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Letters: Primary elections, stampless ballots and coronavirus precautions

Vote for a woman of action

I support Malena Stevens for Summit County Council. We need to support qualified candidates, and in this election, Summit County has two capable, competent options. I support Malena Stevens, not because she is a woman, but because she is a competent, qualified, hard-working, professional woman who brings an essential perspective to the council that will be lacking if she is not elected. Part of that perspective is due to the experiences she has had as a professional woman and mother within Summit County. The decisions made by county leadership affect both men and women; women’s voices need to be a part of the policy creation and decisions that affect us all.

In the time I have known Malena, I have found her to be dedicated and hard-working, displaying the tenacity to face challenges head-on and get things done. Her professional capabilities, combined with her lived experience, will add a lens to our council that is currently not there. As can be seen through the breadth of her previous endorsements, Malena has worked tirelessly to develop positive working relationships with a diverse group of Summit County residents and leaders so she can get things done. She genuinely cares about this county and has worked hard to serve in both technical and social capacities. She is a woman of action, and I know that action will continue when she is elected. I encourage you to vote Malena Stevens for a smart, qualified candidate who will also bring a female perspective to the Summit County Council.

Meaghan Miller-Gitlin

Democratic candidate for Utah House District 54

Hughes for governor

If you didn’t know by all the ads and the political talk sweeping the state/nation, election season has arrived. The Utah primary Republican ballots have been mailed, ballots are due June 30.

Check to see your voter status. If you are an independent or a Democrat, you will not be able to vote in the Republican primary. You can check your option at vote.utah.gov. You can also check by calling the Summit County clerk’s office at 435-336-3204.

Daily tracking polls are showing a strong momentum with Utah governor candidate Greg Hughes. The way the momentum is going now, with your support he could be our next governor.

These are the reasons I am supporting Greg:

• Hughes fought Obamacare.

• Hughes delivered the 200-mile UTA rail project under budget.

• Hughes supports constitutional carry.

• Hughes does NOT support red flag gun laws.

• Hughes supports the right of the parent to choose for vaccines.

• Hughes believes the legal age to own a firearm should be 18.

• Hughes supports charter schools.

• Hughes does not support contact tracing.

Please join me in voting for Greg Hughes.

Hillary Jessup

Kimball Junction

Get educated about project

I urge interested citizens to educate themselves about the development proposed by Dakota Pacific Real Estate for the Tech Park area of Kimball Junction.

Specifically, I urge them to:

• study the aerial view picture of the project which gives some idea of what the density of 1,100 residential units and a 122,000-square-foot hotel actually looks like.

• consider the impact that this residential density will have on the already-problematic traffic and congestion in Kimball Junction and in Newpark.

• consider the potential impact to the Park City school system.

In my opinion the current entitlement as a technology park is better suited to the area for many reasons including:

• it limits the increased traffic to specific weekday times, not weekends when there is peak skier traffic.

• its location near the transit center would allow for an ideal use of empty parking areas on weekends and holidays for skiers and Sundance.

• it doesn’t place additional burden on the Park City school system.

For more information about the project, go to heykimballjunction.com.

Cynthia Baxter

Kimball Junction

Take precautions seriously

As a longtime resident of Park City (27 years) I have always been impressed with the city as a giving and wonderful place to live. The current COVID-19 national outbreak has stretched the outside limits of many cities throughout the world and has people on edge as never before. Along with the BLM movement and the tragic results of crossover protests there has been an outcry for solidarity unseen since the 1960s.

In spite of these trials our local businesses, City Hall, the Police Department and the county have provided an outpouring of understanding and compassion for the citizens.

The general population has responded, for the most part, with a great deal of concern and action for those in our community by social distancing, wearing masks and being aware of the consequences of “too soon.” As a senior citizen I can only ask — dare I say plead — that those of you that don’t take these precautions seriously realize it isn’t just about you.

I wear a mask and social distance not just to protect myself, I do it out of respect for your life as well. It doesn’t make you weak to care for others, as a matter of fact it makes you stronger.

Roger Strand

Park Meadows

Send a Parkite to the Statehouse

It has been a long time since Summit County has had representation in the Utah House of Representatives. It has been even longer since Park City has had representation. Park City contributes in a disproportionate way to the state tax base, yet we continue to be underrepresented. Finally we have not only the opportunity for representation, but we have a quality candidate to represent us. Randy Favero is a candidate for the House District 54 seat and his qualifications are exceptional. His business background in the technology industry in both large and small companies, his life experience living and working on both coasts and internationally, his broad public service and his experience with public education all give him a fresh perspective that is needed in Utah’s Legislature. To have an 18-year resident of Park City with the background Mr. Favero has would be an assurance that Park City would have quality representation and that the Legislature would get a boost in insight and capability. I encourage everyone to cast a vote for Randy Favero in the best interest of Park City.

Fred Engel

Silver Creek

Stevens has the skills to serve

Malena Stevens is a leader who cares deeply about the community. I have known Malena and her family for many years and have watched her work tirelessly for the residents of Summit County. Malena and her family have faced many struggles during the time I’ve known them but have always persevered and risen above their challenges. We need leaders with the tenacity and grit that Malena exemplifies.

Malena has served the people of Summit County for many years as a victim advocate. Additionally, she has been involved with the Women’s Giving Fund, Operation Underground Railroad (an organization aimed at eradicating human trafficking) and Big Brothers, Big Sisters. Because of her service to these and other organizations, she is uniquely positioned to approach council decisions from a perspective of inclusion and sensitivity for all.

I support a candidate with the technical skills in planning, budgeting and strategy who is consistently focused on using her abilities to serve all of us. We have within our community people from varied backgrounds, and we know that Summit County will function the best when each and everyone has the opportunity to thrive. Malena is someone with the skills and heart to serve everyone. Vote for Malena Stevens!

Jane Greer

Snyderville Basin

Favero is a breath of fresh air

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a data-driven former Fortune 500 business executive representing Park City, parts of Summit County, Heber City and parts of Wasatch County in the Legislature? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a former business executive who has lived in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco and chose to return home to Utah to live? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a former business executive who has engaged the Utah Legislature to benefit children’s education for the entire state of Utah representing all of us?

Randy Favero is that breath of fresh air.

I have worked with Randy several times over the past five years mentoring early-stage education startups through VentureCapital.org. He listens. You read that correctly. Randy listens. His process is to ask questions to develop the data he needs to make an educated decision. Then he decides on the best path to follow.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a former Fortune 500 business executive help guide the Legislature in their legislative business decisions as we begin to reboot our economy? As a breeder of quarter horses and with family as ranchers and farmers, Randy is sensitive to agricultural interests in a district that is still a large part rural.

I am voting for Randy Favero to represent Utah House District 54 — and hope you also vote Randy Favero.

Bill Humbert

Park City

No stamp, no problem

For the upcoming June 30 primary election, Utahns will be asked to vote by mail and likely many of you have already received your ballot. You might not know, however, that only 11 of the 29 counties in Utah are providing prepaid return postage for mail-in ballots.

That means hundreds of thousands of voters in the other 18 counties — including Summit County — are being told they need a stamp to vote. But even if you don’t have access to a first-class stamp, you can still make sure your vote is counted. First, you can drop off your completed ballot at any official drop-box from now through Election Day, Tuesday, June 30. Second, just forget the stamp! The Utah director of elections has confirmed that the Postal Service will deliver any unstamped ballots to the county clerk’s office and charge your county for the missing postage. No stamp? No problem! Share these tips with your friends, vote before June 30, and remember to ask your county clerk to follow the lead of Emery, Davis, Utah, Salt Lake and other counties and provide prepaid return postage on all mail-in ballots for future elections. The lack of a stamp should never be an obstacle to voting.

Nikila Venugopal

ACLU of Utah voting rights coordinator

The right choice

Malena Stevens is the right choice for Summit County Council. We have known Malena and her husband Scott for many years, and during that time we have watched them tirelessly serve in this community. Regardless of what is going on in her life, Malena makes the time to serve individual members of our community as well as on boards and commissions. She has been an active member of the Snyderville Basin Planning Commission, the Kimball Junction Master Plan Committee, the Summit County Domestic Violence Coalition and the Suicide Prevention Coalition. Additionally, she has volunteered with local nonprofits to teach reading skills to children in our schools and has helped with fundraising efforts to provide services for domestic violence victims and those struggling with mental illness. We have also watched as Malena and her husband have spent their limited personal time to help friends and acquaintances struggling with challenges ranging from homelessness to child abuse to mental illness. Malena understands how to help individuals and families experiencing challenge because she has been actively assisting struggling people for years.

This understanding has been exemplified through her work at the Park City Police Department. In these challenging times, we need elected officials who fundamentally understand how law enforcement operates so we can both support our local police departments, and also make necessary changes to improve. No matter how good we are, we can always do better. This is the philosophy Malena Stevens has adhered to as long as we have known her. She is a well-educated, competent, hard-working, capable women who is always striving to learn more so she can serve even better. A vote for Malena is a vote for continued county improvement. That is who she is and what she is about. Please vote Malena Stevens for Summit County Council!

Bob and Gail McMullin

Park Meadows

Stevens is a leader

Competent, compassionate and diverse leadership matters. Right now, perhaps more than ever, the world needs solid leaders. Responsible world leadership begins with skilled local leaders, and that is why I’m voting for Malena Stevens for Summit County Council.

Malena serves on the Snyderville Basin Planning Commission and works side by side with our chief of police at the Park City Policy Department. She knows how to manage a budget. She has worked in the social services sector, as a victim’s advocate and has directed programs for individuals with intellectual disabilities. Malena is also a working parent — a mom — and mothers everywhere understand deeply the delicate balancing act we all perform each and every day to raise good kids, maintain and grow our relationships and serve our communities.

When elected leadership more closely resembles the community it serves, we get better outcomes for all. Those things that are important to each of us — with all our variations in age, gender, race, ethnicity and socio-economic status — have a greater chance to be seen, heard, valued. And yet, we can’t let diversity alone trump experience. With Malena Stevens, we don’t have to. She has both.

Lacey Cole-Rae


Harte is the leader we need

Canice Harte has been an active member of our community for 14 years — as a business owner, community leader, working parent of two daughters in Park City schools, volunteer and advocate for trails and youth sports. Canice’s leadership experience runs deep and his commitment to service is unquestionable. As an active duty serviceman, I find it disheartening to hear “that we already have a veteran on County Council.” As if there is only one perspective to be had, and that the women and men that have put their lives on the line to protect our freedom are not important enough to have more than one voice in Summit County. But Canice is running not only as a veteran, but also as a leader that understands team work and sacrifice and who has the proven ability and fortitude to preserve to achieve the end goal even under the most challenging of circumstances. As a soldier, a small business owner and a working dad myself — I believe that Canice has the leadership skills, passion and experience we need to get us through to the other side of these unprecedented times. Leadership is earned and I hope that you will join me in voting for Canice Harte — the leader that Summit County needs right now.

Nathan Dressel


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