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Letters, Oct. 7-9: Readers endorse political candidates

Armer is a strong advocate

Please join me in supporting Aimee Armer for Wasatch County Council. I have worked with Aimee for four years at the People’s Health Clinic and she lives her life with integrity, values, passion and hard work. Aimee brings great expertise to this role with her work in health care, an MA in public administration, her work on the Wasatch County Board of Adjustments and her volunteer roles in many Wasatch County organizations. Aimee is a strong advocate for smart growth, affordable housing for the workforce, open space and a regional transportation system.

She believes in listening to people, really listening, and coming to agreements that incorporate the views of constituents. Aimee will make an outstanding council member. Please vote and I hope you consider supporting Aimee Armer for Wasatch County Council.

John Hanrahan

Snyderville Basin

Miller is a fighter

I support Meaghan Miller for House District 54. Meaghan has spent the last decade developing the skills, knowledge and relationships to get things done in the Legislature. We live in a time riddled with partisan politics, which is not serving our citizenry. We need leaders who are willing to stand strong in the face of adversity and who are willing to collaborate with people who view the world differently so we can get to positive outcomes.

Because Meaghan has resided in both Summit and Wasatch counties, she has a perspective into the individual and collective issues of both areas. Meaghan has this perspective both through her interactions with citizens and also through her own lived experience as a working professional with young children. Meaghan and her family have also been impacted by the pandemic in ways that many citizens have experienced. She leads from a place of empathy because she knows what it is like to manage the challenges that young families face in today’s world.

Meaghan has shown through her professional work, and her efforts throughout the past election cycles, that if it’s important to you, it’s important to her. Meaghan is a listening ear who understands that the community has evolving concerns surrounding responsible growth, housing that is attainable for working families and balancing the impacts of tourism with benefits to communities.

Because Meaghan keeps fighting even when life gets hard, she is a representative that people can rely upon. I support Meaghan Miller because she is focused on issues that impact everyone’s lives regardless of party affiliation or life stage. She is a candidate that you can count on to get things done and to listen to your personal needs and concerns. Vote Meaghan Miller for House District 54!

Malena Stevens

Summit County Council candidate

Stand up and be counted

We are a community. Our community is best when everyone is engaged.

If you have not done so, COMPLETE THE CENSUS! Federal money is allocated by registered population. The census determines funding for 10 YEARS.

Do you like electric-powered buses, clean mountain air, the arts, education funding, fire/rescue/police grants, etc.? Federal funding supports those Park City needs. COMPLETE THE CENSUS!

My feeling is every election is important! I turned 18 during the Vietnam War when the president and Congress were sending members of our generation to fight in Vietnam. You best believe I voted then — and have proudly voted since!

VOTE — or choose not to vote and lose your right to complain about the elected officials and issues on the ballot.

Bill Humbert

Park City

Which half do you want?

Remember that story in the Bible about wise King Solomon? (1st Kings, 3:16-28)

Two women came to him, both claiming to be the mother of an infant. Wise King Solomon listened to their arguments and then asked for his sword, saying, “Divide the living child in two, and give half to the one, and half to the other.”(25) The true mother recoiled in horror and agreed to let her infant go rather than see it killed. The other woman agreed to the grisly suggestion saying, “Let it be neither mine nor thine, but divide it.” (26)

Solomon then knew which woman was the true mother of the child.

Donald Trump has, from the beginning, shown he is perfectly happy to cut America into pieces, willing to lead and protect only the parts that suit him. Many of the GOP in Congress have followed his lead, enabling his divisive words and policies.

I ask Mike Lee, Mitt Romney, John Curtis, Chris Stewart and Rob Bishop which half of the baby do you want? The top half or the bottom half? The right half or the left half? How healthy is America if you only have half of it?

Pamela Thomas


Don’t rewrite the rules

I am writing to back Kristen Gould Case’s letter on Oct. 3 and to help inform area residents. Although we haven’t been in the neighborhood as long as she has, we are against the re-zoning of the neighborhood to allow community commercial development and the proposed plan. Park City is in the news for ridgeline development/zoning changes and now the Summit County Planning Department is looking to do the same by changing the existing rules. I am guessing with all of the development slated in the county, there are better spaces that are already zoned specifically for this type of development. And a heads up to those that live on Old Ranch and use the Old Ranch corridor, if the Highland Flats development is approved, it could affect you as Old Ranch Road could be utilized as a viable route to/from the development. The link to the site is: educatedecision.com/highland-flats-park-city.

Brian Kahn

Highland Estates

Nix the negativity

I used to find the articles in The Park Record enjoyable to read and informative. However, the tone of many of the articles have turned negative and dramatic. In particular, Jay Hamburger’s pieces start with a downbeat title and often contradicting negative information. We are blessed to have Park City and the surrounding areas at our doorstep. The residents of Summit County and visitors are wonderful people. I am not naive about the issues we are facing. Despite the challenges of COVID and some poor choices by our local officials we should be happy. Please consider a different approach with your articles in terms of topics and tone. I believe you will get a welcome response from your readers. There are a lot of interesting and positive things going on! Here are a few ideas:

1) Pedestrian Main Street — this experiment worked and should continue.

2) Silver King Coffee Moving — how about a story following the move of this small business (absent the arts district noise)? I liked the original location but will follow them to their new home.

3) Construction on Kearns/Bonanza — while a pain at times, hats off to the contractor and Park City departments. A major infrastructure project and not too disruptive.

4) Colors of autumn — just need to step outside.

John Krieg

Park Meadows

RAP tax must stay

In the tumult of 2020, the Summit County and Park City community is grappling with many issues that are rightfully commanding the attention of our political consciousness.

However, without marginalizing any of these issues, I am writing to urge everyone’s support for the re-approval of the Summit County RAP tax in the upcoming election. I firmly believe that the RAP Tax grants have been a key contributor to the quality of life we have enjoyed in this great community.

For context, 20 years ago, Summit County residents voted to levy a local, non-food, sales and use tax of 1/10th of 1 cent to fund recreation, arts and parks (RAP Tax). RAP Tax was reauthorized 10 years ago, and it is up for renewal again.

I have been an active member of the Park City Chamber/Bureau, and in my professional role at the Utah Olympic Legacy Foundation, I have seen Rap Tax grants fund community projects from trails and recreation facilities to cultural pillars like the Egyptian Theatre, Oakley Rodeo and Alf Engen Ski Museum.

As a specific example, in 2019 the Utah Olympic Park was fortunate to have received a RAP Tax grant for the Hyeway Training Area project. This youth athlete-focused project provides enhanced opportunities for local ski and snowboard teams, expanding their seasons locally and increasing the quantity and quality of training options. Local ski programs Park City Ski & Snowboard and Rowmark Ski Academy raised significant funds for this capital project and the RAP Tax grant was a key contributor to this project. In the first (and shortened) season, Hyeway hosted over 415 training sessions for local teams.

Hyeway Training Area will provide opportunities for generations of local kids to hone their skills and chase their dreams.

With all the important issues that are on the ballot this fall, I hope you will join me in voting FOR the reauthorization of RAP Tax.

Calum Clark

Utah Olympic Legacy Foundation chief operating officer

Cooke can bring change

I strongly urge voters to write in candidate Thomas Cooke for the Park City Board of Education in District 2. Thomas is a consensus builder who can bring an outside perspective to help the board overcome the many obstacles it faces. The board has long suffered from dysfunction and voter skepticism. Cooke is the kind of person who can identify problems and find solutions in a rational and transparent manner, potentially bringing much-needed changes to the board’s operations. So, please write in Thomas Cooke for Park City Board of Education District 2.

Adam Strachan


Due diligence

Dear, Mr. Mayor: Next time, think first, paint later! If you had done even a modest amount of research on the internet before displaying your virtue on the Main Street of our beautiful city, you would have found that the three women who run “Black Lives Matter” are avowed Marxists. They and their organization are dedicated to overthrowing our form of government. So, congratulations, you rank right up there with the governor of California (the major donor of our smoky skies) in avoiding due diligence in order to convince everyone (anyone?) what a caring and enlightened leader you are.

Ken Miller

Jeremy Ranch

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