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Letters: Readers express gratitude for those pitching in during coronavirus crisis


Gratitude for health care workers

I would like to express gratitude to the qualified, compassionate and resilient medical personnel during this time of a novel new virus outbreak. I am currently healthy and self-isolating in recognition that it is something I can do to protect those that protect us. Early timing is so powerful. I will use the time to also plan on how I can support my local businesses once this virus infection has flattened its growth so as to not overwhelm our medical personnel and institutions. It is very doable to come back out and support all the businesses that I may miss for two weeks to two months.

Allison Florance

Park City

Thankful for the little things

Just a quick shout-out to all those in our community who are working so hard to maintain the many “little things” we’ve too long taken for granted. Grocers restocking shelves around the clock. U.S. Postal Service carriers delivering mail each afternoon. Groomers maintaining our Nordic trails each sunrise. Thank you. Your diligence nudges fear towards faith.

Krista, Matt and Drew Dana

Thaynes Canyon

Backbone of the community

I think about how Park City has changed in just one week. I cannot fathom how many people have lost their jobs from the resorts, hotels, restaurant, gyms and so forth. Most of these people live paycheck to paycheck.

I think it’s time to look at the big picture, come together as a community and help so many that have just had the carpet pulled away. The Christian Center can only do so much.

These people that have lost their jobs are the backbone of this community. It’s time we help.

Ann Kruse

Park City

Many are contributing

While many of us sit at home trying to entertain kids/grandkids (or just griping and watching Netflix), there are a lot of people who are quietly keeping us safe, fed and informed. The first tip of our hats goes to our police, firefighters and health care workers (including all the staff and technicians who back up the front line). The people who run our newspapers and TV stations continue quietly doing their jobs to keep us entertained and up to date on COVID-19, earthquakes, locust plagues, etc. Ditto for the hotel and restaurant/food service workers (those who still have jobs) working behind the scenes. And who do we think drives the trucks full of food and toilet paper to the grocery stores where other people diligently keep the shelves stocked? Did you order anything on-line? Then thank the people at USPS, FedEx and UPS who deliver those orders to our doors. Pump any gas recently? More truck drivers and inside staff. And, oh yeah, if you had your trash picked up recently, more truckers.

Despite the problems that we all encounter during this period, we owe a large THANK YOU to those people who keep our lives running relatively smoothly.

Ken Miller

Park City

Make sure to have your say

Once again, no Republican candidates filed for election in Summit County. Local county races should not be partisan, anyway, but the Legislature disagrees.

The incumbent Democrats: Treasurer Corrie Forsling; Recorder Rhonda Francis; and Assessor Stephanie Larsen filed to remain in their positions. They’re excellent public servants. We’re in good hands here. Barring successful “write-in” campaigns, they’re elected to fulfill the duties of their office for four more years.

The Summit County Council, your local officials who filed are also Democrats. They have no Republican opponents, so your best chance to weigh in on the people who represent you for the next four years comes before noon on March 23, the deadline to sign up to participate in the Summit County Democratic caucus. That’s MONDAY. If you want to have a voice, you can do that regardless of your political registration/affiliation (because the Democratic Party is an open party, accepting all who wish to participate).

If you want to have a voice in the election, click here and sign up to participate electronically in the Summit County Democratic caucus: scdems.org/caucus-day-2020/ before noon on March 23. If you don’t want to be a delegate for your precinct, just sign up to vote. It could be your only chance. Delegates will vote by drop off ballot on April 2.

There are three open seats. Doug Clyde is unopposed. The other two seats have two each filed. My personal choices are Roger Armstrong and Canice Harte. I’ve worked for years with these three community-spirited people. They are experienced and can jump right in to tackle the very difficult tasks awaiting our County Council. In these troubled times, we can’t afford to elect less than the best.

Sally Elliott

Park City

Where does the buck stop?

Beginning in boot camp, I was taught that the senior Marine was responsible for the action or inaction of all those he or she oversaw. This applied to privates through generals and was strengthened by an unyielding rule that “you can delegate authority, but you cannot delegate responsibility.” In other words, subordinates could be given the power to direct others to perform a mission, but you were still accountable for the mission’s successful accomplishment.

Frankly, I was sickened recently to watch our Commander in Chief violate this most basic of leadership principles when he was asked if he felt any responsibility for the elimination of the National Security Council’s Pandemic Unit. He first accused the reporter of asking a “nasty question” and then went on to say that “it wasn’t me” and that he did not know anything about it (an obvious lie). He then turned to Dr. Anthony Fauci from the National Institutes of Health and asked him if he knew anything about it (an obvious attempt to deflect the blame). This cowardly performance by our president should worry us as much as the current pandemic, since he is ultimately responsible for the action or inaction of the men and women working to contain it.

Patrick McLane


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