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Letters: Park City’s nonprofits should act fast in seeking federal aid


Resources available for nonprofits

For our community and our local nonprofits to come out of the COVID-19 crisis as strong as possible, we need to take advantage of every available resource.  

While philanthropy can help fill key gaps and support particularly vulnerable populations (as we are doing through Park City Community Foundation’s Community Response Fund), we also need to work together to bring as many federal and state resources to bear as possible.  

And some key assistance is now available. The first round of COVID-19-related federal stimulus support for small businesses and nonprofits opened for applications on Friday, April 3. 

It appears that the most powerful support for many nonprofits may come from the Paycheck Protection Program (Emergency SBA 7(a) Loans). These are loans — with the loan amount based on a nonprofit’s payroll expense levels — and they are forgivable (i.e., they turn into grants) if used for certain payroll, mortgage interest, rent or utilities expenses during the eight-week period beginning on the date of the origination of the loan.  

Applications for the Paycheck Protection Program are being made through banks. With that in mind, we are strongly advising nonprofits to: 

• Immediately contact their regular bank (or another bank they are comfortable with), express interest in applying to the Paycheck Protection Program, and ask how to apply. 

• Inform their boards of directors that their nonprofit may be applying for this (forgivable) loan program. Nonprofits may need board approval (depending on internal policies and/or bank requirements) in order to agree to take out any kind of loan.  

It’s unclear whether the funds allocated at the federal level will be sufficient to cover all requests, so getting applications in as early as possible is strongly advised.  

Learn more at home.treasury.gov/system/files/136/PPP–Fact-Sheet.pdf.

If the Paycheck Protection Program does not fit the needs or situation of a particular nonprofit, other federal stimulus programs may apply.  

More information on stimulus programs can be found on the National Council of Nonprofits website at councilofnonprofits.org/nonprofits-and-coronavirus-covid-19

Katie Wright

Park City Community Foundation executive director

Protect imperiled wildlife

I am writing in support of the Endangered Species Act, and in opposition to efforts by Congress to undermine this landmark wildlife conservation law.

The Endangered Species Act is a safety net for fish, plants and wildlife on the brink of extinction. Since President Nixon signed the law in 1973, hundreds of species have been saved from disappearing forever, including the American bald eagle, the peregrine falcon and the American alligator, and many more are on their way to recovery.

But now, some members of Congress are trying to weaken the Endangered Species Act to benefit developers and the oil and gas industry.

Protecting endangered species is important to me.

We have a responsibility to future generations to be good stewards and protect imperiled wildlife and the special places they call home. Our senators must oppose efforts to weaken the Endangered Species Act.

Greg Hughes


Thanks for the support

What a strange time for all of us. As I write this my heart goes out to all those impacted by the COVID-19 virus. This is a tough time for our community and all of the small businesses in Park City. I wanted to stop and take a moment to publicly thank the members of the Silver Mountain Sports Clubs (SMSC) for being so supportive of our locally family owned small business. Unlike the city or county recreation centers that can fall back on the government (our tax dollars) for all of their needs, we depend solely on our members to support our efforts and the operation of our small business. SMSC has some of the best members that make up our wonderful Park City community. There are no words to say how much my staff and I appreciate their support as we wait for the green light to reopen. I hope when that happens, we can also earn the support of new members of the community that are looking for a place to stay healthy and active in a safe encouraging fun environment. When you do, you will find the warmest, kindest group of community members already at SMSC doing the same. Thanks again to all our Silver Mountain Sports Club members for their support and I hope everyone stays safe and healthy.

Stanton D. Jones

Silver Mountain Sports Clubs

Attacks on Trump unfounded

The most despicable salvo by the left in the ceaseless battles of America’s Cold Civil War is the attempt to lay the fallout from the coronavirus on President Trump. The president has weathered the Stormy Daniels farce, the Russian collusion illusion, The Steel Dossier and a Schumer sham impeachment.

Even though the lives of hundreds of thousands of Americans or even millions are at stake, the Democrats are sniping and ankle biting the president’s every moving and the media is the tail wagging the party. In psychological warfare terminology the drive-by propagandists are executing a demoralization campaign. The desired effect to the quash the morale of the American people with the expectancy that We the People will lose confidence in our leadership and not reelect President Trump. Apparently, Trump Derangement Syndrome has no limit.

The infamous demoralizing broadcasters from the past such as Baghdad Betty, Tokyo Rose, Axis Sally and Hanoi Hanna have contemporary reincarnates in the forms of Lester Holt, Don Lemon and Anderson Cooper. On the 20th, Rachel Maddow poo-pooed, “There is no sign that the Navy hospital ships that the president made such a big deal of, the Comfort and the Mercy, there is no sign that they’ll be anywhere on-site, helping out anywhere in the country, for weeks yet.” In just 10 days after Maddow’s critical prognostication, the Comfort was on station bringing a message to all New Yorkers that the Navy “remains committed in this fight,” Rear Adm. John Mustin said. Maddow’s dire proclaim was re-aired and followed by footage of the Comfort being escorted into New York Harbor by tugboats.

These baseless attacks on the president are proof positive that the left, the swamp creatures and the Deep State are desperate to retain their ill-gotten power. It is doubtful because of their sense of superiority. Do they realize that unfounded criticisms targeting the president are also received as incoming fire by 14,000 activated National Guard troops, the 9,000 volunteered for recall veterans and retirees, the contractors who got the Comfort and Mercy in shipshape, first responders and 60-plus million deplorables?

America is witnessing the depths of the left’s atrocious vitriol that will backfire in November, but more importantly we will see victory over this invisible surge courtesy of Team Trump’s cadre of troops, medical professionals, free-market business owners and first responders.

Jerry Heck


Hold Trump accountable

Nero “fiddled while Rome burned.” Like Nero, Trump is an ineffectual leader in a time of crisis. Hillary Jessup’s letter (April 1-3) states: “Trump is doing a great job steering us through this pandemic.” Really?

Ms. Jessup criticizes Democrat’s “blocking” of the Phase 3 bill by demanding oversight of disbursements from a “slush” fund of $500 billions to be controlled solely by Trump and Mnuchin. Clearly, Trump’s record of corruption demanded oversight.

As to Trump’s handling of the pandemic:

Governor Hogan (R) admitted Trump’s “grave mistake in downplaying the pandemic.”

Trump’s daily spectacle of misinformations and ineptitude is shocking. Political hacks feeding Trump’s narcism is pathetic.

Trump alone is responsible for failures in the delay of crucial diagnostic testing, refusing the World Health Organization’s offer for tests kits.

Trump allowed CODIV-19 to spread for weeks without containment efforts.

Trump puts the onus on our governors to acquire medical supplies, creating bidding wars and price gouging.

Crucial testing continues slowly, or is unavailable.

Trump declines any responsibility, calling his performance “fantastic, incredible and great.”

Sadly, America should be the leader out of this horror. Instead we are first only on ineptitude and deaths. Trump must be held accountable.

Maria Roberts

Jeremy Ranch

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