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Letters: Park City has an opportunity to walk to end Alzheimer’s

Depolarizing can start at The Park Record

(Note: Letter is in response to editorial titled “New group in county has the right idea: Depolarize Now!)


Great idea, Park Record, and you can help move forward by dispensing with those conspicuously bad, blatantly biased political cartoons that appear every issue.

They are in no way amusing or uplifting. The art work is poor and unimaginative.


Paula Hurd


Sentence too light for distracted driver


Well after reading the disturbing events that lead up to this accident, and the sentence of only 120 days in jail for Mr. Bone, I was appalled that the courts here are so loose. Texting while driving is a crime in this state and should be looked at seriously when someone is killed from doing it. He ran into and killed one and crippled another.

What’s with the loose laws here, Utah?

I see drivers texting, talking on their phones, and speeding on S.R. 224 everyday. Not to mention running lights. So why aren’t there stricter laws, more law enforcement, and higher penalties? Why are we allowed to talk on our phones here in Utah? It should be hands free like in other states. What, are we in the Wild West here?

Shame on the State of Utah!

Freddie Spencer
Park City


Walk for a purpose


Multiple choice — what is the meaning of “The Color Purple”: A) The title of an Academy Award-winning movie. B) The color of nobility. C) the color of the Alzheimer’s Association and the disease it fights. D) All of the above. Answer: D.

This Saturday, Sept. 8 is the third Wasatch Back/Park City Walk to End Alzheimer’s. Why, you ask, in Park City, where so many of us live an incredibly healthy life? Well, many do, but so many do not. And those residents of Park City and the Wasatch Back are often the forgotten ones. They may have Alzheimer’s or they may be caregivers, or they may have recently lost a parent or grandparent to the disease. And they need our help!

Presently, in the U.S. someone develops Alzheimer’s disease every 66 seconds. Ten percent of us will have Alzheimer’s by 65, 35 percent by 85. It is the sixth-leading cause of death and kills more people than breast cancer and prostate cancer combined!

All the monies raised in the Wasatch Back/Park City Walk will stay in Utah aiding research, assisting caregivers support groups, a crisis line, lobbying and more.

Ray and I are fighting for a cure because we have been caregivers. We know how hard it is to watch someone decline from the disease, and we know how exhausting and frustrating it can be to be a caregiver!

Join us at the Walk to End Alzheimer’s! Participation can be financial, or just walk to bring awareness, or do both! And in Park City fashion, bring your furry friends with four paws.

The walk starts at the Basin Rec building and goes to the White Barn in Swaner Eco Preserve and back. Registration is at 9 a.m., walk at 10 a.m. We promise it will be an easy walk and a meaningful morning with lots of fun too!

Wear purple and join us!

Debbie Morton and Ray Freer
Kamas and Park City


Breakfast was a success again


On behalf of the parishioners of St. Mary’s Catholic Church, we would like to thank the community for supporting the annual Miners Day Breakfast. We look forward to this day every year as the great community building activity that it is. The weather was absolutely wonderful and so were the crowds.

We are proud to be participants in an event that celebrates the heritage of our great town. A special thanks goes out to Joe Cronley and the rest of the Rotary Club who spent a great deal of time organizing and carrying out the whole day’s events. We would also like to thank Amy Marshall at the Starbucks Coffee on Park Avenue and Kate and Kerry Sullivan with Utah Food Services for their generous donations without which we could not put on our breakfast. Lastly, thanks to KPCW for advertisement and coverage of the day.

Thanks and see you next year!

Kevin and Kathy Ostler
Miners Day breakfast committee


Labor Day letdown


My wife and I have been attending concerts at Deer Valley for 20 years and enjoyed the venue every time, until Monday.

We paid $110 per ticket for four reserved seats tickets and effectively could not get in. We arrived at 5:15 for a 6 p.m. concert at the Snow Park Lodge and were told we could either walk to the end of the parking lot and get in line or wait until the line reached the lodge and take our reserved seats.

So we waited until 6 p.m. at the lodge and the line was still down to the end of the parking lot, so we left.

How is it that with the symphony and other concerts there has never been a problem, but Deer Valley managed to completely screw up the check in process?

I have asked for a $440 refund for a complete mismanagement of this concert. Many of our Park Meadows friends feel the same. Unless Deer Valley can straighten out this process we will not attend another concert. Is this how the new management is going to be running things in the future?

Hopefully they do not foul up the symphony series as well.

Blake Fisher
Park City

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