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Letters, July 3-6: Jeremy Rubell is right for Park City

A leader fit for Park City

I sold Jeremy Rubell his first Park City home in July, 2013, eight years ago. At the time, he spoke of his memories visiting often since the early 1980s and their family’s condo at the Park Station. With Jeremy’s love of Park City and professional background, it is no surprise that he is seeking to serve our community on City Council.

Jeremy and his wife Gretchen decided to make Park City home very shortly after “staying for the summer,” as proven by their quick change in real estate needs to accommodate family plans. I could tell they’d be long time locals at that moment and their love for Park City was way beyond a vacation destination. A couple homes and many years later, I can look back and be glad I made it possible not only for them to live their dream, but also to attract some great locals to our community.

Jeremy and Gretchen’s passion for Park City is unrivaled. They now have two children, Charlotte and Claire, who are turning 6 and 3 in just a couple weeks. I knew Jeremy and Gretchen before they were married let alone had kids!

Park City’s quality of life is unmatched; with great schools, amazing recreational opportunities, and a safe environment to raise their family. Jeremy is always telling me how special it is when his children get excited for the same activities he enjoyed here over 35 years ago, and mentions often that he wishes the Cookie Bear was still in business… a kid’s apres-ski dream.

Real estate deals are high stress. They reveal one’s true character. Jeremy has proven to be ethical and intelligent with an excellent attention to detail. Jeremy Rubell has my vote, and I am excited for the positive impact he will bring to Park City. I suggest you vote for him as well.

Mary Ciminelli

Park City


Soup to nuts

KUTV News has been regularly airing an interview showing a Utah Highway Patrol spokesman stating that the discharging of firearms on the freeway in the direction of other cars is “a very poor choice.”


Is everything today, no matter how heinous, a matter of choices, some not as good as others?

As a child, when I took a position behind trees on a street embankment and shot peas at passing cars out of my peashooter, that was a poor choice.

Shooting bullets at cars while traveling at freeway speeds is a high crime that should be called-out as such and prosecuted with vigor.

People, let’s act as if we still have at least a slim hold on rational consciousness in this state, rather than regularly defaulting to moral admonitions as if we were in Sunday School.

Just exactly when did our law enforcement lose their civic minds? Or better yet, will they ever get them back?

Kimball Shinkoskey

Woods Cross


Thank you Teri Orr

God bless Teri Orr. I had the pleasure of hearing her explanation of the makings of Park City as a music Mecca and meeting her afterwards at Deer Valley on Wednesday, and it just reaffirmed what a gracious, intelligent lady she is. Her columns in the Park Record always provide a needed perspective on the issues of the day. Her most recent one in which she commented on the current electoral season was particularly cogent. Thanks Teri!

Bob Bernstein

Three Kings


No head in the sand here

Sorry, Geoff, you’ve missed the ENTIRE reason why so many of us are opposed to Dakota Pacific’s project.

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