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Letters: Keep your distance on the trails. And make sure your dogs are leashed.


Keep your distance

Normally, I love seeing the dogs run free in Round Valley and other places in our wonderful town. We have two dogs in our family. Unfortunately, due to this coronavirus situation, your dog jumping up on me could be a death sentence for my wife. Would you please keep your dog on a leash for now, even in places like Round Valley?

My wife has rheumatoid arthritis, and her immune system is suppressed, which makes her susceptible to infection. We have three young children that love and need their mom, and so I’m hopeful that you will please help me to keep her safe.

Recently, I’ve been encountering dogs that run over when I’m trying to keep my distance, and the owners shout at me “don’t worry, he’s friendly!” I’ve never seen this as a problem before because I usually love dogs saying “hello.” The other day in Round Valley I encountered a young adult lady on skis who was unable to call back her dog that was jumping up on me repeatedly. The lady started shouting commands at me to stop moving and to just pet her dog. I explained to her that I can’t pet her dog because dogs can have the virus on their fur and I can’t risk bringing the virus back home. She screamed, “I don’t care if you get the virus.” I asked her to clarify and she repeated herself, “I don’t care if you get the virus! Stay home!”

There are lots of us in town who have at-risk people in our households, for example a person over the age of 60. To those of you who don’t care so much about transmission of the virus, would you please allow those of us in an at-risk household to still go outside in places like Round Valley? We will certainly do our part to keep our distance from you and your dogs when we encounter you on the trails and trailheads. Will you please help us to stay safe by keeping your dogs on a leash and by keeping your distance?

Many thanks and lots of love to Parkite dogs and their considerate people!

John Keagy

Park City

Thank grocery store workers

A big shout out of appreciation to all the hard-working people working endless hours at our grocery stores. Don’t know where we’d be without your community commitment. On your next trip to the store, be sure to thank them.

Dennis and Joan Mills

Park City

Out of the house

Thanks to White Pine for supplying equipment, Lou Awodey for volunteering to groom (unpaid) the 3K loop and Mountain Trails for grooming the farm this week. The community really appreciates giving us the chance to get out of the house and enjoy the snow during these trying times.

Leslie Masters

Park City

Let’s get organized

Our communities are literally held together by our service industry workers, waiters, bartenders, hotel maids, drivers, hair dressers, nail techs, ski industry employees and the list goes on and on. These people are out of work and in need of our gratitude for all they do every day to make our lives more comfortable. This would be a great time for HOAs to organize community food and essentials drives. Every block can organize and donate to our local food banks. Don’t forget shampoo, diapers, toothpaste, pain relievers, lotion, toilet paper (if you can find it) and those other pricey drug store items. Drop off gift cards to those people who pamper you all year long. Every time you pick up groceries, drop some off at your local food bank. Let’s flood our community with essentials for those who are essential to our well-being all year long. In a community as privileged as ours, no one should go without basic necessities. It’s not that difficult. Get organized and pitch in.

Cheryl Fine-Whitteron


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