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Letters: Romney, stop kowtowing to Democrats and the status quo

Mitt, stop kowtowing to the status quo

Utah’s junior senator, Willard “Mitt” Romney, considers himself to be morally and righteously superior to our president, yet nowhere in the Old Testament, New Testament or the Book of Mormon are false pride and envy portrayed as desired traits. And by being an active participant in the Democratic Party’s coup d’etat thinly veiled as an impeachment, this self-anointed Godly man is bearing false witness. If he were honest, he would change party affiliation to Democrat.

I went door to door and made phone calls when he ran for president, only to see his timidity in the latter debates with Barack Obama. When former Sen. Harry Reid lied and stated that Romney hadn’t paid his taxes in years, Ole Mitt remained silent.

America is in a cold civil war. We need a leader that leads and fights! Not one who kowtows to the status quo of the Clinton-Bush-Obama Swamp Kingdom dynasties. America is at the precipice. Are we to remain the Shining City on the Hill or be just another Euro-Socailist pseudotopia? That question was answered when the citizens of Deplorableville elected President Donald J. Trump.

I wrote to the sheep in RINO’s clothing and encouraged him to reflect on President Trump’s accomplishments:

WARNING: Reading this list may trigger bouts of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

A few of President Trump’s accomplishments:

• Trump signs law ending gag orders against pharmacists sharing money saving information

• Trump signs bill requiring airports to provide spaces for breastfeeding moms

• Trump secures release of Pastor Brunson from Turkey

• Trump signs bill that makes extreme animal cruelty a felony

• Trump signs 9/11 Victims Compensation Fund into law

• Trump signs executive order protecting Medicare

• Trump nominates first woman for head of CIA

• Trump signs bill to fund Autism CARES Act

Jerry Heck


Heart and soul of PCHS

Park City is a community that values the arts. This is illustrated in many ways from the Sundance Film Festival to the Kimball Arts Festival to the free summer concerts at Deer Valley and Park City Mountain Resort, just to name a very few. So, it’s no wonder that the arts at Park City High School thrive and reach a very high caliber.

In fact, it’s not an exaggeration to say that the arts are the heart and soul of PCHS. The performances of the young actors at the high school plays have been stellar; the pit orchestra

at the fall musical was thought to be professional; the marching band playing at Brittany American Cemetery in France for the 75th D-Day anniversary was breathtaking; the pep band at the football games was the embodiment of Miner Spirit. This list could go on.

It is clear that this is no ordinary high school arts department. Just like the Eccles Theater is no ordinary high school theater, neither are the students who perform in it. Neither is the amazing inventory of instruments that rival those of big universities! None of this is possible, though, without the generous support of the parents, grandparents, teachers and most importantly, the community.

Whether you are new to the arts program at PCHS or are a seasoned supporter, we invite you to get a glimpse of the amazing PC Bands program at the annual Sweetheart Gala, on Friday, Jan. 31.

The Sweetheart Gala is a wonderful evening of dinner and dancing, accompanied by the award-winning PCHS Varsity Jazz Ensemble, silent and live auction and opportunity drawing. It is the signature fundraiser for the PC Bands program that encompasses over 14 music programs, plus extracurricular clubs, and is sponsored by the Park City Education Foundation. In the season of Sundance, there is no better way to support the local youth arts programs! To purchase tickets or to support the PC Bands by participating in the online auction, make a donation or volunteer for the event, please go to http://www.pcbands.net.

Jamie Weekes

Park City High School assistant principal

Kudos to snow crews

Kudos to the wonderful crew of the Park City Public Works Department and its employees. I called to request that our street be cleared enough for the parking of several cars as we were having an event at our home for 50-plus folks. After leaving a message on their recording device, I wasn’t sure that anything would happen but was pleased with a return call within 30 minutes. I was told that they would take care of it within a few hours, which they did, leaving the road wide and clear for our visitors cars. Thanks for the prompt and great service and great employees who have been doing a terrific job of keeping our streets cleared this winter.

Andy Barros

Park City

Let’s be real about climate change solutions

In response to Mr. Haskins letter (“The future is now” — Jan. 15-17 edition), it adds nothing to the debate to repeat the oft-said “we must get rid of fossil fuels.” It is unrealistic and frankly impossible — our economy is built upon the need for reasonably priced energy. The challenge is to figure out how to supplement, to any significant scale, hydrocarbon-based energy sources with alternatives that are competitive in the marketplace without subsidies into perpetuity. In parallel, research to determine cost-effective ways to sequester CO2 emissions from stationary sources must be undertaken.

In closing I am struck that, like myself, Mr. Haskins shares his time between another state and Utah — I wonder how he gets back and forth?

Steve Cassiani


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