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Letters: If bicyclists act entitled, it’s because they are

Rights of riders

I would like to thank Lili Woods of Hoytsville for her letter expressing concern for the safety of road bike riders. No doubt her concerns are sincere but her perception of bikes on roads being a problem is misinformed. Road bike riders may demonstrate an “air of entitlement” because they are entitled. Under Utah law: Utah Code Title 41-6a-1102, road bikes are vehicles and, as such, are provided all the rights and obligations on the road that motorized vehicles are. In other words, road bikes have the same rights on the road as cars, trucks, buses or semi-trailers.

A suggestion for Ms. Woods is that she view a road bike with the same level of situational awareness and respect that she would view a 10-wheel dump truck. Don’t pull out in front of it when you are entering a road, don’t pull up behind it and blast your horn expecting it to pull over; instead see it, honor the rights of the rider and interact safely.

Thankfully the vast majority of Park City drivers go out of their way to interact with road bikes safely. This is even more important these days with the promotion of bike riding by Summit County and the eagerness of people to escape COVID lockdown on their bikes. As a result of this increased interest, our roads, pathways and crosswalks are filled with bike riders of all sorts.

As an avid bike rider I have enjoyed riding on the Hoytsville Road many times. I have a daytime red flasher on my bike, wear high-visibility clothing and ride as far to the right side of the road as possible. My attitude is not “it won’t happen to me” because it has happened to me. I am not trying to interfere with or hinder your passage in any way. I’m just out enjoying a ride on my bike in your beautiful community. Please give me the same rights you would give a 10-wheel dump truck because under Utah law I am entitled to them.

Bob Lutnicki

Park City

Support the performing arts

I believe the performing arts are a critical part of any vibrant community. They provide forums where creators, be it of film, music, dance or theater, can share their stories. Local nonprofit performing arts organizations like the Egyptian Theatre, Park City Film, Mountain Town Music and the Park City Institute are known for providing a constant mix of options for patrons that go way beyond simple entertainment. These organizations have been hit hard by the pandemic with loss of ticket sales, sponsorship opportunities and fundraising events. We have worked hard by applying for grants, adjusted with online programming, reduced staff, cut costs and in some cases struggled to remain relevant.

I know that donors are investing in more critical community needs and I have heard that sustaining the arts is not really a priority during this critical time. But I do know that once we get through the pandemic, people will expect to see an arthouse film, listen to live music, go to a show and hear amazing speakers. They will expect performing arts organizations to be ready and to quickly resume programming. Speaking to my peers, I can tell you we can’t wait to curate wonderful experiences for you once again.

If like me, you believe these organizations are critical to the well-being of our community, then we should come together to generate awareness in our community that local performing arts organizations need sustaining support to assure our communities have a vibrant mix of performing arts. These nonprofits don’t expect full funding as budgets have been dramatically reduced, but they do need to be sustained!

Support one of our local community performing arts organizations today because, on the other end of this, we will want to gather and celebrate once again.

Ari Ioannides

Park City Institute executive director

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