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Letters: Readers offer endorsements in state and county races

Stevens is passionate

Please accept this letter as my enthusiastic endorsement of Malena Stevens for Summit County Council. Summit County’s electorate has long been among the most sophisticated in Utah. Voters here understand that local government(s), and its policies, have a huge impact on our day-to-day lives. Consequently, it matters who we elect to serve. Malena has demonstrated significant acumen in her role at the Park City Police Department. In addition to playing a major role in strategic budgeting and planning development with executive staff, Malena is responsible for shepherding the department’s budget — to include budgetary oversight consistent with generally accepted accounting principles.

Public safety budgets are the largest and most intricate budgets in county government. If elected, Malena would immediately understand the complexities associated with these budgets, not to mention the political realities so often surrounding them. For better or worse, government operations are not analogous to private-sector enterprises. Melena’s extensive background in government service differentiates her from her opponent. Far too often, well-meaning candidates seek political office with little, if any, understanding of the minefield that is government. Once elected, these same folks frequently become hopelessly frustrated by government’s seemingly awkward, but sometimes necessary, ways. It has been my observation that people are good at what they are passionate about. And Malena is passionate about government service.

David A. Edmunds

Former Summit County sheriff

Harte is the best candidate

Canice Harte listens. That was the conclusion I drew from our long telephone conversation. A lot of candidates want to hear themselves talk. Canice listened to everything I had to say about living on the east side of Summit County.

His comments showed he understood the issues I put forward, empathized and made suggestions about how to approach my concerns.

These are not simple issues. I sit on a committee advising the South Summit school board about whether to ask the voters to bond again in November to meet the needs of our growing student population which includes the large developments in Silver Summit and Promontory.

I’m confronting condominium expansion at a major intersection near my own home and I want to preserve the green belt on the eastern side of the county — the ranching way of life as I know it.

Canice has the ability to meet citizens on their own ground and make intelligent, constructive responses.

We need that ability in Summit County because the perception of our east-west differences can divide us, even though our strengths are interdependent and mutually beneficial. It’s been that way from Day 1 and I realized that Canice sees that clearly.

Some of my friends say they’re concerned about keeping a “woman’s perspective” on the County Council. I point out an important thing to them: Roger Armstrong, Glenn Wright and Canice Harte are married to strong, intelligent, accomplished women who are contributing to our community big time every day. I’m sure these amazing women inform their husbands about the “women’s perspective” on a daily basis with no holds barred.

My support of Canice Harte is about voting for the best candidate for County Council at this point in time, right now, when the economic stakes are so high. I’m voting for the candidate who has demonstrated that he listens, has a deeper knowledge of both sides of our county, and has the wisdom to lead us through the toughest economic problems Summit County has faced since the 1950s.

Please join me in voting for Canice Harte for County Council.

Lola Beatlebrox

Brown’s Canyon

Cast a vote for Huntsman

I am writing this letter to enthusiastically endorse Jon Huntsman for governor of the state of Utah. Jon is running as a Republican and it is important that he be elected as the party candidate for governor. Jon is incredibly qualified for the position; former Utah governor, ambassador to China, ambassador to Russia — his list of accomplishments is not easily compiled. He is uniquely qualified from a world-wide perspective and exactly the person to lead the state of Utah through these critical times we face ahead. Utah is poised to lead the nation coming out of COVID and the breadth and depth of international attention being brought to Utah at this time is off the charts. Personally, I have had several interactions with Jon and I know him to be completely ethical, intelligent, contemplative and a truly decent and kind individual. I cannot say the same for his opponents. Please join me in voting for Jon Huntsman in the Republican gubernatorial primary election.

Rory Murphy


Favero can make a difference

Support Randy Favero for the District 54 seat in the Utah House of Representatives. Randy is a native of Utah with experience working as an executive in the technology sector in other states before returning home almost two decades ago. He knows and loves our community and state. Education and jobs are top priorities. As a political newcomer with deep local knowledge and a fresh perspective, he says we have done many things well. However, we can do better and must develop and consider new ideas in the face of changing times. I have known Randy about five years, meeting him initiating and leading a community volunteer effort to establish free sing-a-long concerts. That is the kind of citizen he is, dedicated to improving our community including educational and cultural opportunities. Observing his dedication, competence and effectiveness was just my first introduction to a man of intellect and common sense who considers the views of others and convinces those who agree and disagree to follow. Even if you are among those Republicans disappointed with some national Republican politicians, you can make a difference in our community and state by supporting and voting for Randy Favero. I urge you to vote.

Charles Neal

Park Meadows

Keep it local

If there was ever a crucial time to shop local — it is now! Before you click the purchase button on your computer, please consider shopping local and supporting local neighborhood businesses. When you see something in a catalog or online, ask yourself if you could do a little research and purchase that item locally. If the exact same thing is not available, perhaps there is a local substitution. There are many options for purchases right here in our community.

Those of us that are open or getting ready to re-emerge have scrubbed, cleaned, sanitized and have adhered to the strict rules and regulations imposed by our county. These rules are for our health and wellness and enable us to be open. Our rents are high and we are working hard to stay in the game. Now we need your support. Retailers, grocers, restaurants, Park City Municipal and Summit County need your support. The taxes on your purchases go towards supporting our community.

Take a moment, analyze where and how you spend your dollars. Ask yourself, “Can this item or activity be purchased locally?” How you choose to spend your discretionary dollars will help our community. In time, your spending choices will become a habit. Now, more than ever, is the most important time to keep it local!

Marion Boland, Cindy Matsumoto and Eileen Mullane

Park City

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