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Letters, Nov. 25-27: Teachers appreciate a generous gesture

Gesture appreciated

The Park City Education Foundation (PCEF) has been making a positive difference and impact on Park City’s youth and teachers for years. Their funding to improve and enhance a student’s education can be found in the halls and classrooms of every school in the Park City School District. Whether it’s an educational program, the latest educational hardware or funding a teaching position, their “fingerprints” are all over Park City’s educational system. We, the students and staff of PCSD, are the fortunate ones.

Last Friday, the PCEF made a surprise visit with Lucky Ones Coffee Camper to thank the McPolin Elementary staff for all their hard work during these unprecedented times. Being an educator has been difficult this year due the global pandemic. Each day, Park City educators come to school to not only teach, but to make sure our students feel secure and safe. Our minds are focused on a providing a safe and healthy environment so that our students will continue to grow both academically and socially.

It was a lovely, kind gesture that the PCEF brought the Lucky Ones Coffee Camper to McPolin to offer us a warm cup of coffee, a latte or a fruit smoothie to start our day. The Park City Education Foundation continues to help the students and staff of the Park City School District each and every day. With the season of thanks upon us, we wish to thank the Park City Education Foundation. Their continuing, caring efforts made our day and more importantly, will make our year.

With thanks,

Michael Holland

Fourth-grade teacher, on behalf of the entire McPolin staff

Reservation system needs work

The Vail Resorts’ Epic reservation system is only a few days into the season, and it is already proving to be a train wreck!

On Saturday, just one day after Park City Mountain Resort opened for the season, we tried to make a reservation for Sunday. None available. “OK, it is opening weekend, so perhaps there is that pent-up demand.” We then tried for any day that coming week, including Thanksgiving morning when we traditionally ski and the mountain is pretty empty. Again, per the website, nothing was available — including for the balance of November!

Either there is an error with the system, or certain passholders are “gaming the reservation system” to their benefit. Out of curiosity, I went to the reservations for some of Vail’s lower-demand resorts. Again, they each indicated no availability for the balance of November. We then tried Vail’s “Chat” option to try to get guidance. After a 10-minute wait, I got a message that I was #375 in the queue, and that the agent would get to me in 180 minutes!

Vail’s CEO, Rob Katz, back in October, went to great lengths in explaining the reservation, saying: “for most days of the season, capacity limits probably won’t be reached. The reservations system is really in place for peak days. The issue is, we can’t always predict a peak day.”

Peak days? November is not a particularly busy time of the year, yet the resort is fully booked! I cannot imagine what will happen in a few weeks! Fortunately, we also have Deer Valley season passes, which do not require reservations. Right now, my guess is that we will primarily ski Deer Valley this winter rather than put up with Vail’s inept reservation system, and not renew the largely useless Epic passes next season!

Larry Alleva


Protect our lives and rights

The governor feels that a measure to limit our pandemic Thanksgiving to household only would not be enforceable. Would we send police to interrupt grandpa’s second serving of turkey?

But such a policy would only be a strawman, a cheap way to scare off birds (i.e., the virus). We have other mandates that we don’t enforce, like adultery, but it’s good to assert them anyway.

The guv also feels this would invade the sanctity of parental decision-making in the home. However, we have many laws that limit what parents can do at home, including abuse or neglect of children’s health.

Also, the chief executive likely feels such an order would invade the realm of the church, which provides a particularized moral and spiritual compass for the family. But a mandate would not curb religious freedom. It would protect the lives and rights of everyone in the community to breathe and go to the church of their choice.

Kim Shinkoskey

Woods Cross

Proud to support Trump

In response to Mike Quinones’ letter a few days ago, I have something to say to the people commenting and attacking President Trump, Mike and all of us who are American patriots. We, the people, have had enough and we are tired of the constant attacks. You attack and attack with no recourse. I am tired. What is it about President Trump that you don’t like? Is it the peace in the Middle East that POTUS has been nominated for three Nobel Peace Prizes for that bothers you? Where is ISIS? Or is it the denuclearization in North Korea that you don’t like? I bet if you lived in Japan or close to the Sea of Japan or South Korea you would be grateful, but no you live here in Park City. Lucky you. Is it the record low unemployment for every minority group in history that you don’t like? Is it the First Step Act criminal justice reform that you don’t like? I would think that getting people out of jail for minimum drug offenses would send a thrill up your leg, but no. Because Orange Man Bad! How about the right to try legislation? You don’t like that either? Is the idea of America being energy independent the reason for your Trump derangement syndrome? Was it the move of the American embassy to Jerusalem? Shame on you. So you know what, bring on the comments that I am brainwashed and I am on my second cup of Kool-Aid. Write how I am a racist, homophobe and xenophobe. Though you know I am not. The Democratic Party as of now is the most racist ideology ever to walk the Earth. Write how I am uneducated and should move back to live with my hillbilly toothless family in the hills of wherever. I. Don’t. Care. Say what you want, throw the insults or whatever makes you feel superior. Deep down you know you’re not. You know you’re wrong. And at the end of the day I sleep with a clear conscience, and strong heart and a love of President Trump that I am so very proud of.

Jennifer McDonald

Summit County Republican Party chair

How many lives?

The Boeing 737 Max jet will begin flying again after being parked for 20 months. Sadly, this airplane was the cause of two deadly crashes outside of the United States — 346 lives were lost. A tragedy that could have been avoided, and a tragedy that breaks everyone’s heart.

In the United States alone, over 250,000 fellow Americans have lost their lives to COVID-19. What if our leaders had made a decision to “pause” our country just as the airline industry paused the Boeing 737. … How many American lives could have been saved?

Jeri Bradley Briggs


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