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Letters, Nov. 14-17: The world is watching our democracy

The world is watching

The American people have decided, but Trump doesn’t accept the election outcome. Typical for a wannabe autocrat. His present actions are damaging our democracy and our foes are having a hayday. We, the people, voted and won.

Trump hinders Biden in every way, while Biden is desperately trying to help the American people. Biden has empathy, a word foreign to Trump. We are in a crisis that can bring us to our knees, ruin our economy and kill our people while Trump and the Senate do nothing. Trump, a defeated, corrupt president has turned his back on the American people for power.

For our country’s sake I just pray Trump goes quietly, without force. He is a dangerous and hateful man. Enough of chaos and hate. Let’s start healing together as a country and grow strong again. The world is watching.

Maria Roberts

Jeremy Ranch

A sad end at PCMR

I have been a ski instructor for Vail Resorts/Park City Mountain Resort for 25 seasons and am sharing my experience of how they deal with COVID-19. I loved teaching skiing, worked up the certification ranks and was generally well treated by both organizations.

My risk with COVID is high because I am 75. My wife, Kay, is 80 and has a history of severe pneumonia, which places her at very high risk. It would be extremely foolish for me to return to work this year, particularly with the spike in Utah cases, but Vail Resorts didn’t see it that way.

Vail Resorts has a policy to award lifetime passes to employees with 25 years of service and I applied for the pass. The HR department rejected my request, saying that I needed to show up and work my 26th season to reach 25 full years of employment and qualify for the pass.

This was a surprise because Vail Resorts has gone to great lengths to promote the idea that they are a values-driven organization. I have heard over and over that “your health and well being is our number one priority.” I contacted my boss, expecting him to agree that I should not show up this season and that I should get the pass. Again, the answer was no.

The hypocrisy in my case is crystal clear. With respect to decisions that Vail Resorts will make on the mountain this year, will they just “talk the talk” about safety? My advice is to look at what they do, not what they say.

It was a sad way to end 25 years.

Don Simon

St. George

Mask goes over the nose

A big issue in our society today is COVID-19. People on our streets are not wearing masks all the time and lots of people are not wearing their masks over their nose. Coronavirus numbers are rising rapidly in Utah, and if people do not wear their masks properly, the numbers will continue to skyrocket. Schools and businesses will then have shut down again, and more lives will be lost. It is imperative that people of all ages in our community wear masks over their noses.

Finley Kelley

Snyderville Basin

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