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Letters: Readers offer endorsements for Summit County Council

Support Harte for council

I fully endorse Canice Harte for Summit County Council and hope you will join me in supporting him. I have known Canice for 14 years since he moved here with Rossignol and joined Park City Rotary, where he immediately jumped in to serve our community. We have worked/volunteered very closely together as leaders of Rotary in Park City and Utah. He is a strong leader who values hard work, teamwork, accountability and compassion. Canice is a business entrepreneur having started two businesses while here. He has a variety of experience on the Snyderville Basin Planning Commission for seven years, and on the boards of multiple local nonprofits. He brings people together to accomplish goals and I believe is the best person to help lead our council and county through the COVID-19 pandemic and into the future. Please vote, and I hope you will join me in supporting Canice Harte for County Council.

John Hanrahan

Park City

A real gem

The Park City Municipal Golf Course is a real gem in Park City’s crown! Vaughn, Danny, Nate and Sean are the face to the public, and behind them are a legion of instructors, groundskeepers and volunteers. All together, they have made “The Muni” truly recognized throughout the state as a remarkable facility. Their friendly demeanor makes us all feel welcome, and their helpful hints (“if you want to lower your score, play fewer holes”) always put a smile on everyone’s face. All who play there, local or visitor, are amazed that those of us who are blessed to live in Park City have our own friendly, wonderfully maintained “locals’ country club.” Kudos to the Muni Gang!

(Now if they would just cut down those groves of trees that bracket the entrance to the No. 5 fairway.)

Ken Miller

Park City

Stevens will serve county well

I am writing in support of Malena Stevens for Summit County Council. Our family has lived in the county for 20 years, and we have known Malena for some time now. I have always been impressed by her level of initiative and confidence taking on an impressive number of responsibilities serving our community. Coming from the corporate world and founding a successful business on my own, I can really appreciate and vouch for Malena’s initiative, competence, judgement and high level of honesty and integrity. She is the type of person who would be a valued asset and leader in any organization whether business or government.

Malena’s active role and leadership in various community organizations, including Summit County’s behavioral assessment committee, suicide prevention coalition, affordable housing task force and domestic violence coalition demonstrate her genuine care for our community and her willingness to serve. I have heard glowing reports of her organizational skills and competence in her professional roles at the Park City Police Department as well. Achieving a master’s degree in public administration, with a focus on local government policy, also gives Malena a solid framework for navigating the logistics, administration and procedures of the council.

Malena has served two terms on the Snyderville Basin Planning Commission including as chair of the commission. During the past several years my wife and I have personally been much more involved in dealing with the County Council and Planning Commission as we built a home in the Canyons. Having attended many Planning Commission meetings, my impressions of Malena have only been reinforced. I have seen her in action, chairing meetings with calmness and clarity, and I hope to see her move forward as a county councilor. I truly believe Summit County will be well served to have her on the council.

Bruce Cummings


Voice concern about inland port

If you truly care about our environment including clean air and migratory birds, please educate yourself and participate in what is happening with the development of the Inland Port adjacent to our Great Salt Lake. On May 21, the Utah Inland Port Authority (UIPA) released its strategic business plan. They are overseeing the development of about 16,000 acres of land. Development is already occurring on this land south of I-80 due to existing entitlements. The area north of I-80 is largely green space. There are more than 1,500 acres of lakes and ponds and about 440 acres of wetlands. Migratory birds depend on this area. It’s right where our recent earthquakes were centered. How in the world can this be being made into a giant inland port? The plan’s strategy notes “growth in rail” and a place to “process cargo.” Expand foreign trade zone (FTZ) covering both the Utah Inland Port and satellite ports statewide. Yes even more inland ports. “Promote centralized FTZ warehousing.” This is huge. They also talk a lot about sustainability and the environment, but look closely, it’s not definite, it’s “encourage,” “incentivize,” “promote” and “support” these efforts. They do admit, “While the UIPA does not have tariff authority to influence the conversion of cargo-handling equipment, locomotives and trucks serving the port to more fuel efficient sources, UIPA intends to develop incentives to move towards the implementation of renewable energy sources.” I have heard a lot of others who say they intend to do this and that, but if it’s not written clearly, good intentions often do not happen. In my opinion this is a disaster in the making. UIPA is having a Zoom board meeting Wednesday, May 27. Please get involved. There will also be a comment period going, I believe, into mid-June. You can learn more on several sites including http://www.stopthepollutingport.org and look into joining the meeting https://inlandportauthority.utah.gov/business-plan/.

Jean Tabin

Snyderville Basin

Avert a disaster waiting to happen

The Lake Powell Pipeline is a disaster waiting to happen and I am appalled that the Washington County Water District (WCWD) and the Division of Water Resources (DWRe) are still pushing this $2.2 billion project forward while we enter what could be the largest economic recession since the Great Depression. With COVID-19 shutting down our economy and our state losing billions in revenue, we cannot afford to pursue a project that is slated to take 85 years to pay back. Our hospitals and schools need our taxpayer money the most, but we continue to put 1/16 of every cent of sales tax into a fund for the Lake Powell Pipeline, even when our sales tax revenue is extremely low. Instead of considering the livelihoods of Utahns, the DWRe and WCWD are prioritizing their expensive project that won’t be needed until at least 2060. I urge these two government agencies to ask the Bureau of Reclamation to put a hold on the permitting process by not releasing the draft environmental impact statement slated to come out on June 5, and not dump any more money into this project until it is truly needed.

Kyle Cowdrey

Snyderville Basin

We need Stevens’ leadership

Malena Stevens is the voice that we need on Summit County Council moving forward. I have known Malena for over seven years, and I have always been impressed by her focus on service and her willingness to help others regardless of what is going on in her life. She has the unique capacity to tackle many projects at the same time, while remaining connected to others and their individual challenges. I have seen Malena work with people contemplating suicide, experiencing domestic violence and encountering other extreme challenges. Her compassion and knowledge of resources has allowed these people to have the support and information needed to actively work to improve their situations. She is in a unique position to be able to serve broader Summit County in a similar capacity as we work to recover from this crisis.

There are many people in our community struggling right now with social distancing, economic impacts and other challenges related to the pandemic. On a different scale, Malena has been helping individuals and families walk through similar, individual challenges for years through her professional and volunteer experience. Malena is a skilled and educated professional who has been leading in this community for years. I have always been impressed by her engagement with the community and her knowledge on a broad array of topics. Her involvement in the Snyderville Basin Planning Commission has only added to the depth of her understanding of issues within the county.

Malena is the leader we need in this county moving forward. She leads from a place of compassion and service and uses her education and extensive experience to thoughtfully make decisions. Join me in voting for Malena Stevens in the June primary election.

Jeremy Manwaring

Snyderville Basin

Stevens has a valuable perspective

I support Malena Stevens for Summit County Council. As a working professional and young mother, Malena has a unique perspective that will add to conversations on council. Malena understands from her professional and lived experience the challenges of serving in the community while raising a family. We need council members at all stages of life representing our community so that all voices in the community are represented. Malena will add additional perspective to council decisions because of her career in social services and government and because she intimately understands the challenges associated with raising a young family. Malena understands the struggles working parents face and can, therefore, be an advocate for families in our community.

Through her work with vulnerable people in the community, Malena also understands how to give assistance to individuals and families experiencing struggle. We have seen through this pandemic that Summit County needs to increase community supports so that all people in the community can thrive. Malena is an advocate that has, for years, been actively helping victims of violent crime, suicide, poverty and other struggles within Summit County.

Through her experience working with vulnerable populations, and managing the Park City Police Department budget, Malena understands how to balance competing demands on the budget while focusing attention on community impacts. She understands the need to maintain and increase service levels with limited and likely decreasing resources. We need to elect Malena because she has the experience to quickly assimilate onto the current council; her perspective will only become more important as we work on recovery from COVID-19. Please cast your vote for Malena Stevens on June 30.

Jane Day

Park City

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