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Letters, Nov. 21-24: Turkey drive shows the generosity of Park City

Turkey drive a success

On Thursday and Friday, the Park City Board of Realtors held its 19th Annual Park City Turkey Drive at The Market at Park City.

How does one properly say and give thanks for the generosity of the Park City community? Our goal was 2,600 turkeys; 1,000 birds were given to the Christian Center of Park City for distribution to both Summit and Wasatch counties, and the remaining birds were delivered to our partner food banks statewide.

This drive is made possible by colleagues and friends of the Park City Board of Realtors that always give so generously to support this event. You have again shown the depths of your compassion and without you, the overwhelming results and the number of people we are providing for this holiday season would not be possible. To Rick Otto, Mario Ferreira and their many clients and friends, a ginormous heartfelt thank you for your generous contributions. And to the Park City community, a giant heartfelt thank you for your continued support of the turkey drive this and every year. Together we are making a big difference by “giving hunger the bird.” And over 22,000 people will be thankful you helped provide them with a turkey dinner this Thanksgiving.

The turkeys for the annual drive are provided entirely by Mike Holmes at The Market at Park City. He has been our ardent supporter for the past 19 years and for two days Mike and his staff commit their time and resources to ensuring the success of this event. Every penny collected goes to purchasing a turkey — we have absolutely no overhead, so we rely completely on volunteer help. This year, we are grateful again to Realtors and friends from the Park City Board of Realtors who tirelessly gave of their time and incredible upbeat and high energy. They are individually and collectively amazing and loving thanks to them all.

Thank you to our Realtor and affiliate friends for their never-ending support to our community in so many generous ways and we hope you will put the 20th Annual Turkey Drive on your 2021 calendar.

With sincere appreciation and heartfelt gratitude.

Deb Hartley

Park City Board of Realtors

Romney is no Republican

The sheep in RINO’s clothing, our junior senator and self-anointed higher grounded moralist Mitt Romney tweeted that the president was “within his rights to request recounts,” but added that it is “wrong to say that the election was rigged, corrupt and stolen — doing so damages the cause of freedom here and around the world, weakens the institutions that lie at the foundation of the Republic, and recklessly inflames destructive and dangerous passions.”

The president not only has the right to his “day in court,” he also has a duty. The president had rallies that attracted tens of thousands of supporters. Contrast the basement dweller’s crowd of a few dozen. Election integrity is essential in a free republic. This dire situation is not as simple as Trump v. Biden or even Democrat v. Republican. It is not just about the present election; it is about future elections as well.

The not-yet-solidified voting results differ by less than 1% in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Georgia and Arizona and less than 3% in Michigan and Nevada. The figures alone are not statically different enough to be accepted at face value alone. Moreover, they were still counting votes more than a week after Election “Day.”

The left has been in full disinformation/attack mode on President Trump for nearly five years: Russia, Russia, Russia, Stormy Daniels, fake news, the faux dossier, the sham impeachment, the virus and more. Yes, senator, just because you may have the proclivities to quit, run up the white flag or crumble up in the corner like last week’s laundry does not mean that the president has to follow suit. President Trump is your diametric. He faces challenges with integrity and tenacity. Whereas you need affirmation by the popular kids of the mainstream media. President Trump, the archetype hero of Western movies declares, “Let consensus of the mob be damned, as there is a whole lot of swamp drainin’ to do!” In closing, senator, have you ever heard the old saw about not kicking a man when he is down? You can correct your party affiliation at slcountydems.com.

Jerry Heck


A lot to be grateful for

Dear Friends of People’s Health Clinic:

As I walk down the clinic hallways, seeing our PPE-clad staff and volunteers bustling about to ensure our patients are getting the medical care they need, I feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude to all who have kept our nonprofit running during this time of uncertainty. Without the volunteers, doctors, staff, donors, supporters and friends of the clinic. we would not be able to provide this valuable service to our uninsured neighbors in both Summit and Wasatch counties.

November is a time to be thankful. Our hearts are filled with gratitude for the many acts of kindness bestowed on this wonderful clinic. This Thanksgiving in particular, I’d like to take a moment to thank the countless community members who contributed in their own way during this pandemic:

• Thank you to our dedicated staff for caring deeply about each and every patient.

• Thank you to our incredible volunteer medical providers — our family doctors, pediatricians, pharmacists, social workers, ophthalmologists, psychiatrists, obstetricians and so many more, for donating your valuable time to see our patients. We could never repay you for the hours you have worked.

• Thank you to the individuals who have donated to our nonprofit: those who have supported our clinic for many years, those who have donated for the first time ever and those who are considering making a contribution to our clinic.

• Thank you to our volunteers for taking your own personal time to help us carry out our mission.

• Thank you to the many companies in our community that have sponsored and selflessly given in-kind donations to help our organization. I’m overwhelmed by your generosity and dedication.

Lastly, I would like to thank our patients for entrusting us with their health. Please know we are devoted to you and your family and it is a privilege to serve you.

From all of us here at People’s Health Clinic, we are wishing each and every one of you bountiful blessings on this Thanksgiving and throughout the year.

Beth Armstrong

People’s Health Clinic executive director

Support is meaningful

The staff at Trailside Elementary would like to extend gratitude for the supportive groups that are showing appreciation to our staff. Our wonderful PTO has purchased air purifiers for the classrooms — thank you so much. Also, PTO has, along with Principal Synan, sponsored a grade level “coffee break.” What a fun way to take time with our team to actually sit and talk with one another. Thank you! The Park City Education Foundation graciously sponsored the Lucky Ones Coffee Cart at each school, and we were able to grab a treat and drink of our choice! This was such a great way for us to grab a treat and to support a wonderful local business. Thank you! Then, the Park City Board of Education sent us breakfast of bagels and fruit to our school. Thank you so much for your continued support and for the fun boost this week! It was appreciated and much welcomed!

Michelle Owen

Trailside Elementary School teacher

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