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Letters: Readers support behind City Council candidates as Election Day nears

Becca brings connection


Recently I was part of a group at a fireside chat with Becca Gerber. The quality that stood out during the questioning was Becca’s connection to the citizens of Park City and listening for understanding. Rather than fire off answers to the many questions, Becca listened to the question and the questioner’s intent in a calm and measured way. She dodged nothing. She gave factual answers and connected with all of us about our town. I left with such encouragement that the future of our town looks bright with Becca’s leadership. Far smarter folks than I have said that the one thing that we all crave is connection. Becca brings connection to the citizens of Park City and the Council.

Allison Florance

Park Meadows

Ed will be asset on the Council


We support Ed Parigian for City Council. We need a truly “Locals” advocate on Council and Ed will provide that representation. We have known Ed for more than five years, worked with him on several community projects, and can affirm that he is passionate and committed to doing what is right for Parkites. He had a vision for Library Field. His vision was that it should just be left as a “field of grass” for the public to enjoy. No houses, no structures, no pathways … just a field. In the face of considerable pushback and significant obstacles Ed volunteered hundreds of hours and worked passionately to make that vision a reality for our community. As a semi-retired business professional Ed has the time and energy for the significant demands of City Council. Ed has a truly locals-first vision for our community and will be an asset on our Council. Please vote for Ed.

Sandy and Hope Melville

Old Town

Vote for Park City’s future


I’ve been lucky to have known Becca Gerber since my first days in Park City in 2004. We both worked at Canyons Resort and would see each other while working on the hill. Little did I know at the time that the smiley ski schooler would end up helping shape our town and work through the many changes that have come to Park City.

Becca has a unique perspective that only comes from growing up in Park City. She has seen the town grow from when Kimball Junction was just an exit off from I-80 and the town had quiet shoulder seasons, to our current 12 month-a-year busy town. I appreciate knowing that our elected leadership has seen this change and will work to continue to make this a desirable place to call home. Like many others, I was drawn here by everything this community has to offer, and want the City Council to work hard to maintain the character and uniqueness of this community.

A vote for Becca is both a nod to the history of Park City and those who have spent their whole lives here, and also a nod to the future of Park City; she understands the complexity of a growing community, a seasonal workforce and infrastructure that must adapt to change. Perhaps most importantly, Becca has built a life and is raising a family here and wants to make Park City great for the next generation.

Let’s re-elect Becca Gerber!

Pete Earle


Nann gets things done


Park City is at a crossroads in determining the future of our community. As locals, we need to choose our City Council members wisely at this critical time, so there are members with the skills and perspective to lead Park City to the future.

I first met Nann Worel when she was the executive director of the People’s Health Clinic, and I a volunteer physician. At every interaction, I witnessed her ability to lead with a keen awareness of both our mission and our scarce resources. She worked to ensure these essential services were available for a critical but vulnerable part of our community. More importantly, this was all done with an eye to the future, knowing that without a sustainable and strong base, these services could vanish at any time. Nann “got things done” so that this critical resource will be around for the long term.

During her time on the Park City Council and before that, the Planning Commission, Nann has demonstrated the leadership. Thoughtful, productive, long-term, common-sense leadership, not getting distracted by fads or political whim, and always mindful of our limited resources. While she shows a great appreciation of our past, her focus has been on the future. We need leaders like Nann, so we do not try to roll back Park City to a time long gone that will never return. We need leaders that will look toward the future, to successfully design appropriate solutions for housing, transportation, education, and a sustainably developed economy so we can live and enjoy all that Park City has to offer.

For these reasons, I am voting for Nann, so she can continue the work she has been doing for us.

Gregg C. Lund

Park City

Straighten up


If I were a South Summit student just busted for vaping on a school bus, suspended from playing football for the remainder of the season, humiliated by family and friends, not to mention written about in The Park Record — while right next to the article a bunch of adults on Main Street in Park City were pictured doing shots of whiskey just to prove to another town that we can outdrink them — I’d be a little more than confused. I’d be pissed.

I don’t condone kids vaping, nor am I above having a shot of whiskey, but think about it: 1,310 of us showing up on Main Street to get buzzed while we tell our youth to straighten up.

Stephen Leonard


All is not well


The repetitive drone is that this Park City Council election is without issues. I don’t agree. I’ve been out knocking on doors for Deanna Rhodes and having interesting, sincere conversations with many voters and I can tell you — all is NOT well out there. Just a few of the comments I’ve heard from actual voters in all parts of town:

• “Park City is the richest town in the state, but nobody can afford to work here. Where’s all that money being spent?”

• “The City Council just rubber-stamps whatever the mayor wants to do.”

• “I’ve given up. Endless growth has won and I’m just going to hunker down.”

• “Why can’t we just use some cones to change the lanes on S.R. 248 every day? We used to be able to do that stuff. Now we just hire consultants.”

• “When is the city going to get tough with the resorts about housing their employees? I’ve been to the all the meetings, but every year it’s just craziness.”

• “I’ve heard there’s like, a thousand unfilled jobs at any time that people can’t afford to take. What the hell?”

• And my favorite: “What’s her position on dogs on the trails? I can’t turn around without stepping on one of those damned green bags.” Well, at least it’s in bags.

There’s a real appetite in the city for some new voices, innovative moves, someone who can be tough in the face of money. Even in the heights of Solamere, I hear that. That’s why I volunteer for Deanna’s campaign and why I recommend you vote for her. She didn’t ask me to write this letter and she might not agree with all these quotes, but you get the idea. Change can be good, and it’s time.

Tom Horton


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