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Letters, Nov. 11-13: County elections officials dropped the ball

Dropped the ball

As the elections come to an end, it is a shame our Summit County Clerk’s Office dropped the ball. As a Democrat-run county it’s just a black eye in the face of our state not to have a contingency plan in place on their most important day of the year. The Clerk’s Office is in charge of elections. How in the most contentious election year did they not have a COVID plan in place?

Summit County has had the strictest regulations for its citizens, and as one county councilor inferred incorrectly, we DO take it seriously. We don’t want anyone to contract this virus. BUT as a citizen who takes the right of voting very seriously, I am amazed Summit County didn’t have anyone else “certified” to count ballots other than four people! It was inexcusable our ballots were not counted from Friday through Tuesday, leaving some 10,000 ballots uncounted on Election Day. Now one of our races has tightened and you wonder why people are questioning the validity of the process.

I hope no one actually contracted COVID, but this should be a lesson that maybe more people should be certified in case of an emergency to push a button on a counting machine. Some counties even sequestered their clerks to make sure nothing would interrupt the democratic process.

All the county workers, we thank you for what you do. I believe citizens consider you to be essential workers especially on one of the most important days of the year.

Sue Pollard


A clean future

Dear Park City School District (PCSD) board members and staff:

We are concerned parents about the future of our children. Currently, a dedicated group of junior and senior high students are working tirelessly to pass a 100% Clean Energy Resolution that will commit Park City schools to 100% clean electricity by 2030, and transition off gas by 2040. This effort, supported by the Sierra Club Utah chapter, is a part of a broader student-led movement among school districts in places around the country, including Utah. Salt Lake City School District passed the resolution earlier this year.

Our local student coalition has met with the PCSD board, facilities staff, city and county sustainability departments and local solar companies. They have benchmarked, researched, designed social media campaigns, a petition and more. Their goal is to secure a formal board vote to pass the resolution, a commitment for PCSD to maximize energy efficiency and move towards renewables.

Park City is on its way towards being net-zero carbon and run on 100% renewable electricity for our community by 2030. Can PCSD join them? To help secure a formal board vote, please consider signing the student-led petition at: addup.sierraclub.org/campaigns/park-city-schools-clean-energy-campaign. Our students deserve a healthy future and our support every step of the way.

Mary Closser, Joan Meixner, Catherine Bradley, Kristi Cumming, Jennifer Mulholland, Megan Brent, Linsly Donnelly, Tania McIntyre, Ann Sykes, Michelle Deininger, Kristie Buehner, Jacqueline and Kerry Smith, Ashley Serafin, Ben and Krista Ellis and Inge Travis

Park City parents

We feel the love

6,043 people gave to Live PC Give PC this past Friday, shattering our 2019 record of 5,102 donors, and raising $3,484,104! With a whopping $1 million more than last year, Parkites proved once again that this town is serious in their love for local nonprofit organizations. Nothing can stop our community’s generosity — not an undecided presidential election or a raging pandemic. We’re as serious about philanthropy as we are about powder days.

On behalf of the board of directors and staff of Park City Community Foundation, I want to not just say thank you but to scream it from the top of Jupiter Peak. Everything that happens on Live PC Give PC is a testament to people’s willingness to give to something bigger and beyond themselves. From middle school kids chalking Main Street with Live PC Give PC, to technical volunteers making our first livestream possible, this day is powered by the will of the people.

At the Community Foundation, we believe nonprofit organizations are the soul of our community. Thank you, Park City, for the collective (virtual) hug and high five you gave us all on Friday. We feel the love and we love you back.

With immense gratitude and a full heart,

Katie Wright

Park City Community Foundation executive director

A vision for zero waste

We encourage your participation at this week’s Park City Council meeting on Thursday, Nov. 12. The council will discuss Park City’s exploration of a Zero Waste 2030 Initiative and potential strategies presented by Park City’s sustainability staff. The Zero Waste 2030 Initiative was born out of Park City’s year-long Vision 2020 process when over 90% of local respondents surveyed in the visioning called to meet a zero-waste target by 2030, if not far sooner.

Our council members are working hard to honor this community vision. If you support this initiative, please show up and let them know! If you cannot make this meeting but want to offer your input, reach out to your council members via email before 6 p.m. Thursday.

Please reach out to learn more about this initiative! We’d love to hear from you.

Heather Currie

Recycle Utah zero waste communications specialist

Ablaze with admiration

Most of us have great respect and admiration for our first responders. But, once you have a firsthand experience with potentially catastrophic consequences, that respect, admiration and gratitude grow exponentially. My wife and I had such an experience on the night of Nov. 6 and early morning Nov. 7, when a portion of Weber Canyon went ablaze. We would like to express our deepest appreciation to members of these area departments (many whom are volunteers) who risked life and limb to quickly bring the fire under control and avoid any loss of life or property: Summit County Sheriff, South Summit Fire, North Summit Fire, Park City Fire and members of certain Wasatch County, state and federal agencies. Special thanks to Mr. Bryce Boyer, Summit County fire warden, who managed the operation and also to three area residents who acted above and beyond the call of duty: Mr. Kelly Edwards, Mr. Shane Moore and Mr. Scott Jenack. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Jim Ack


Respect and love for all

I am a 7th grade student and I am writing about the fact that we as people are being separated and are losing our respect for others. I believe that all of the force we are using to get what we are wanting is really using our force against us. If you look at the pledge of allegiance you can see that the final lines state, “With liberty and justice for all.” I believe that we are forgetting about the for all part of the pledge and we are only thinking for ourselves and not others. If we could take some time to respect each other then we could see changes in our world and see people of different religions and races together getting along. I read a quote in a book that said, “Live life every day. Not because we are bulletproof, but precisely because we are not.”

We are not invincible, we treat people like they are and push them around like they are unwanted here. But we are forgetting the for all part of the declaration. We need to be respecting others like they are one of us. IF we treat them like trash then they will end up treating us like trash and we will end up fighting and hurting each other for no good reason. I guess I’m saying that we need mutual respect for ourselves and for others, it’s a beautiful world out there and we should explore it and with our new friends and old friends no matter what gender or anything we should respect each other and love each other.

Tanner Antinori

Ecker Hill Middle School

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