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Letters: How can Park City afford to not pass Treasure bond?


How can we afford not to pass bond?

Listening to the arguments about affordability for the Treasure bond, I can’t help thinking — how can we afford not to pass this bond? We are talking about 123 acres that will require six years of a construction nightmare. The result will look like a piece of Manhattan has been plopped into the middle of our town. It has been noted by various organizations that it will be as if 10 Walmarts were next to each other and will add 1,000 cars a day on our already crowded streets; not to mention pollution spread over nearby areas during construction.

Years ago when our former mayor, Brad Olch, had the foresight to acquire the open space surrounding the iconic white barn, the same arguments of affordability were heard. People also claimed that because they only saw it while driving to and from Park City, it was not really important. If the property hadn’t been bought we would now be faced with wall-to-wall condominiums and houses instead of the beautiful welcome to Park City that greets tourists and residents. The arguments that this is an ‘Old Town’ problem are overlooking the benefits of open space to the Park City community. If we want to keep the charm that has made Park City a destination resort, we must be willing to pay for its upkeep — otherwise we will become just another urban sprawl.

Wendy Lavitt
Park City


Out of the woodwork

I have read the article about Mr. Stemler’s position on this bond. If he has lived in Old Town since 1980 he must surely have known about the ongoing meetings and discussions about Treasure Hill? While a group of concerned citizens spent a good amount of their precious time at Planning Commission meetings, researching, exploring, becoming informed and speaking up, I do not remember Mr. Stemler ever attending one of those meetings and speaking his mind? He could have been part of the solution. He would have understood that all he speaks about was thoroughly discussed. Now that all opposing concerns have come to a reasonable conclusion, he comes out of the woodwork. It sounds like he wants the discussions to go on?

Mary Whitesides
Old Town


Why I’m on Miller’s team

Meaghan Miller is running for Utah House District 54. I’m on her team because:

1) She understands the things that are important to me and she cares enough to go out into this gerrymandered district and knock on doors to find out what’s important to you.

2) Meaghan is a health care professional and she has a thorough grasp of the issues that will be facing Utah as the state tries to increase Medicare/Medicaid coverage in the wake of the November initiative election.

3) Meaghan believes that it’s important to local school districts to have the resources to properly fund education.

4) She understands the value of tourism to the economy of all of Utah and she will work at the Utah House to be sure that tourism as an industry is supported.

Sally Elliott
Park City


Big thanks to Parkites

On behalf of the Alzheimer’s Association, Utah Chapter, I want to sincerely thank all those individuals and companies that participated in the 2018 Wasatch Back Walk to End Alzheimer’s on Sept. 8 at the Basin Recreation Fieldhouse at Kimball Junction. We had 59 teams and nearly 500 people attend the event. Together the community raised $107,716 to support the programs and services of the Utah Chapter. We couldn’t be more thrilled. I am especially grateful to Debbie Morton and Ray Freer — our volunteer co-chairs of the event — and their wonderful committee!

Currently there are approximately 3,900 individuals over the age of 65 living with Alzheimer’s disease in Summit and Wasatch counties, which is one of the highest prevalence per capita in the state. Statistically at age 65, one in nine people will have Alzheimer’s disease, and at age 85, this number grows to one in three. This is why the Alzheimer’s Association is pleased to offer continual service to the community through support groups, care consultations, public education programs, online services (www.alz.org/utah) and our free 24/7 Helpline (800-272-3900). We are committed to increasing our level of support and engagement to meet the growing needs.

We look to a future where Alzheimer’s is eradicated. Until that day comes the Alzheimer’s Association will be here to care for and support those people that are affected by this devastating disease.

Ronnie Daniel
Executive director, Utah chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association


Time for a positive change

I’m voting for Meaghan Miller for Utah House of Representatives District 54 in November. She shares my frustration that issues important to Summit County are not being addressed by past and current representatives of District 54, which is no surprise since our county is gerrymandered into three house districts.

I have known Meaghan for quite a while and was not surprised when she found it was not enough to just talk about her frustrations, it was time to challenge the uninspired thinking of the past and run for office. Meaghan represents what I believe are the important issues facing our community that need to be considered in the Utah House of Representatives:

• Healthcare for all

• Outstanding education for our children

• Local control over local issues

• Protection of our environment, wildlife, open spaces and public lands

• Smart growth that limits sprawl

• Prevention of opioid abuse and overdoses through cooperation with outside resources, prevention and protection

Meaghan holds a master’s degree, is the development manager at the People’s Health Clinic, along with being the married mother of two small children. I encourage you to vote for Meaghan Miller. It is time for a woman’s perspective, positive change and a representative with a passion for tackling the difficult issues.

Jenny Dorsey
Park City


Day of giving approaches

Since my husband Roger and I moved here almost 14 years ago I have been amazed at the magnitude of services provided to our community by the nonprofit organizations in Park City. I am overwhelmed with gratitude to be part of a community that does so much good, every day.

When members of the Park City community do not have health insurance, People’s Health Clinic offers a critical safety net; when someone is being abused, they have a safe place to go in Peace House. When we find or lose a pet, there is Nuzzles or Paws. If you need a place to take your recyclables … and 100 other great examples. We are incredibly lucky to live in a place that gives back and takes care of its own.

This Nov. 9, Park City Community Foundation will once again be holding Live PC Give PC. This is a day you are given the opportunity to give back to all those organizations that touch each of our lives. I’m going to be supporting as many of these organizations as I can, and I hope you will consider doing the same.

Your donation on Nov. 9 assures our ability to continue to provide excellent services in our community. Your generous donation during Live PC Give PC allows you to stand with incredible volunteer organizations to touch the lives of those who use their services.

Your donation is helping to make our community healthier, safer and happier. Right here. Right now.

On behalf of People’s Health Clinic, our employees, our dedicated volunteer healthcare professionals and most importantly our patients, thank you for your generous partnership and support.

Beth Armstrong
People’s Health Clinic executive director

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