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Letters: Park City Council owes applicant an apology

Opioid action should target doctors


Perhaps the county shouldn’t sue the opioid manufacturers, but the doctors who overprescribe the medication.

Jeffrey Louden Park City

City Council owes an apology


I must say thank you to Reed Galen for his thoughtful guest editorial about the City Council’s insulting conversation about Abby McNulty’s qualifications for a place on the City Council. Are we back in the 1950s? Obviously, if Abby McNulty did not think she would be able to handle the responsibilities of a council member, she wouldn’t have applied. An apology and a rethinking of her application is needed by all concerned as well as an updating of a disappointing website.

Wendy Lavitt Park City

Why not extend bag ban?


If banning plastic bags is a good idea, why not apply it to all vendors. Costs should be proportional.

Howard Carrey Park City

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