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Letters, July 14-16: Dirty politics, critical race theory and more

Editorial was dirty politics

Last Wednesday’s guest editorial by Beth Armstrong, Executive Director of the People’s Health Clinic, made me both angry and disappointed at the same time.

The accusation Beth aimed at Mayor Andy Beerman is so wrong and so offensive that it’s a new low for local politics in recent years. It only took me a few minutes on Google to see that the term she accuses Andy of plagiarizing has been widely used in the public domain since 2013. The additional charge of “lack of research and information” certainly seems absurd and circles right back to the author’s own apparent lack of research.

I am a big fan of the Park Record but was very disappointed that they chose to place such an inflammatory headline on Armstrong’s Editorial. An unsubstantiated (and false) accusation against a well-respected public official does not deserve that kind of hype. We expect better from such a great local paper.

And finally, election season is here. It can be clean and constructive or it can be dirty and destructive. We all have a role to play in choosing which it is. All candidates deserve to be treated with respect. They also deserve our thoughtful consideration and our participation by voting.

Peter Wright Jr.

Park City


When we know better, we do better

It isn’t often that I feel compelled to respond to a guest editorial as I believe diversity of thought is a good thing. However, the recent article by the chair of the Summit County GOP calls for such a response. I find it ironic that the author who promotes the idea of absolute truth, is aligned with a political party that shuns scientific fact in relation to climate change and infectious disease and that has coined such terms as “fake news” and “alternate facts.” There is a large body of historical evidence underpinning the teaching of CRT and while it may not have been taught in schools previously, it shouldn’t be discounted just because it lies outside of someone’s experience. When we know better, we do better.

In addition such absolute truths as women are incapable of intellectual rigor, the sun orbits the earth, and one human being has the right to enslave another, are no longer absolute. Again, when we know better, we do better.

The tree of liberty is nourished by freedom of thought and a diversity of ideas. I hope we won’t be cutting branches from that tree anytime soon.

Maureen Traeger

Park City


Citizen alert

On Thursday, July 15 there will be a Park City Council Public Hearing, 4:30 Working Meeting, Public Session at 6 p.m. These meeting affect all the citizens of Park City. The meetings will cover the city’s plan for a soils repository (read toxic waste dump i.e. arsenic and lead). To become informed about this issue please go to https://engageparkcity.org/park-city-soils-repository-overview#!.

Jim Church

Park City


Worel gives me hope

As a 25-year resident of Park City who has worked for and with the City under four mayors and dozens of city council members, and for local businesses and nonprofits, the fact that Nann Worel is running for mayor gives me great hope for Park City’s future!

I have had the privilege of knowing Nann and working with her on nonprofit initiatives for a decade. She consistently listens, learns, and leads, always with the best interest of the community at heart. She is smart, principled, and respectful, and not afraid to speak out when compelled by her convictions or to ensure that the voices of Parkites are heard.

Nann understands the issues that are important to us as residents. In addition to representing us on the City Council for the past six years, she spent six years as a member then chair of the Planning Commission and applied her experience in providing health care – including serving as a US Navy nurse caring for wounded veterans and co-founding a medical clinic for the uninsured – to benefitting Park City residents as Executive Director of the People’s Health Clinic.

As Nann has said about why she is running, “The tone of the City is set at the top and a Mayor who is willing to listen, learn, then lead is needed. All voices in the community matter and I will find ways to ensure they are heard.” I urge you to make your voices heard in the upcoming primary and, most importantly, mail in your ballot before August 10th. Park City needs a mayor who will listen to our views and work hard on our behalf. Park City needs Nann Worel.

Kathy Hunter

Park City


Regional planning is lacking

It amazes me that with all the traffic and drought issues facing Summit and Wasatch County there’s so much pending residential development. Where is the water going to come from to support the thousands of additional residential units planned for these two counties, and why is there so little consideration for the impact to traffic and water resources? When is enough enough? There needs to be much greater regional planning between the two counties to attenuate the obvious inevitable problems that are and will increasingly be faced in the future as more and more housing comes on line.

Louis Peirce

Park City


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