Letters: Opioid lawsuit is misguided

Opioid lawsuit is misguided


The leading causes of death for Utahns include heart disease and diabetes, so why isn’t Summit County suing the makers of salty and sugary foods that have no nutritional value? Cancer and respiratory disease are also major Utah killers, but I don’t see law suits being proposed for producers of cigarettes, cars, or other air polluters. Why aren’t alcoholic beverage manufacturers being sued for all of the alcohol related disease, traffic accidents, family strife and fatalities caused by people who abuse alcohol?

People who abuse legal or illegal drugs only kill themselves, but people who abuse the right to bear arms are killing others. Why aren’t gun manufacturers being held responsible for the death of hundreds of innocents?

Every tax-paying citizen in Summit County should be outraged that their hard earned dollars are being spent to avenge the death of people who kill themselves by misusing drugs, but not to avenge the death of people who are being killed by guns, drunk drivers, and all of the life-stealing foods and beverages that are advertised every day, starting in early childhood.

A lawsuit against Big Pharma will be costly, but do nothing to fix drug abuse or human behavior. Taxpayer dollars would be much better spent on preventive health education and services.

Beverly Hurwitz, M.D. Park City

Thanks to the aquatic center


Thank you Ecker Hill Aquatic Center for letting us swim. It is such a privilege to have a pool right here in Park City School District. Our favorite part was learning how to dive and improve our swimming strokes. The experience was great and we think all kids should get to do this. The funnest part was getting to have a party at the end with the whole third grade. We even got to use the Wibit and the high dive! Thank you!

Henley Wismer and Charlie Ginster

On behalf of Parley’s Park Elementary School’s third-graders

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