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Letters: Readers disagree about Romney’s vote to remove Trump


Romney rose above partisan politics

On Feb. 5, Sen. Mitt Romney voted to impeach President Donald Trump, making Romney the first senator in American history from an impeached president’s party to vote to convict. Before casting his vote, Romney gave an impassioned speech on the Senate floor, acknowledging that his decision to vote to convict the president for abuse of power was “the most difficult decision (he has) ever faced.” Further, Sen. Romney recognized that his vote would result in his being “vehemently denounced,” and, of course, that is just what has come to pass.

However, it is important that Sen. Romney knows that there are those of us, quite independent of partisan politics or religious affiliation, who support him for his bravery, his integrity and for putting country before party. No matter one’s political party membership, or even the conclusion one may have arrived at upon examining the evidence in the impeachment trial, surely Sen. Romney’s act of conviction, his willingness to apply impartial justice and to follow his conscience is worthy of respect and admiration.

In an era of such extreme political divisiveness, Sen. Romney is deserving of our praise for rising above partisan politics to honor his oath as a senator and to uphold the Constitution. Even those who may disagree with Sen. Romney’s conclusion should still commend him for his courageous decision to vote his conscience, even while he was acutely aware of the political repercussions.

Please join me in letting Sen. Romney know that while he may well be vilified in certain corners for doing what he believes to be right and just, he has broad support from many across the political and religious spectrum who admire him for his act of conviction. Please sign my Change.org petition, at http://chng.it/Hv6GncDb, so that Sen. Romney knows that he has your respect and support.

Elaine Spear

Park City

Romney needs to go

Sen. Romney is a useful idiot for those who want to degrade the Constitution, not a conscience-driven martyr. By voting to give credence to the House’s articles of impeachment, he did precisely the opposite of what he so righteously claimed his faith in God guided him to do: He failed in his oath (under God) to uphold the Constitution.

President Trump and the Republican Party are timely but irrelevant. The Democratically controlled House lowered the standard for impeachment to a de facto popularity contest that will, if it becomes the new standard in the future, shift the balance of power between the legislative and executive branches to the legislature. We do not have, nor do we want, a parliamentary system of government. Sen. Romney voted to erode the Constitution and to cancel my presidential vote. No thank you, Senator Delecto, we can decide who we want for president, not you. Citing his faith in God does not mean Sen. Romney’s decision is just, correct or superior. History is littered with the results of excruciatingly poor decisions made in the name of one’s faith. Sen. Romney failed the people of Utah, he failed to support the Constitution and he failed generations to come. By his own exalted standard of morality, he needs to go voluntarily or via a new mechanism passed in our Utah Legislature applicable to all elected officials.

Paul Pillmore

Park Meadows

Be thankful for Search and Rescue

Thank you Alexander Cramer for your great front-page piece in the Record’s Jan. 25-28 issue about the Summit County Search and Rescue team! With a bold title, “We are the hope for these people,” a quote from team member Dave Diehl, and with the color, the photos and extended length, you gave the story every bit of attention it deserves. Thank you to team leader Kevan Todd, to Bridgette Blonquist and Derek Siddoway for telling Alexander their story, which he has shared with us. We, the public, some of whom are the ones getting lost or seriously hurt out there, need to be ever aware, ever thankful that these 30 or so crazy dedicated people do what they do … for us. Imagine this group of folks, all of whom have “real” jobs, dropping everything when called by dispatch to head out into 2,000 square miles of county open space that includes vast sweeping wilderness and high Uinta peaks. Empty. Beautiful. Quiet. Peaceful. Scary. The team members mobilize, meeting up with other team members, following protocols they’ve over-practiced that provide them with the greatest chance for success — finding, helping, saving someone. They’re out of the gate, loaded up with gear, their collective life-saving skills, and a huge dose of individual strength and endurance — all in order to work smart and safely under extraordinarily difficult conditions. Personally, I cannot quite grasp how they pull off really difficult rescues; perhaps, they unpack some special superpowers.

Please, before you put this newspaper down or click on the next page, remember and be thankful that we have these life-savers on the Summit County Search and Rescue team. And, when it comes time to donate money to a nonprofit, choose this group of incredibly dedicated and talented volunteers.

And stay safe.

Bev Harrison


Accommodate our guests for World Cup

Park City has been very fortunate to have had the Olympics in 2002 and either the World Championships or a World Cup event every year since. As it’s a ski town, I was very surprised and saddened to see the no parking signs on Deer Valley Drive this year during the World Cup. Parking along Deer Valley Drive has been abused in the past but we must welcome and accommodate our guests for a few days when we are awarded a world-class event.

Bill Watson

Park City

Display the flag properly

I just read the Feb. 8-11 edition of The Park Record. When I opened the center two pages with the large cartoon-type picture from Sotheby’s, my eye was immediately drawn to the American flag hanging on the McPolin Barn. I was very sad to note that the picture has the American flag hanging wrong. Whether the American flag is hanging vertically or horizontally the field of blue should be in the upper left corner.

I’m not sure if it was just overlooked or if the rules regarding the display of the flag are unknown. If it’s the latter, you’re welcome for the lesson. If it was just overlooked, I forgive you.

Julie Kuster


Voters have work to do

Honestly, I’m not sure whether to laugh or cry. Our dear legislators have gerrymandered our great state of Utah so that only the dominant voice may be heard. When their laws are so bad the electorate bands together to assert the will of the people (food tax, Medicaid, medical marijuana, ahem, gerrymandering), our dear legislators scold, patronize and then mostly disregard us. They kick and scream about “states’ rights” in disputes with the federal government, but then usurp the voice of the citizens of its largest city (Inland Port). And watch out when one of their own has the temerity to question party doctrine. “Censure him!” Thank you Sen. Mitt Romney for upholding your duty to be an impartial juror. Now, we voters have some work to do!

Erica Marken

Salt Lake City

Fight for our planet

Utahns seem pleased by the introduction of Tier 3 fuel to our state. By substantially lowering emissions we can also improve our air quality by choosing to purchase gas at stations selling this fuel. This individual action while important may only produce minimal results as we struggle to make a difference in this fight for our planet and the generations to come.

Adopting a systematic solution to address both pollution and climate change multiplies our effect. Another way to take meaningful action is to promote the passage of the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act (H.R. 763) now before Congress. Passage of H.R. 763 would dramatically alter the amount of CO2 emissions from major sources of greenhouse gases. Taxes would be collected on carbon emissions and allocated to all Americans to spend as they choose. The bill includes border-adjusted pricing, ensuring U.S. firms will be protected from imports not accounting for their carbon emissions. This approach has bipartisan support, and appeals to those preferring market-based solutions over regulatory control.

Please contact your legislators and express support for H.R. 763, which will usher in another effective, systematic change. Who wouldn’t be pleased by that?

Robert Lindsley

Salt Lake City

Dogs don’t belong in shopping carts

While shopping at Whole Foods with my wife on Saturday, we were shocked to encounter a shopper who had put his small dog in the food cart. We politely pointed out to him how inappropriate this was — other people may later put food items in that cart, which could have been soiled by the dog. Surely no one would want to put his or her food where a dog had been. The man was surprised and said that the dog won’t harm anyone. After I restated the inappropriateness of his action, the man asked where we were from. When he heard we were from Park City, he said that we must hate dogs. At that point I asked him for his name so that I could report him. He refused and just walked away. I called upon a store employee who referred me to customer service. There we heard that the man was in violation of the Utah State Health Code (and, in fact, federal law), which explicitly forbids access by dogs to grocery stores, even forbidding service animals from being placed in shopping carts. The store agent said that only the manager could take action, and she tried to call him. While we were waiting, I observed how the dog owner quickly left the store, at which point we were told that nothing could be done any more. Now I know that dogs are a very important part of the Park City population, and that there have been many disagreements about the behavior of dogs and their owners. But this incident sets a new level of absolute carelessness and unlawfulness by dog owners, and I urge all residents, regardless of whether they own a dog or not, to reject the sort of behavior we encountered on Saturday, and to speak up forcefully whenever they see someone committing such an act that violates the Utah Health Code and federal law, or any other similarly inappropriate act. Thank you.

R. Michael Range


Cross-country deserves coverage

It’s been really disappointing that The Park Record has chosen not to cover the local cross-country skiing scene this winter. For many decades this paper has been a great supporter of a sport that has launched many local athletes to collegiate and Olympic renown.

Current World Cup standout Rosie Brennan is just one example. She’s a native Parkite who started out in the Park City Junior Nordic Program, moved on to Dartmouth College, and is now getting top-10 results on the world stage.

I hope you will at least decide to cover the races at Soldier Hollow this Friday and Saturday. About 800 of the best junior cross-country skiers will be here from all around the Western U.S. In addition, this event includes the University of Utah Invitational, so all the western college teams will be there. Park City will be well represented at all levels.

Dave Hanscom

Utah Nordic Alliance race director

Pony up, Park City

Thank you to the Salt Lake Tribune and reporter Brian Maffly for Monday’s front-page coverage of the Midway electric power conundrum. Our “David vs. Goliath” story was well told! After reading this, including one paragraph that stated: “The Heber Valley line is a key link in a larger project to provide backup capacity to Park City from Orem.” That being the case, I wonder why are Park City and Summit County NOT BEING ASKED to “pony up”? Anybody?

Judith Griffin


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