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Letters: Park City and Summit County should lead by example at Richardson Flat

Clean the land if you love it

If Park City and Summit County are so up in arms about Hideout’s proposed annexation of Richardson Flat, maybe they should step up and show us they care about the area.

I live just off S.R. 248 on the Wasatch County side of the land. My side of the area is beautiful: paved trails, no litter, and great signage. Step over the county line, however, and it’s a different story. The first thing you notice is that the pavement ends and a dirt trail begins (which in and of itself is not a big deal). Then you are greeted by a rusted out, graffiti-covered skeleton of a car. Then a few abandoned mattresses followed by twisted hunks of metal and other garbage. If you aren’t turned off by that, further exploration will reveal discarded couches, pallets and other assorted garbage.

I know there are other problems with the area related to old mining waste, but if Park City and Summit County love Richardson Flat as much as they claim to, maybe they should demonstrate their love by cleaning it up and leading by example. Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones, so before Parkites get the vapors about a developer wishing to do something with the land, let’s see how committed they are to the area by cleaning it up and making it a hospitable place for recreation instead of a political football.

Micah Kagan


National leadership needed

In 1929, Americans faced a national crisis of epic proportions. In 2020, once again Americans are facing a national crisis with far greater deadlier consequences! Although they are dissimilar in subject matter, the crises have many similarities in the way they were and are presently being handled by Republicans under President Donald J. Trump.

On Oct. 29, 1929, the stock market collapsed, and the United States entered an economic abyss. It would be later known as the “Great Depression.” Unemployment soared to 25%; food and bread lines were commonplace throughout America; and unlike other financial problems, this was catastrophic for the wealthy as many became penniless over night!

Herbert Hoover was the Republican president at the time. Unfortunately, his leadership in directing Congress and other institutions to resolve the economic crisis was glaringly inadequate. He lacked the skills to even think nationally, believing that the financial crisis could be resolved by state and local governments along with the private sector. His paralysis to think and act on a national scale only exacerbated the problem and eventually led to his defeat for reelection in 1932.

The people were extremely frustrated and ready for someone to lead them out of this financial dilemma. They placed their faith in the hands of the newly elected Democratic president, Franklin Delano Roosevelt. He immediately got Congress to pass legislation that created federal jobs for the massive number of unemployed workers and once again put meat and potatoes on the tables of millions of Americans. The Great Depression was being resolved.

Fast forward in time to 2020. Like his predecessor Hoover, Trump seems to lack the ability to even think on a national scale. His refusal to accept scientific advice from the CDC as well as not involving the federal government in mandating policies for states to follow continues to delay the eradication of this virus! Perhaps it is time to put the right party in power at the right time!

John White


Share the road safely

I’m an avid bicycle rider living in the Hoytsville area of Summit County. The recent letter written by Bob Lutnicki in the Aug. 5 Park Record was very interesting and cited Utah Code 41-6a-1102 to support the argument for the rights of the bicycle operator. I thought I would educate myself by reading the codes for bicycles. The codes Mr. Lutnicki omitted are 41-6a-1104/1105. These state items like the 3-foot safe distance passing rule; requiring the rider to ride as far to the right side of road as possible (there are common-sense safety exceptions listed); and specifying that riders may ride no more than two abreast but shall not impede the flow of traffic. I believe if riders would follow the Utah codes as written, many misunderstandings could be avoided and we could all share the road safely. Thank you.

Dick Stoner


Close recreation disparities

Park City is a hub for outdoor sports and recreation. Our town identifies with skiing, mountain biking and other popular activities. Yet disparities exist, excluding Latinx youth from participating. In 2016, the Park City Community Foundation created the Solomon Fund to address barriers that hinder participation and allow for greater access to sports and recreation for Latinx youth. The benefits for active children include greater academic achievement, improved sense of belonging and general well-being.

Since its inception, the Solomon Fund has connected over 500 Latinx children with sports programs and other extracurricular activities offered by our over 30 community partners — some of which are SOS Outreach, Ballet West and Park City Soccer Club, among others. This effort also provides grants to support scholarships and gear that makes participating in programs possible. An example of how we work can be seen in our partnership with Young Riders, where their programming and scholarships and us procuring bicycles all play a role. Thanks to all who have donated their gently used bikes in the past!

In addition to providing opportunities for Latinx youth, the Solomon Fund addresses communication gaps between organizations and families. The Solomon Fund has become a point of contact for Latinx families by translating registration forms, flyers, forms and other promotional material into Spanish. The Latinx community can always reach out to the Community Foundation’s bilingual staff for further assistance.

Ultimately, the Solomon Fund strives to increase access and opportunity to create true representation in sports and recreation. Park City can become a more inclusive and equitable place. To anyone who would like to get involved, thank you in advance. You can learn more at: parkcitycf.org/solomonfund.

Linda Dugins

Solomon Fund grants committee member

Thank you, Summit County

I have been following the story of the town of Hideout attempting to annex part of Summit County for commercial and residential development. It is touted as supporting the rights of a municipality to supersede the control of the county. 

To see an example of Summit County control versus this “town” control, take a drive out on Kearns Boulevard, or ride the 11 bus. You will see the schools, the Rail Trail, beaver ponds, soccer fields, the ice rink, the hospital, the NAC, etc. Cross under U.S. 40 and there is a meadow, a pond, a stream, wetland, some businesses, toxic mine waste.

Keep going over the ridge into Wasatch County. There are hundreds of multi-unit structures crammed a few feet apart. No infrastructure or shopping. A slanted patch of grass where no sport can be played. Continue along S.R. 248. More condos, apartments, townhouses, mini mansions, developments Deer Mountain, Deer Waters, Shoreline, Golden Eagle, Hideout, Tuhaye, etc. The profitable construction is planned and approved all around the lake. Heber has approved a project which will double its size. Take the money and run.

Continue along S.R. 248 toward Kamas over the next ridge, back into Summit County. You will see sagebrush, pastures, cows and horses, alfalfa being harvested. Green open space preserved. This is why we live here.

Thank you, Summit County government.

Jeff Zenger


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