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Letter: Officials, do us a favor — just answer the question

Answer the questions

On her Thursday morning show, Leslie Thatcher did a nice job probing Vail Resort’s Emily Curtis about the PCMR closing date. It makes me crazy when officials respond to our questions with information they’ve already told us, or with information any idiot would know, or that flat out doesn’t answer the (specific) question they were asked. All of which describe Curtis’s response.

So why do officials keep doing this? To me, they just don’t want to say something that makes them or their organization look bad or admit that yes, they made a mistake — just like the rest of us sometimes do — but they’ve reconsidered and learned something from it. I wish officials would go for it and be truthful with us. Have they ever really considered that we’re very aware of their ruse because we are actually fairly intelligent? I wish reporters would press the avoiders of truth, the liars, those who think we’re OK with their crap responses, that it‘s in everybody’s best interest to … “just answer the question.”

Wouldn’t it have been nice to hear Ms. Curtis say yes, it became clear to Vail Resorts before their published closing date that locals were hoping for some extra time to ski; that we would be happy to do so on more limited terrain. Did they ever consider that extending ski days would be a great opportunity to show their appreciation of and gratitude for locals’ participation in their success story? They could have made a course correction, used all the local employees they could find to work the extra days and opened as much terrain as possible. Vail Resorts needs all the positive PR they can get. The Park Record stated in an editorial earlier this spring, “they (Vail Resorts) missed an opportunity to show us some much deserved appreciation.”

So is it just me, or do you hate it when people don’t answer your questions? Keep probing. Be hopeful.

Bev Harrison
Park City

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