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Letters: Make a difference for Parkites in need

A chance to make a difference

Many of you may have heard about The Most Vulnerable Fund (TMVF). This fund was started by Park Meadows residents with the primary goal to help hotel, restaurant and other critical service providers in Summit and Wasatch counties who have lost their jobs and needed help paying their rent and utilities, among other bills. I have been so inspired by this group. The generosity of these donors has made a huge impact on service workers whose lives have been severely disrupted by the COVID-19 crisis. To date, The Most Vulnerable Fund has raised $206,250. Those funds have been administered and distributed by us at the Christian Center to help over 443 families help pay rent and utilities, as part of our overall Basic Needs Assistance Fund.

The founders of The Most Vulnerable Fund would like to expand what was primarily a Park Meadows neighborhood-driven fund and invite other areas that are interested in replicating the process. Perhaps you are part of a neighborhood group in Old Town, Glenwild, Jeremy Ranch, Promontory, Red Ledges or another neighborhood, and you would love to give other caring people the opportunity to make a difference.

We would welcome anyone interested in serving as a catalyst to generate more support for this critical outreach.

The good news is, that TMVF and CCPC have assembled all the infrastructure (e.g., website, correspondence, social media, etc.) to reach much further than the initial group of supporters. You can check out their website here: tmvf.info or our website at ccofpc.org.

If you are interested in learning how you could “captain” an effort to extend the reach of The Most Vulnerable Fund please contact me. The Most Vulnerable Fund Team and I will do whatever it takes to support your efforts and make further outreach as simple as possible.

If you have an interest to learn more feel free to email me at: rob@ccofpc.org.

Thanks in advance for your consideration!

And thank you once again to the whole community! You have rallied around this need over the last four months. We have been blown away by your generosity!

Rob Harter

Christian Center of Park City executive director

Support our seniors

The Park City Senior Center leaders and Park City government leaders have been in discussions for quite some time now about the future of the Senior Center.

The city would like to build a new Senior Center on Park Avenue, across from the library and just west of the skateboard park and north of the parking lot. It appears that the city is being incredibly generous in building a new senior center. The reason they are making this offer is that they would like to clear the land where the existing center sits in order to construct a large affordable housing project.

Here are the facts. The Senior Center building is owned by Park City Senior Citizens Inc. and was a gift from Union Pacific Railroad. It sits on city land leased to seniors for another 54 years.

While many government entities own and operate senior centers, the Park City center was founded through the efforts of a group of concerned citizens. They didn’t rely entirely on governmental action, but took the initiative to acquire the building and negotiated with the city to provide the land where the center is now located.

Park City Seniors is an autonomous nonprofit corporation that would like its destiny to remain under its control. As “Parkites,” seniors maintain the spirit that created the building in the first place. A new building will not be more substantial than the old well-built train station, but it does allow better planning for more flexible and useful space.

If the seniors agree to move, they want to:

1. Have a seat at the table when the building is being designed

2. Have control over the programing for the building

3. Be assured that they cannot be uprooted and moved to another space without their approval

4. The size of the building must be adequate to meet their expanding needs

In contrast to those wishes, the city would like control over those factors.

So, as concerned citizens of our great community, we urge you to contact your mayor and council to support the concerns of the Park City Senior Center.

Marianne Cone

Park City

Rally for first responders

Diversity and inclusion are high priorities for the City Council as espoused by Mayor Andy Beerman and Councilmember Tim Henney both in public statements and direct emails to some of our fellow citizens. The recent painting of Main Street has brought some sharp focus to the social equity issue being promoted in the greater Park City region. While there were a variety of other murals highlighting diversity, the mural that clearly received the most focus was the Black Lives Matter offering, replete with a black power fist in the place of the “I”.

The fabric of Park City is composed of many groups, some of whom were not included in the recent artworks. In order to properly celebrate both diversity and inclusion it is important that key constituents not be left out. One of the critically important community groups fall under the heading of “first responders.” Not only do members of the police and fire district play critical roles in our day-to-day lives, but so too have the staff of the Park City Hospital, the People’s Health Clinic, the COVID testers under the direction of the Health Department and many others who make our great town function and continue to keep us safe throughout our varied and risky seasons and compounded by the COVID crisis. These are unusual times and these critical service providers have been more important than ever — but they have unfortunately fallen into the shadows, or in the case of the police and sheriff have become vilified, based on other current events.

We clearly need some unifying events to get our community back on track. The city leaders thought that the murals might help but that seems to have actually further polarized the community. Will our leaders be interested in a public display that celebrates our first responders? Some creativity will be required, but that is our strength here in Park City.

I believe many, if not all, residents of Park City would certainly rally in celebration of our hard-working and life-saving first responders. So let’s get at it!

Jack Rubin

Park City

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