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Letters: Park City shouldn’t get greedy with Treasure bond

A bash befitting the land we love


Do you love the open spaces around Park City? Do you love hiking in Round Valley or being welcomed into Park City by the big white barn? Or maybe you love to stand in a river with a fly rod in hand and nothing around you but fields and trees.

If so, you’re enjoying the efforts of the Summit Land Conservancy. The Conservancy is a local land conservation organization, based in Park City that works to save the lands the community cherishes forever.

If you appreciate these open spaces, come support the Summit Land Conservancy at the Blue Sky Bash on August 25th. Held at the Blue Sky Ranch in Wanship, with a free shuttle to and from Park City, catering and signature cocktails by High West, squirt guns, and dancing.

Tickets are on sale now at the Conservancy’s website: wesaveland.org

Come join the fun, drink whiskey; save land!

Allison Willingham, Diana Thompson, Judy Tink, Judy Jackson, Karen Roney, Sally Shannon, Nicole MacLaren, Kathleen Nichols
Blue Sky Bash Soiree Committee


Treasure Mountain Inn supports Recycle Utah


Recycle Utah would like to extend thanks to Treasure Mountain Inn for their commitment to the local environment through a $10,000 sponsorship of our EPS, Packaging Styrofoam recycling program.

With the support of Treasure Mountain Inn, Recycle Utah is able to collect, densify and recycle over 15,000 pounds of EPS annually. Each year the amount of EPS Recycle Utah diverts from landfill grows by 15%. Recycle Utah relies on the support of community members, like Treasure Mountain, to provide these services to Summit County.

For years, Treasure Mountain Inn has been committed to the environment and the Park City community. We feel honored to partner with them to continue the efforts to decrease the amount of waste in Summit County Landfill.

Thank you to Treasure Mountain Inn for your commitment to our local community in Park City. We at Recycle Utah are grateful for the support as we continue to work towards a more sustainable future.

Carolyn Wawra
Recycle Utah executive director


City shouldn’t get greedy


I’m beginning to think we are being manipulated. The Park City Council could quickly turn the very important Treasure Hill Bond project into a complicated mess by adding on additional projects such as the Snow Ranch Pastures. Park City taxpayers have traditionally been supportive of open space but they may get indigestion if the upcoming bond request gets too large. The finish line is within sight on Treasure — let’s not screw it up now.

A recent example of what can go horribly wrong is the school bond failure three years ago. The School Board got greedy, included its entire wish list in a massive request and said, “Trust us, we will spend your money wisely!” Huh? The supportive tax payers of Park City said “no way” and the bond failed miserably.

I totally support the acquisition of Treasure. It is the right thing to do and we have a reasonable solution to a potentially ugly eyesore in Park City. To me, Treasure is, and should be, our number one open space priority. I also support the Snow Ranch Pastures acquisition, but that’s a separate project. Let’s not create one giant bond with our entire open space wish list. There’s too great a risk for a potential taxpayer revolt.

Bruce Dennis
Park City


Vote for anyone but a Trump supporter


On Monday, July 16th, Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin appeared in a joint press conference in Finland after a two-hour closed-doors meeting. If you haven’t already watched or read about the press conference, I urge you to do so.

Putin is a former KGB official. He actively worked to undermine the credibility and stability of the United States. He is trained in manipulation. He has overlooked, sanctioned, and/or ordered the murder and imprisonment of journalists, political opponents, and civilians in combat zones. He has torn down any democratic institutions in Russia that would loosen his own hold on power. And the hit closest to home is that, according to America’s intelligence community and many of its political leaders (leaders of all parties), he condoned Russian attempts to interfere in our 2016 presidential election.

But on Monday, when prompted to condemn Putin, Trump chose to act dismissively towards his own government’s findings, and assured the world that Putin “… was extremely strong and powerful in his denial (on Monday).”

I have defended officials and voters I wholeheartedly disagree with from criticism I felt was unjustified or unproductively mean-spirited. I have always been a firm believer that despite my disagreements with them, all American voters and officials hold America’s best interest at heart.

I miserably, dejectedly now believe that Donald Trump’s desire for a better America has been corrupted or blinded.

I turned 18 this year, and I will be voting in November. If you are also 18 or older, or if you will be 18 by November, please register to vote. You can do so online with a drivers’ license or a state ID, and you can do so by mail otherwise, through instructions at vote.utah.gov/vote/menu/online. Research the races at https://ballotpedia.org/Utah_elections,_2018 and your county’s website. I truly don’t care if you vote for Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, United Utah, independents, anyone; but please, please don’t vote for any candidate that supports Donald Trump. Too much is at stake.

Adam Hickey
Park City

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