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Letters: Political cartoon decrying big business as ‘pure evil’ missed the mark

Pure evil? Really?


I have been an electronic subscriber to The Park Record for approximately a year. I understand and respect your liberal bent, but I must respond when you refer to Business/Wall Street/Capitalism as “Pure Evil” in your Sept. 28-Oct. 1, 2019, cartoon editorial.

Really “pure evil”?

The affluency of Park City would not exist without capitalism. Liberals’ lack of objectivity (or I fear) common sense is mind boggling. Free enterprise and the desire to better oneself is what made this country great. If capitalism is “Pure Evil,” maybe you should try the progressive Venezuela — believe me that would open your eyes and cause you to appreciate capitalism.

Clay T. Farha

Oklahoma City

Add Ed on your ballot


I am a local Old Town resident for the last five years and I met Ed Parigian for the first time while we were both volunteering at a concession booth for the Sundance Film Festival. We got to know each other well during that time and see each other often about town. As hopefully all the readers know, Ed is running for City Council this November and I wanted to share my perspective and why I believe that Ed is a solid choice for the position. 1.) He is truly a local in our community. I see him at the Library Field (for which he successfully advocated), out at dinner, on the radio (KPCW) as Tuesday DJ for five years (Biweekly Ed), at local music events, and just walking along the sidewalk. Being a resident of Old Town, he has the pulse of the community and understands firsthand the pressures we face. 2.) He always has ideas regarding challenges that face us. We know that there is a very delicate balance between embracing the tourism which drives our economic engine, and also ensuring that it comes with local support for our community. He is solutions centric to the demanding issues that we continue to face (affordable housing, traffic, social equity/community and the second home issues) with vigor and optimism. 3.) He has proven, continued activism on behalf of Park City residents. Look at his record and he has, for over 10 years, been involved in real, relevant issues impacting Park City residents spanning topics such as recycling programs, open space, Main Street development, Treasure Hill development, and plastic bags in local supermarkets.

Let’s make sure and enhance our already great City Council by adding Ed on your ballot! He has my vote.

Randy Scott

Old Town

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