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Letters, Sept. 12-15: Park City continues to consume itself

Lamenting the changes

While complaining is a temporary relief to the soul, it is not a solution. I have been living here for 22 some-odd years and watching Park City destroy itself, consume itself. It is not pretty. Building is rampant and escalating, traffic is such that leaving home to go to a restaurant sometimes involves at least 20 minutes if you need to make a left turn into a state road or off it, and brings forth the question “Why bother?” Many years ago I wrote to this paper “build a home on 20 acres, not 20 homes per acre.” This town is choking as its arteries are plagued by too many users and soon it will be a long parking lot. I am not equipped enough to know how to stop this trend but I am certain there is no going back. Every occupied new condo brings a trash container, a recycle bin, a car or two and other toys.

There should be a moratorium on building due to lack of water, and let’s make this a bit clearer: Charging more for water does not produce water, just more revenues. You cannot drink revenues, try as you may. Despite COVID we are witnessing: tie ups, road signs ignored, speed signs unseen, road rage on the rise — and winter is not even here yet. Texting while driving seems to be up, as is lack of attention to the road and fellow users. Taking such a mountain jewel that we have, the gorgeous mountain setting, the beautiful four seasons, abundance of wildlife, wild flowers and more, and corralling it with fumes of impatience and pollutants. It is enough to sicken the heart. So there you have the lament, my lament.

Jack Karmel

Jeremy Ranch

Americans deserve better

As has been corroborated by multiple news outlets, the president of the United States and commander-in-chief called those who served and died for this country “losers” and “suckers.”

As an Army veteran and West Point graduate, I am appalled and disgusted by Mr. Trump’s latest remarks about our military and I am not surprised. We have heard these remarks before. There is no basement for his comments, just an abyss.

This is the Trump brand — disparage and denigrate. He has denigrated our allies, insulted and attacked Sen. John McCain’s service and sacrifice as a Naval officer and prisoner of war, laughed at and dismissed Gold Star families like the Khans, and discredited Sen. Tammy Duckworth, a veteran and double amputee. All of this from a man who did not serve when he had his own opportunity.

There are no more feeble excuses to ignore his remarks. They are not one-off comments. They are part of a pattern of belittlement, disparagement and denigration.

Mr. Trump repeatedly and regularly shows this country who he really is and is not. The proof is in plain sight. There is nothing in his character that demonstrates he is fit to lead — morally, ethically, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually.

Mr. Trump’s disrespect for the women and men who have served, areserving and will serve is a threat to our national security. It is an honor to serve in the military and it is a choice many of us make. We do it because we love our country.

Please register to vote and exercise that right to vote early with mail-in voting. Cast your vote to relieve this man from the presidency and his role as commander-in-chief. Our military, veterans and war dead deserve better. As American citizens, so do we.

Donna Matturro McAleer

Park City

Keep it up

I recently put a Biden sign in my front yard. It disappeared. I put up two. Today I lost another. I would like the person who is stealing them to know that for every sign that is stolen, I am donating to the Lincoln Project. Keep it up, dude, and Biden will surely win.

Beano Solomon

Park Meadows

Armer has initiative

I am writing this letter as my unreserved support for the candidacy of Aimee Armer for Wasatch County Council. She possesses the qualities of a good leader and is dedicated to preserving the beauty of Heber Valley through smart growth, open space and economic balance.

Aimee grew up on the West Coast and moved to Utah to raise her children; she graduated from the University of Southern California and received her master’s from the University of Utah. She is raising her two beautiful children in Midway.

I have known Aimee for several years, since we both work for People’s Health Clinic and have been directly involved in not only human rights and women’s issues but also in many other nonprofits in Summit and Wasatch counties. As a woman, Aimee believes in the importance of family values, and she has been very much involved in helping others in the community. I believe as a councilperson, she would represent the valley with great honor and ensure people’s interests would be properly protected.

Aimee Armer has the initiative and dedication to make a significant difference to the progress of the county. I confidently believe she would perform well as your representative.

Beth Armstrong

Park City

Re-up the RAP tax

As executive director of the Alf Engen Ski Museum and recipient of RAP Tax grants, I would like to encourage Summit County residents to vote to reauthorize the RAP (Recreation, Arts and Parks) Sales Tax on Nov. 3.

Twenty years ago, Summit County residents voted to levy a local, non-food, sales-and-use tax of one penny per every $10 spent in Summit County. Over half of this tax (approx. 53% in 2019) is paid by visitors, and all of it is used directly for the benefit of Summit County residents.

The Alf Engen Ski Museum, located at Utah Olympic Park, has been able to provide two free museums to Summit County residents and visitors, in part due to the support from this grant. We were also able to utilize funds to support interactive exhibits such as the Hometown Heroes Exhibit, which features local athletes who grew up here in Summit County, trained throughout our community and participated in the Olympic Winter Games. Currently this exhibit highlights Ted Ligety, Sarah Hendrickson, Brita Sigourney and Keith Gabel. The museum and its exhibits draw local and out-of-state visitors to our museum who then support other Summit County businesses.

Thank you for joining me in voting “yes” on Proposition 21! This is not a new tax, but rather a renewal of an important source of funding for county-wide recreation, arts and culture programs.

Connie Nelson

Alf Engen Ski Museum

Live the mountain life

Like Adam Strachan expressed in his Sept. 5 letter to the editor, I would like to extend a welcome to the many newcomers to Park City. I do have one additional tip: Please don’t honk! We are all doing the best we can driving around in what all of a sudden feels like a congested town. You’ll notice that some green lights turn yellow quickly, but take a breath — it’s OK if you don’t make it. Parkites generally run seven minutes late anyway.

Enjoy the mountain life. It’s the best.

Sara Hutchinson


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