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Letters: Parents have taken on a new role during pandemic: teacher

Parents have stepped up

The coronavirus has touched or impacted each life in our community. “Normal” is not a word that is easily defined today or even tomorrow. As the principal of South Summit Elementary, I have at times ached for the normal of yesterday. The normal of wonderful students chattering during lunch, running at recess, singing during specialist class and engaged in learning in their classrooms. Literally overnight students were now at home and parents, grandparents and guardians became the teachers. Life seemed to be compelled to a new “normal” that has felt something akin to “The Twilight Zone” at times. The capacity and tenacity of parents and others who stepped up to the challenge of adding “teacher” to their already full list of hats they wear in a day has been incredible.

This letter is written to simply express gratitude and appreciation to each of you who has had the opportunity to be the teacher to your child. Randy Pausch said, “Showing gratitude is one of the simplest yet most powerful things humans can do for each other.” With that being said, I am not sure how I can show my appreciation for your dedication, your patience, your diligence, your support and your tender care you have shown in taking on the role of teacher in your homes. You have inspired me and so many of our staff members. The media mentions of many that deserve our thanks, and rightly so, but I did not want each of you to be left out or forgotten. So, from my heart to you I say, thank you!

Lisa Flinders

South Summit Elementary principal

Stevens deserves your vote

I am pleased that Malena Stevens is competing for a seat on the Summit County Council. I watched how effectively she ran the Utah History Series at the Park City Library for more than two years. I am impressed with her management skills. In addition to speaker selection and marketing, she handled all arrangements with Park City businesses and library employees. Malena can run a small business! She works well with people and knows her facts. She has a master’s degree in public administration and manages the annual budget for the Park City Police Department, much like anyone who operated their own business. She would be terrific for the residents of Summit County. Cast your ballot in June for Malena Stevens.

John Champion

Thaynes Canyon

Big Brother is creeping

I can’t stay quiet on this one. Fear has now smothered logic and common sense.

As restaurants start to open, a local recreation rep now advises to sanitize your mountain bike and gloves.

Bring masks and sanitizer for outdoor recreation? Laughable.

Is this fear of a virus, or legal action, or both? Either way, Big Brother is angling to reside in your head. He’s got one way to get in, and that’s through the media, and today, that’s principally digital media. The more time you spend on screen, the wider the doorway to your psyche. Don’t think Big Brother exists? Wake up and think for yourself, instead of letting the pixels shape the very fabric of your brain.

As kryptonite was to Superman, there are two things Big Brother can’t deal with. They are truth and courage. It’s past time to question everything, hold fast to what really exists, suck it up and live life. If you want to be truly free, you’ve got to face adversity, not run from it. Your alternative is to become a faceless cell in Big Brother’s world domination scheme, which has been gaining traction since the invention of the printing press.

If you’re worried about bugs flying into your mouth on the trail, wear a mask. Better yet, appreciate the snack and smile as you pass others … it’s the one-key-fits-all combination to the soul.

Gus Sharry

Summit Park

Harte has the needed skills

I am supporting Canice Harte in the upcoming primary. I have known Canice Harte and Kate Wang for more than 10 years and they have proven time and again to be excellent and committed Summit County citizens. Like most residents, I am concerned about not only our current situation, but also what happens when the virus subsides. Summit County is likely to face the prospect of rebuilding its reputation as an outdoor industry mecca. And sadly its business community is likely to be devastated and will need support from the County Council.

Of the two excellent candidates running for seat C, I believe that Canice’s experience in the outdoor recreation area, together with his history of building businesses, will uniquely position him to help drive our recovery. And, while he rarely speaks of it, his experience in the United States Marine Corps has given him an internal strength and discipline that few others possess and which will be very helpful in the herculean tasks we will face together.

Canice is a genuine, natural leader and a consensus builder. He leads with humor and compassion and most importantly by seeking out and including the opinions and viewpoints of others in his decision making. We will be well-served by his skills going forward.

I am voting for Canice Harte for seat C and I hope you will join me.

Alex Natt

Snyderville Basin

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