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Letters: Off-leash dog areas are not a free-for-all

Reader warns about Dominion Gas letter


Recently a letter was sent out under the letterhead of Dominion Gas titled “Information regarding your gas line”. Reading the first two paragraphs of the letter gives the impression that you as the home owner are responsible for your entire natural gas line, including from the street to your in-home appliances. This is false and misleading. You are only responsible for the gas line from the outlet side of the meter to the appliances in the house. If you read the last sentence you will note that this “is an independent company separate from Dominion Gas”, basically it is like the many phone calls you get regarding your so-called expiring automobile warranty. I contacted the main office of Dominion and they referred me to an extension 1553. If you decide to do this insurance policy I suggest you first call 801-324-5111 (local Dominion) and ask for the 1553 extension and ask for a explanation of the extent and purpose of the policy. As an advocate for senior citizens I highly recommend you take this promotion with skepticism and do your research.

Roger Strand Park City

Off-leash areas are not a free-for-all


In response to Brad Mullen’s editorial, “Owners are responsible for off-leash dogs”, I would like to refer all dog owners to the Summit County Animal Control web page and ask that they read ordinance 5-1-9, “Dogs running at large”, section B, “Off Leash Areas.” There they will find guidelines for dogs in off-leash areas, and these include the mandate that dogs must be restrained (through use of voice and sight control) so that they do “not fail to come and stay with the owner immediately upon command.” As a dog owner, I am embarrassed that some dog owners think that off-leash areas are a free-for-all when it comes to their dog’s bad behaviors. There are clear expectations and ordinances that govern dog behaviors in off leash areas, and the dog owner Mr. Mullen quotes in his editorial clearly does not understand this. I feel this owner should be cited for having a dog in violation of the ordinances, and she should pay for Mr. Mullen’s injuries, but hopefully she is already doing so.

Lastly, to bicyclists: please give dog walkers a verbal warning as you approach us from behind. If we don’t know you’re coming, we can’t get out of your way. I’ve had many close calls as bicyclists zoom by me, narrowly missing me and my dogs (on leashes!) A few steps to either side would have caused a collision through no fault of my own as I had no idea the bicyclists were there until too late to move out of the way. Please bicyclists: call out and slow down when approaching dog walkers!

Bonnie Brown Park City

Nonprofit says thanks to Home Goods


Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah would like to send a BIG thank you to Megan Bennett, store manager of the brand-new Home Goods at Kimball Junction. At the opening of every new store, Home Goods chooses a local charity to gift $10,000 to. Big Brothers Big Sisters was the lucky recipient! This corporate investment in local kids and families is forward-thinking and most welcome. Thank you Home Goods and thank you Megan. Welcome to Park City!

Lacey Cole-Rae Big Brothers Big Sisters Summit manager

Earth Day was a success for Recycle Utah


Thank you to all those who helped us celebrate the Earth this April. This is a busy month at Recycle Utah and it wouldn’t be possible without the support of the community. Through our events this month, Recycle Utah reached 1,150 residents of all ages. We hosted our annual Earth Day Celebration on April 22, and thanks to Wasatch Brew Pub and event attendees, raised $10,000 to support our education programs. On April 26, we hosted our 18th annual Water Festival and taught 400 Summit County fourth graders the importance of water conservation and environmental protection. Thanks to Park City Mountain Epic Promise, Rocky Mountain Power and Snow Country Transportation for your support of this event. This past Saturday, we wrapped the month up with our Spring Hazardous Waste Collection event and served 576 cars, collecting at least 25,000 pounds of hazardous material, keeping the most harmful materials out of our water. Thanks to Summit County, Snyderville Basin Reclamation District, Park City Municipal and Sunrise Rotary for your support of this very important event. Thank you Summit County for a successful and sustainable April. See you May 12th for our Pride in Your Park Clean Up and Arbor Day Tree Planting.

Carolyn Wawra Recycle Utah

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