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Letters, July 17-20: Who should be Park City’s next mayor?

Promise us, Nann

Please, Nann!

Promise you won’t paint political slogans on our streets, spend $100 million for an arts district that will only further increase traffic congestion, or decide to bury more hazardous waste in within our city limits with so little community input. And please say that you’ll enforce existing zoning laws in order to stop more traffic-congesting development! Andy thinks he knows what’s best for the masses; here’s your chance!

Ken Miller

Park City


Let’s be an example

It comes as no surprise to anyone that there are sharp divisions in our country over the economy, social justice, law enforcement and a host of other issues. Our beloved town of Park City is not immune to these polarized thoughts. How many times have you considered someone’s political leanings before beginning a conversation about current events, because you did not want to get into a unpleasant or heated argument? Our ability to listen, access and consider others points of view has diminished over the years.

We now have a chance to elect an individual who is known for her level headed, process driven approach backed up by years of experience as a member of the City Planning Commission and the Park City Council. Nann Worel’s greatest strengths revolve around being an exceptional listener who is willing and eager to hear both sides of an issue, without always making it political. She is a mature leader who has shown that she is not intimidated by others when she places her vote. Shaped by her military training, Nann learned the importance of honoring commitment, treating all people with respect and dealing with emergency situations. She was able to carry her training as a nurse into a career of public service as the Executive Director of the People’s Health Clinic.

Let’s elect Nann Worel as our next mayor, and as her informed electorate, pursue ways to solve difficult issues in our community by listening objectively to other points of view with compassion and kindness. We can set a great example to our visitors of how a small town government listens and responds appropriately to all its citizens.

Dyan and Jim Pignatelli, Tina Pignatelli and Daniel Solander

Park City


Cheers to the library

I want to give a warm shout out to the Park City Library for their Summer Slide event last Saturday. Our two kids, 7 and 9, had a blast sliding down the slip-n-slides, playing with the bubbles, and having an epic water balloon fight.

Dogs were racing around, sometimes slipping and sliding themselves. Kids enjoyed popsicles. Parents talked. The library gave away books for children.

The Park City Library captured the essence of why I love living here. Sometimes we are still a small town. Kudos Park City Library.

Josh Mann

Park City


Rubell is the right choice

Although I live in Summit County and therefore can not vote in the upcoming elections in Park City, I wanted to express my support for Jeremy Rubell for Park City Councilor and urge voters in Park City to seriously consider voting for him. I have found Jeremy to be an individual who truly cares about our community. He’s an unusual candidate in that he doesn’t really act like a typical politician and appears to be someone who truly cares about the future of Park City. I have talked to him about where he stands on a number of important issues facing the city and believe he will seek out the support and counsel of others to make the right decision. I also truly appreciate his support for the LGBTQ+ community here in Summit County. So here’s the deal, (as Joe Biden would say), there are a lot of good candidates, but there’s only one Jeremy Rubell. Vote for Jeremy.

Cami Richardson



Former mayor supports Nann

As someone who has watched, and participated in, our local elections for more the forty years, I have respect for anyone who is willing to step up, and try to make a difference. The Mayor and council are difficult positions and require massive amounts of time, often with little gratitude. As this fall’s election nears, it is incumbent upon us, the citizens, to make informed decisions on who will represent us.

One of the main criteria I always look at is how much “street cred” each candidate has. Are they a known entity, do they have a background in public service, do they have a local history,etc. While I don’t negate that someone can walk in, without background and impress us, that is somewhat rare.

This election for mayor has two candidates with history and one that is new to both the game and community. I have decided to support Nann Worel for mayor. Having worked with her in several areas over the past few decades, I find her to be reasonable, understanding of the position, and brings a tone to the office that is based on the hopes and desires of our town.

Her background as a veteran, director of the People’s Health Center, planning commission and city council, make her extremely qualified.

We have several big issues to face in the next couple of years, mine waste, Arts and Culture district, development of resort bases, to name a few. My feeling is that we need a mayor who will take the time and public input to make sure these projects are in our best interests. I am deeply troubled by city government becoming one of the largest developers in town, which is not the job of local government. I think the we need to reboot our priorities and spend more time making sure that we are creating the best situation for the locals! We are governed by those who are willing to participate and Nann is the best choice to take us there.

Dana Williams

Mayor, 2002-2014



No head in the sand here

Sorry, Geoff, you’ve missed the ENTIRE reason why so many of us are opposed to Dakota Pacific’s project.

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