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Letters: Reader endorsements for County Council race continue

Harte is uniquely qualified

I am writing in support of Canice Harte for Summit County Council. As long-term residents of Park City/Summit County (over 34 years), my husband and I have know many of the people who have run for a variety of city and county offices and volunteer positions. It is a pleasure and privilege to know someone like Canice who is so uniquely qualified and who is willing to put forward the effort and hard work that will go into being a member of the Summit County Council. I hope you will join me in supporting Canice for council.

Dee McCarthy

Park City

Proud of the pride

I applaud the Park City Council for designating June as Pride Month in Park City. Being a transwoman, I am a proud advocate for the LGBTQ community and gestures like this go a long way towards making us all feel more accepted. I feel very blessed to live in the Park City community as I have found amazing acceptance among all. In light of the fact that the Pride Festival has been canceled in Salt Lake the weekend of June 6, I hope everyone will acknowledge the LGBTQ community in some fashion. I look forward to proudly walking down Main Street and seeing the pride banners, as I was looking forward to helping to organize the LGBTQ community walking in the Fourth of July parade this year for the first time. We will have to wait until next year, but in the meantime, I’ll be showing my pride for our community in different ways, so if you see me out and about say hi. Thanks, Park City.

Cami Richardson


Stevens is a role model

As a resident of Summit County and active participant in community issues, I am writing to urge you to vote for Malena Stevens for County Council. I have had the privilege of knowing and working with Malena for several years. Malena’s ability to confront concerns, work with diverse populations and collaborate with community partners is sublime. Her experience at the Park City Police Department, as victim advocate and executive specialist, has given her front-line community experience to address critical issues and communicate effectively and empathetically with the community. Most importantly, and in a time of uncertainty and challenge, Malena listens. Not only does she listen, she takes an active role in remaining approachable, creating solutions and solving problems.

There are many concerns that face our community. As a law enforcement officer for more than 30 years, and a child abuse investigator, I see the effects of negativity, bullying and abuse within our community — not only between children, but also adults. I also see the positivity that is promulgated by Malena. She is a vital member of our community, a professional raising a family while embarking on a mission to make our community the best it can be. I agree that this campaign is not about gender. We need a leader on our council that can look at community problems objectively while dedicating themselves to paving the way for future generations. Malena is that role model for our young people, our residents and our most vulnerable populations. County Council leadership is more than a business enterprise (although Malena has experience with finance and other business responsibilities); it is a human enterprise, demanding that our County Council members ensure truth and trust, transparency and solicitude.

I have witnessed Malena advocate for so many. Please support her by voting Malena Stevens for County Council.

Christina Sally

Park City

The right choice

Malena Stevens is the right choice for Summit County Council. While serving as mayor of Park City, I worked with Malena in her role as victim advocate coordinator. I saw her sincerely and intentionally work with victims of violent crime, manage an intense grant and budget and develop a thriving program. With years of experience, Malena not only understands how the Park City Police Department functions, she also understands the inner workings of other county and city departments through regularly collaborating to resolve issues. Malena has worked for years to develop relationships with politicians, county and city staffers, and nonprofit leaders so she could be better positioned to support community goals. As a result of her years of effort, education and enthusiasm, Malena is in a unique position to forward complex community goals.

Because of her work ethic, tenacity and expertise, I appointed Malena to represent Park City Municipal on the Summit County Behavioral Assessment Committee, which ultimately led to forming the Mental Wellness Alliance. Malena was a critical voice on that committee because of her experience as a first responder and her years professionally serving individuals with disabilities. I know Malena to be genuine in her concern for the community and all individuals living, recreating and working here. Malena has focused her entire professional career, including her higher education, on serving the community. She has used her free time to volunteer on boards and commissions and to support local nonprofits. Her dedication to this community, her deep knowledge of government systems — including government budgeting — and her education in local government policy make Malena Stevens the candidate who can easily assimilate onto the current council. She has the knowledge, skill and relationships to get things done. Please join me in voting for Malena Stevens on June 30.

Jack Thomas

Former Park City mayor

A bright future

As a previous military wife, I know first-hand the value of leadership during difficult times. Normally voting for gender equality would be at the forefront of my decision, but these are not normal times. Our country is possibly facing its most difficult time in history and we need experienced leadership to guide us. Therefore, I will vote for Canice Harte for County Council with the strong belief he will help lead us to a new normal and a bright future.

Jill Lydon

Park City

Harte has experience and passion

We all know how important it is to have strong and effective leaders. And I believe that leadership comes from experience, committed passion for service, time on the ground in the community and time spent in countless meetings to make sure that decisions are being made with the best interests of all members of the community in mind. Canice Harte is that leader, and has been in training for this moment his entire life.

As a young man he joined the Marine Corps so that he could serve our country and keep us safe — all of us, family, friends and strangers alike. Whatever the cost. After his brother became disabled by cancer, he became an adaptive ski instructor so that he could share his passion for the outdoors with people of all abilities. Since we moved to Park City 14 years ago, he has committed his time to supporting the arts, youth sports and our trails. He’s dedicated seven years to the Snyderville Basin Planning Commission — serving as chair and on numerous committees helping to guide responsible growth and development in the Basin, and become a leader in Rotary at both the local and state levels. Canice is also a committed father to our two young daughters, as he knows what it’s like to grow up without a dad, a supportive partner and the most loyal friend that you could hope to have.

When we look to elect people to lead our community at the highest levels, we need these people ­— women and men — to have proven experience so that we can be sure that they have what it takes to make decisions in our collective interest — decisions that may not always be popular — and hold the course. This experience comes from time on the ground in the community in positions of leadership.

Leadership is earned. Canice has proven that he has the skills, passion and commitment that Summit County needs right now. Please join me in voting for Canice Harte for Summit County Council.

Katy Wang

Spouse of Canice Harte

Support Favero for the Legislature

The primary election is coming fast and it has been difficult to focus attention on issues unrelated to the COVID problem and its related impact on all our lives.

We have a unique opportunity in Utah State House District 54 to make a change for the better as it applies to our future and, critically, to the lives of the children we love. Other than our immediate health needs, the single biggest issue we face is education. How well our youth are prepared to participate and thrive in the rapidly changing world they will inherit will have tremendous impact.

Randy Favero is running for the Utah House of Representatives. Randy is a native Utahn who has lived on both coasts and worked internationally. His background in technology with IBM, Netscape and Novell give him a perspective that is unlike many currently in the Utah House. From his years as a business executive he knows how to create and generate jobs.

Importantly Randy is both passionate and deeply knowledgeable about many aspects of primary education. He has been deeply involved in Utah’s education for years and understands both the needs and the challenges we face. He understands that simply throwing more money at schooling will not produce the increase in outcomes that are so important. He recognizes the incredible success that programs like Utah’s Upstart program have had by leveraging technology for pre-schoolers, especially the less fortunate, and is committed to assisting Utah’s teachers to capitalize on their specialized skills. His goal, one that is obtainable, is to increase outcomes by multiples, not merely percentages.

Given the usual choices presented at elections between career politicians who claim to be “ready to serve” and which usually means “business as usual,” Randy gives all of us a chance to address the future, especially education. Please vote for Randy Favero in the primary for Utah House District 54. Our youth deserve your vote for Randy.

Jack Rubin

Park City

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