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Letters: Readers sound off on e-bikes, traffic and bus routes

Keep e-bikes off our trails

Thought we had this figured out already. No need to “dig deeper” … e-bikes are motorized and do not belong on our single track for one simple reason. The speed differential between e-bikes and currently authorized trail users is far too much, and that’s just in open country along a straight line. Add blind corners and “there will be blood.”

To wit, just last fall I came within inches of being taken out on 8-foot-wide paved trails on two separate occasions (Deer Valley Drive and Rasmussen Road) as e-bikers whipped by me from behind without a word of warning at a solid 10 mph faster than I was moving. Don’t think 10 mph is much? Try riding your bike into a brick wall at 10 mph.

Keep it simple and at least a little wild … no roads or mountain bikes in designated wilderness areas, and no e-bikes on single track, anywhere. The beer tastes way better when you earn it.

Gus Sharry

Summit Park

Please take our bus route

As if 45 unused buses a day were not enough on our narrow 20 mph residential street, Alfred Knotts of the Park City transportation department decided we need 45 more. Three Kings Drive is now subject to a whopping 90 mostly unused buses a day. This newly added “northbound” bus serves no purpose whatsoever except to a small handful of weekend tourists. This route was added without any input, support or warning to the actual residents that live on Three Kings.

What this added route has done to us is:

• Double the amount of deadly bus emissions we must inhale.

• Double the amount of toxic noise pollution.

• Double the amount of sight pollution.

• Double the amount of buses going faster than the (though inadequately) posted 20 mph speed limit.

• Doubles the amount of buses we must share the road with and risk getting run over. We don’t have sidewalks to escape these behemoths barreling at us.

On top of all this, the city imposed a massive water district construction project on Three Kings without our input or support.

The big rigs have yet to roll along the side of our 90 buses a day. Guaranteed this nightmare will be far, far worse. Heaven help us, and any of you unlucky enough to stumble upon this mess on the way to the slopes or trails.

If there is a neighborhood out there looking for a bus route, take ours, please. You can have half of them without any argument from us. Just contact Alfred Knotts.

Julie Breslin

Park City

Seeing the light

Are the lights from Bill White’s Farm on S.R. 224 visible from space?

Leslie Masters


Have a sweet time

What are your plans for Friday, Jan. 31? How about attending the Annual Sweetheart Gala presented by the Park City High School band program!

The Sweetheart Gala is a wonderful evening of catered dinner and dancing, accompanied by the award winning PCHS Varsity Jazz Ensemble. The Sweetheart Gala is the signature fundraiser for the PC Bands, and along with supporting the PC Bands program, you’ll be able to enjoy an amazing ensemble of musicians. The PC Bands program has participated in many events over the last several years, including sending the marching band to France for the 75th anniversary of D-Day this past summer. Chris Taylor and Bret Hughes have worked incredibly hard to get their students to the level they are at, and it’s worth setting this night aside for an evening of great entertainment.

This year the gala will be held at 6 p.m. at St Mary’s Church, on White Pine Canyon Road. The evening begins with time to socialize and time to check out the opportunity drawing prizes. After a catered dinner comes dancing and musical entertainment featuring many of the talented PCHS students. The online auction will continue as a pencil and paper auction and will be open until the end of the evening. The Buy it Now auction closes at midnight the night before.

To purchase tickets or to support the PC Bands by participating in the online auction or to make a donation, please go to pcbands.net. Don’t know how to dance? Dance lessons are still available! Check out the website for more info.

Thank you for your support and hope to see you there!

Annie Wallace

Ecker Hill Middle School teacher

Thrown out of balance

We live on a rotating blue ball, perfect distance from the sun such that natural cycles developed to create life. I stand in awe of this astounding phenomenon!

But this tender world we live in is hurting. These natural cycles have been rapidly thrown out of balance by the indiscriminate burning of fossil fuels and the destruction of carbon sinks like forests and wetlands. We are damaging our climate!

Utah’s climate is warming at twice the rate of the global average. Heat waves are becoming more common. Snow is melting earlier in spring. Wildfires are more intense. Asthma is on the rise. We have already made conditions worse for the health of young people and are on our way to committing our grandchildren and the unborn to an uncertain future. Lancet Countdown director Nick Watts said: “The damage done in early childhood lasts a lifetime. Without immediate action from all countries, climate change will come to define the health of an entire generation.”

We can’t go back to former conditions. But with all the solutions available and our human ingenuity, we can live in balance with nature. Let’s start with an honest price on carbon!

Karen Jackson

Salt Lake City

Traffic is destroying Park City

As of sometime now the traffic on S.R. 224 (direction: your choice) has become so polluted with cars it gives you time to think, sit in the car stuck with time wasted. So I took to thinking, utilizing the time. What jumped to mind immediately was the fact that if you live along 224 and wish to make a left turn into traffic, the best thing to do is get two cups of coffee, and a sandwich just in case, and a dose of good luck. So, developing the idea of a left turn some more, you drive along 224 north and wish to turn left, go home — here luck and coffee would not help. What does it all mean to me? My suggestion to build a home on 20 acres instead of 20 homes on an acre is being ignored and the building craze is on high gear anyway, like we have nothing but room, infrastructure, water, waste collection and severe lack of people. What good would it be to turn our Park City jewel into a crowded mess with inherent inability to leave home or else spend time stuck in traffic. Reminds me of the Long Island Expressway, the longest parking lot in the world. Something ought to be done, someone that cares ought to put the brakes on all this building. Even the good idea of an electric bus is of little use as the bus is stuck in the same traffic and draws electricity from a source that pollutes somewhere else. Even the “meese” and the “gooses” don’t have anywhere to go.

Money can buy you an apple but not happiness, money can buy you a car but not health, it can buy you a home but you are still who you are. It can buy you time but not stop it from ticking.

It is with great sorrow that I watch this beauty of a place destroy itself and I for one am doomed to watch but unable to help.

Jack Karmel

Jeremy Ranch

The future is now

We need to become independent of foreign petroleum, such as OPEC oil and gas resources, for a clean, green planet. To do this, it is vital that we work together on developing sources of energy besides natural gas — for mining oil that can have environmental impacts even on our coastlines. Look at the BP oil spill among others over the years. I call on Congress and the White House to collaborate on comprehensive energy reform legislation and UN conventions/world-treaties to develop the right initiatives, measures and laws to go green and establish self-efficiency, sustainable development and environmentalism while having a stable economy. Alternative forms of energy are needed, not just to prevent oil spills, but also to eliminate environmental nuisances, for they lead to smog, air pollution, water contamination and ground pollutants, threatening nature, the ecosystem, the plant and animal kingdoms, and health standards.

What are these alternative sources? Solar-powered plants, hydrogen-powered plants, fusion, fission and windmills. This is all about clean energy, and our country needs to invest in it before it is too late, such as following the EPA’s Clean Power Plan and staying in the Paris Climate Accord.

By investing in these plants, we also lead by example. Other countries will follow and a worldwide emulation may coincide. Moreover, thousands of more jobs may become available to meet the needs of clean energy in the United States and around the world, improving the global economy over time. So clean energy reform is an essential initiative that should be legislated and endorsed by our government officials and passed by Congress and the president. The measure for clean energy should tax-credit and benefit those companies or entities that convert to fuel-efficient standards, meeting carbon caps or taking steps to reduce or replace coal, gas, nuclear or other toxic materials to clean energies.

Moreover, on a global scale, the U.S. should collaborate with nations that follow international climate change treaties to reduce the impact of oil and gas and improve the environment. Appoint Al Gore to head a commission on climate change and follow their recommendations and measures to the T. We only have one environment, one world — global warming and the greenhouse effect would be irrevocable once it is too late, but we still have time to change things around and act today. The future is now!

Zack Haskins

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and frequent Park City visitor

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