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Letters, Nov. 28-Dec. 1: Don’t question my patriotism

A different vision

I write in response to Jennifer McDonald’s letter in the Nov. 25-27 edition. I’m sure your feelings are genuine; I feel your angst. However, I take umbrage at your suggestion that only those who love Trump are true patriots. I served in the army during the war in Vietnam and I consider myself a patriot, although I don’t love Trump. I think we just have different visions of and for the country. I embrace our diversity — racial, ethnic, cultural, religious and gender. I am also familiar with our history and the way those who settled the country mistreated (a stronger word is likely more appropriate) indigenous peoples, Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, LDS, those of Jewish ancestry and others. I believe that discrepancies in income, justice, medical care, education and liberties among racial, ethnic and cultural groups are evidence of institutional biases that reflect the history in which those institutions developed, rather than inbred traits or an unwillingness to work hard. In my vision, we can and should repair our institutions to more fairly serve all Americans. Trump, on the other hand, embraces white supremacists/nationalists (Charlottesville, the Proud Boys, repeatedly retweeting white supremacist messages, supporting QAnon). Trump’s vision is obviously diametrically opposed to mine and I cannot support him. We may not have the same vision, but never question my patriotism.

Robin Filion


Courage for country

I commend Jennifer McDonald for Wednesday’s letter to the editor titled “Proud to support Trump.” She lists some of Trump’s many accomplishments of which we should all be proud. In that area of accomplishments, no president has done more for America. Trump has set a standard, for accomplishments, that will be very difficult to equal, but something others that follow him should shoot for. Jennifer mentions being an American patriot. She definitely is one. But being one doesn’t require being awarded a slew of air medals for putting one’s life at risk for America. One simply has to have the courage to stand up for our country, support it and be ready to defend it, like Trump has done and now Jennifer is doing.

Ron Allen

Park City

Party hard

Celebrations of the Epiphany and Ash Wednesday (known by many as Mardi Gras) should be pretty wild this year after Amy and SCOTUS decided that limiting the size of religious gatherings is unconstitutional. Party hardy, penitents.

Nick Wright

Canyons Village

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