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Letters: Local food pantries have been working overtime, and let’s give them help

Fill up the pantry shelves

This past Saturday, 50 Park City Rotary Club members and their families set up tents, tables, signage and sort bins at Outlets Park City, ready for non-perishable food donations. Our local food pantries have been working overtime to serve this community during these challenging and sometimes-confusing times. Food pantry shelves had been stripped bare, and it was time to fill them back up.

Together, we pulled cans, boxes and bags of food out of more than 400 of our neighbors’ cars, and we were fortunate to fill three trucks full of these much-needed items, all destined for the food pantries at Saint Mary’s Food Bank and the Christian Center of Park City. Our friends at Park City Community Church filled yet another truck at their church that day.

It was incredibly heartwarming to witness the steady stream of neighbors drive through to donate; some had their dogs with them, most people wore masks, a few even drove up from distant Salt Lake suburbs just to give. But the thread that ties all of these people together is their genuine love for this community. To all who showed up on Saturday, we are so very grateful for you. Thank you.

By the time you read this, the Christian Center of Park City will have reopened its receiving department for food donations at both the Park City and Heber locations. If you missed your opportunity to donate this past Saturday, please consider making a non-perishable food donation this week, between the hours of 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., at the Christian Center.

Our Rotary Club has been serving Park City since 1980. We were proud to give back and provide service to others.

Colin DeFord

Park City Rotary Club president

Stevens has leadership qualities

If the past couple of months have done anything for us, it’s that they have reminded us of the importance of local leaders. The local leaders we choose and the actions they take have more of an impact on our day-to-day lives than whatever happens in Washington, D.C. This election season we have an opportunity to continue to move our county forward. In the primary election we ask you consider Malena Stevens for Seat C on the Summit County Council.

The qualities that make for a great friend are the same that make for a great leader: loyalty, commitment to building and maintaining relationships, and a willingness to sacrifice to help others. The most important thing a leader can do is be the best listener in the room, as it paves the way for effective collaboration. Our county needs someone who provides leadership through service, communicates effectively and has the emotional intelligence to engage with and listen to people from different walks of life.

Malena Stevens exemplifies these qualities. She was one of the first people we met when we moved to the Park City area. Since then we have watched as she has selflessly served those around her, stepping in and helping the under-represented in our community; answering the 3 a.m. calls to work as a victim advocate with the Park City Police Department and seeing firsthand the trauma that some in our community silently experience; and serving our community through her work on the Snyderville Basin Planning Commission.

As we move into a new normal, we need someone who will be able to confront our new challenges with open communication, service-minded leadership and emotional intelligence. We need Malena Stevens on the Summit County Council.

Daniel and Sydnee Hyer


City of kindness

I applaud the Leadership class 26 for implementing 26 Days of Gratitude. What a wonderful idea for Park City to be known as a city of kindness. We already live in such an amazing place, with a worldwide reputation for great skiing, hiking and biking. We are such a generous town with all our nonprofits. This is a goal worthy of everyone. Extend an act of kindness, little or big — one act each day and then it will become a habit. It has been proven scientifically that kindness improves our lives in so many ways. Just take the free Yale course online — The Science of Well-Being. It proves through science exactly what the Leadership class is trying to achieve: kindness benefits everyone. I like it, Leadership Class 26. I live in Park City, a city of kindness.

Donna Sims


Better testing data needed

Gov. Cuomo did it in New York — why can’t Utah and Summit County? Why is state and local public health not doing random testing? We do not know how much of the disease exists among the general population without random diagnostic testing. These results give New York data upon which to make decisions on public health and medical resource allocation and maybe where and when to open certain parts of the state to employment and social gatherings. The number of tests currently performed in the state and the number of positives tell us only so much.

For the most part testing in Utah has been done in hospitals, doctors offices and mobile testing locations. We have tested the sick and mostly the asymptomatic “worried well,” hardly an unbiased sample and definitely not the scope of the virus in the state. Plans to go back to work and otherwise socially expose Utahans are based on little information to make a safe judgment. We need real numbers that tell us how much virus is out there, and when a reliable antigen test becomes available, how much of the virus was out there.

Doug Vilnius

Summit Park

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