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Letters: Kudos to the Park City Police Department

Police Department offered helping hand


Last Saturday, in the midst of Sundance Film Festival first weekend traffic and parking challenges, I misplaced my friend’s car. Frantic to find it and very worried it had been towed or — worse — stolen, I called the Park City Police. I can’t thank them enough for their care and professionalism. Dispatcher McCabe called two tow lots to try and track it down. When that didn’t locate it, he told me an officer would call me so I could file a stolen report. Officer Welker told me she was patrolling near Prospector, where I thought I had parked it, and would looked for it. She did and found the car. All of this while I rode around Park City on the yellow No. 5 bus looking as well. Despite all they had to handle with Sundance crowds, they made me feel my problem was important and solved it. Thank you.

Fran Miller
McLean, Virginia


Time to wake up


To the city of Park City, Fresh Market and Park City Towing,

Shame on you, and shame on the Sundance Film Festival.

My girlfriend, who volunteered for Sundance, got her car towed from the Fresh Market parking lot on Park Avenue on Feb. 2, around 3 p.m. She figured she would do her volunteer work, while she is pregnant by the way, and get some groceries when she returned from volunteering for your beloved film festival. When she returned, her car was gone.

Fresh Market states that they tow “non customers” after 90 minutes from their lot. Granted, she was parked for three hours. However, the parking lot was nowhere near full on this day.

Why do you tow cars that haven’t been there for that long in a parking lot that is not full?

How much extra cash are Fresh Market and Park City Towing making from unfortunate locals, who ARE shopping at your grocery store? Probably a lot. Hope you enjoy our cash, because you won’t be getting anymore from us. You just lost two customers due to your greediness.

Park City Towing also piled on an “after hours fee” of $50 as well as the original $220 to get her car back, for a whopping $270.

Park City, please don’t try and close public roads off either during Sundance, choking off any alternate route through town, and adding even more time to the commute. We pay our taxes, they’re our roads. Build some real park-and-ride lots, instead of the three dinky little park-and-ride lots. Better yet, if you must have your beloved film festival, have checkpoints and close all of Park City off to cars, except for residents and employees. You have some real infrastructure problems, and only more people are coming every year. Time to wake up.

Why do all of the above insist on making life hell for people who volunteer and support this community? It’s wrong.

Judson Widner
Park City


Thanks for the memories


This letter is to the person or persons who closed sections of Rob’s Trail.

I am writing to thank you for the gift you gave of allowing the community access to your land when hiking Rob’s Trail. A gift I will treasure and recount often.

Last Saturday, I was saddened to see I was no longer welcome.

That beautiful trail could always be counted on to provide me with peace when my life was in turmoil, beauty when ugly filled my soul, calm during chaos and strength when I was weak. The moment I stepped onto the trail the majestic trees welcomed me, offering protection and perspective, giving the promise of stability and providing sweet scents that swirled happiness through my person. As I climbed the mountain I’d feel my heart pound, dissipating troubles. I was often accompanied on these magical journeys by loved ones where our relationships were strengthened or solidified, new ideas were born, problems solved and laughter was easy.

I am grateful for these life-sustaining memories.

Lorrie Hendricks
Park City

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