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Letters: Parkites need to reserve handicap spots for people who need them

Help keep Park City beautiful


Spring looks like it’s really here, the snow is melting and revealing all the dog poop left behind and trash once buried in the snow. Where is my beautiful Park City? Besides the unsightliness of all this “new found” dog poop it’s unhealthy to all of us. It’s been quoted in articles that in the USA, pet dogs produce 21.2 billion pounds of poop each year. Dog poop is full of nasty bacteria and potentially even parasites. An even more serious problem is rain run off or snow melt can wash dog poop right into water systems.

People who don’t own dogs shouldn’t have to watch where they are walking. We all shouldn’t have to look at all this trash and poop on our trails, open spaces and parks. The snow did a good job hiding it now it’s time to pick it up.

I am a dog owner and try to always be diligent about Leave No Trace. If each one of us dog owners take an extra bag or two out with us each time we walk our best friend and pick up an extra poop we’d get back our beautiful city. I started cleaning one section of open space at a time in Newpark, it’s working. This is a call to all dog owners — please just one extra dog poop pick up.

Donna Sims

Park City

Leave handicap spots open


I have a pet peeve. It bothers me when I see an able bodied person pull into a handicapped spot without a handicapped permit thinking they have the right because they will only be a few minutes or there isn’t another available spot. Secondly there are those who do have a permit but their handicapped person isn’t in their vehicle and they have the right because they do have a handicapped permit. Please save those spots for those of us who do need the easy access spots. I have had MS for 47 years and struggle to walk with my 2 canes and every step matters to me.

For the most part, I am very happy to live in a place where there are so many kind people who do offer to help me every day.

Thank you, Thank You!

Michelle Sweet

Park City

Cleaning up parking lots needed


I would like to acknowledge the progressive environmental policies of our Mayor, City Council and City Staff. Electric buses, an extensive public transportation network, energy conservation and a strong commitment to recycling and open space. Thank you for all you do for us.

Expanding this “green” vision, I encourage our leaders to turn their attention to the town’s outdoor parking lots. Whether public or private many parking lots appear littered with trash — especially their perimeters. It is a visual pollution that reflects on us all.

Perhaps the town can implement a program to encourage business owners to clean up their public areas? The City can set an example by attending to their parking lots — and maybe Summit County will follow suit?

Let’s continue our quest to set the bar higher and higher when it comes to a cleaner and greener community — we can do it!

David Nicholas

Park City

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