated by too many citizens.

Recently in the March 29th edition of the Salt Lake Tribune he was called “Deranged, Ignorant, Inept, an Insane Narcissist and a second rate reality show hack and failed businessman” (opinion page 02). I concur.

He has been quoted referencing the COVID-19 virus as the “Chinese virus.” When questioned about it he stated “well, it’s from China.” The common opinion of most is that this statement is his usual transparent attempt to deflect responsibility from himself. Also, his characterization of COVID-19 as “Chinese” is dangerous and causes serious problems. Why? Because his words are picked up by many voters as fact to be used in a blame game that is counterproductive and intensifies enmity with China. I recently heard someone blaming China for the virus calling it the “China virus.” COVID-19 is a biological and chemical entity to which humanity presently has no immunity. It is just that and has no ethnicity.

I am not an apologist for, nor a proponent of, the Chinese government. However, to infer and state that China is at fault for the world’s present situation is unproductive transference of blame, does not hold up to facts and is quoting a shamefully dishonest and inept president.

David C. Ludema

Park City

Earth Day is every day

As the community has increased walking outside, please consider carrying a trash bag and picking litter that has accumulated over the winter. Earth Day is every day! Thank you for keeping Park City beautiful.

Bob Martin


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