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Letters: Interstate 80 climbing lane, and thus the noise wall, unnecessary

Rubin believes in local control


Thomas Jefferson, our third President, and Founder of the University of Virginia, once said, famously, “that government is best which governs the least, because its people discipline themselves.”

In Utah, where we value independence and autonomy, “big government” is an easy target. Unfortunately, governmental over-reach in Utah — whether at the Federal level (think education policy) or at the State House level (think bills to rescind the ban of plastic bags) — often supercedes the concept of local people making local decisions on local issues. Politicians have a hard time keeping their hands out of our business.

Jack Rubin — a graduate of Mr. Jefferson’s University — who is running for the 26th district Senate seat, is an impassioned proponent of local people making decisions locally about issues that affect them. We have a rare opportunity in the upcoming election to pick a Senator for our 26th district from the Wasatch Back who believes that we, the people, are smart and insightful and caring enough to actually make our own decisions about our own issues.

That thinking was, in Mr. Jefferson’s day, what democracy was really all about. Wouldn’t it be great to return to that philosophy? I urge voters in the 26th district to take a long look at who Jack Rubin is, and what he stands for. He’s got our back, deserves our vote and will be our voice.

Ted Forbes


Interstate 80 climbing lane unnecessary


As a Jeremy Ranch neighborhood residence, I submitted my thoughts regarding the sneaky way the DOT pushed through “The Wall at Jeremy”. Those who may be reading about this issue for the first time, may not be aware the DOT is using tax payer monies based on an assumption that I-80 needs an additional lane for westbound traffic over Parley’s Summit. As a resident of Jeremy Ranch for the past 9 years, the only time traffic gets backed-up on Parley’s Summit, is due to an accident or very bad weather. Otherwise, traffic moves along at highway speeds…Out of hundreds of residences in Jeremy Ranch, only 27 were deemed eligible to vote yea or nay on whether their should be a Wall built along the feeder road. A yea vote was only needed with 75% of the 27 residence… DOT new they had a lock on how the vote was going to turn out…Most people that purchased homes facing I-80 were happy to have a wall built that might increase their property values…Now, here is the “kicker” to this entire issue. A Wall would not be needed if they did not build an additional traffic lane!!!! Not a single piece of analysis has been presented to the public by DOT showing a need for an additional traffic lane…The answer I received from a DOT official was “since an additional lane was built on the Eastbound side, then one should be built on the Westbound side”…This is a perfect example of wasteful government spending… Without any significant research, I am sure some of Park City and surrounding areas could use 1.2m allocated for this “Wall to Nowhere”…Any politician who was a part of these funds being allocated for such a waste of taxpayer monies, should be looking for another job …..Hopefully that will happen when elections come up…I for one will be checking!!!!

Henry Knight
Jeremy Ranch


Reader grateful for dog rescue


On May 7, I had a heart-warming experience at Willow Creek Dog Park. My young Bernese, Chopper, frequents this park, but had never tried swimming in the pond until this day. He loves the baby pool at dog daycare, but evidently isn’t a good swimmer. While talking with a nice newlywed couple I met there, David and Samantha Kitchen, Chopper fearlessly followed other dogs in jumping off the dock into the deep water. While the other dogs were confidently swimming, he quickly started to sink. He was not reachable off the edge of the dock, and David Kitchen immediately leapt into action, jumping off the dock into not only deep, but cold water (it was in the 60’s that evening), to rescue Chopper. I don’t know many people who would have done what he did, so I wanted to commend him for the care and compassion he extended to my dog.

Chris Simons
Park City

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