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Letters: Protect our wildlife and oppose legislation that would harm predators


Protect our wildlife

Please everyone, call senators/representatives regarding two bills this legislative session, H.B. 125 and H.B. 228. These bills will result in increased killing of our mountain lions, bears and other predators. Neither is supported by the best available science and could forever damage our ecosystem.

H.B. 125 requests that the Division of Wildlife Resources increase the killing of bears, cougars, bobcats and coyotes when deer or elk herd numbers are lower than desired. It was passed in the House and will now go to the Senate Natural Resources, Agriculture and Environment Committee.

H.B. 228 will allow the killing of predators on public land grazing allotments when livestock have been killed or even just disturbed by predators. Methods to be used could include strangulation snares. Taxpayers already subsidize domestic livestock grazing on public lands and ranchers are compensated for loss of livestock. Cruelly killing wildlife such as cougars on public land used for grazing seems unfair. If we continue down this pathway we stand to lose our iconic animals.

We must not have a wipe-them-out mentality. We pretty much did that to our bison and wolves and even cougars in our eastern states. Each year I hear that permit numbers are increasing and was greatly saddened the last two years witnessing DWR meetings myself where ranchers where pushing for and getting an increase in cougar hunting permits. All wildlife must be protected for future generations and a healthy ecosystem. Please lets not take a chance on losing them.

Jean Tabin

Snyderville Basin

Where are the sidewalks?

In response to the article about the man who was killed while walking along Empire Avenue (Feb. 12-14 edition), all I can ask is why are there no sidewalks along this section of road? There are also no sidewalks along Manor Way, which connects Empire to Lowell at the base of the resort. I ride the bus all the time through here, and we always have to dodge the pedestrians walking in the road. Put in sidewalks!

Ellen Sherk

Old Town

Higher fines are needed

Another dead elk near the White Barn this morning. Why not double or triple fines along this wildlife crossing stretch of S.R. 224? Lowering the speed limit hasn’t done much to slow traffic, even when animals are present. Park Record articles suggest it is only going to get worse.

Nick Wright

Canyons Village

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