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Letters, Sept. 23-25: An open letter to Utah’s senators

Open letter to Utah’s senators

Dear Utah senators,

Please stand against Mitch McConnell. Please stand for the three distinct branches of government. Please stand against hypocrisy.

As a native Utahn, my daddy taught me, “Avoid the appearance of evil.” First Thessalonians notes, “Abstain from every form of evil.”

At this point in time, the three of you — yes, the three of you, including former Sen. Orrin Hatch — have the opportunity to demonstrate traditional Utah values and your commitment to your constituents. I include the former senator because I once shared with him that I was never more proud to be represented by him than when he eulogized Teddy Kennedy. Back then, senators built relationships, crossed the aisle, created and passed legislation.

Friday, when we lost Justice Ginsburg, I learned that while Sen. Hatch questioned RBG about her views and previous rulings, he was one of the fiercest advocates for the appointment. Again, I felt proud to be represented by him.

Now, I ask you, Sen. Hatch, to use your considerable influence with your colleagues to persuade them to act appropriately and avoid the appearance of hypocrisy.

I am calling on Sens. Romney and Lee to honor Justice Ginsburg’s wish that she not be replaced until a new president is installed. I am calling on Romney and Lee to stand up to Mitch McConnell, stand for three distinct branches of government and stand against hypocrisy.

Julie Hooker


Vote for a thoughtful leader

Thomas Cooke. Please remember this name and, if you live in Park City Board of Education District 2 (Park Meadows North, Trailside, Highland Estates, Old Ranch Road, Ranch Place/Willow Creek, and Snyder’s Mill), write in “Thomas Cooke” as your choice to serve on the board.

Why do I support Thomas’s campaign? First, I am concerned that no one filed to run against the three incumbent school board members up for reelection this year. Democracy suffers when no one is willing to run for public office. Local elections determine critical issues that impact our lives. In running a write-in campaign for school board, Thomas has stepped up to the plate.

Second, Thomas has demonstrated an ability to listen and collaborate to solve complicated local issues during his three years on the Snyderville Basin Planning Commission. In a small town like Park City, every issue brings out passionate supporters and detractors. An important attribute in any elected official is the ability to listen to criticism and use that feedback to inform decisions. Thomas respectfully and thoughtfully works with all members of the public to craft win-win solutions.

Finally, Thomas is a thoughtful community leader who puts the public interests above his own. If Thomas is elected to serve on the Park City school board, I know he will work to increase transparency, collaboration and community-building on behalf of the board.

Please join me in writing in Thomas Cooke’s name when you vote for Park City Board of Education District 2.

Vicky Fitlow

Silver Creek

See through the smoke

Aspen trees throughout the West are dying. Drought and heat are amongst their suspected killers. Since we are living in a tinderbox, I appreciate the property owners who have been taking down old sick trees, in spite of the wood chipper noise.

Listening to a wood chipper the other day, I heard some uncharacteristically high notes. Uh oh! I wondered:

• Did someone once nail a birdhouse to that tree and the nail was hidden in the wood?

• Could metal in the chipper create a spark? (Lots of things can create a spark.)

• If there was a spark, how fast would the kindling piled up next to the wood chipper catch fire on this windy day?

• How fast could the fire department get here in today’s traffic?

• How fast can the firefighters access the nearest hydrant on this old, vegetatively overgrown street, always full of construction vehicles?

• Can the pipes in this neighborhood withstand the pressure needed to get the water through the hoses? Old water pipes here have frequently been breaking with normal usage.

I applaud the people who are getting rid of their dead wood and I thank the city officials who are promoting fire safety as our environment becomes increasingly flammable.

As I write this on Sept. 21, our air quality is unhealthy, winds are gusty and the East Fork Fire in the Uinta Mountains is only 22% contained, though it’s been burning since Aug. 21. Five fires are now burning in Utah according to utahfireinfo.gov/active-wildfires/ and hundreds of fires continue to burn out of control throughout the western U.S., with no relief in sight.

I hope the smoke in our eyes doesn’t prevent us from seeing that fire prevention is everyone’s responsibility, and it should be a top priority for our city leaders.

Beverly Hurwitz

Park City

Support Armer in Wasatch County

The citizens of Wasatch County are facing an election that will determine its future direction for generations to come. As one of the fastest-growing counties in the United States the growth pressures are tremendous and well over 20,000 residential units have already been approved for development (mostly concentrated around the Jordanelle Reservoir). If the economy remains robust we can expect the population to balloon to over 80,000 in the next several decades.

It’s time to put away past animosities and parochial thinking and unflinchingly look at how both Summit and Wasatch counties can plan a future that is at once livable, equitable and more importantly desirable.

This will require us to think, plan and act REGIONALLY. To work out our transportation needs, to connect trails and open spaces, to add new amenities, to build affordable housing and to ensure an infrastructure adequate to support the potential growth. And this needs to be accomplished while understanding each community’s desire to remain unique while determining its own future. No easy task!

Aimee Armer, candidate for the Wasatch County Council, clearly understands these realities. As a member of our community’s leadership program she has built the necessary relationships to reach across jurisdictional lines and has the forward-thinking intellectual mindset to tackle these daunting challenges.

It is vital that our elected and appointed representatives work together, and Aimee has built her campaign around exactly this sentiment. Please support Aimee Armer for Wasatch County Council.

Myles C. Rademan

Park City

Back write-in candidate

If you live in Park City Board of Education District 2, (Ranch Place, Silver Summit, Trailside, Mountain Ranch, Old Ranch Road, Snyders Mill, Park Meadows North, Highland Estates) I urge you to write in Thomas Cooke on your ballot for Park City school board. Though I have his sign in my yard, I don’t live in his district, so I can’t vote for him. What I can do is tell you what a superb Snyderville Basin planning commissioner he has been. He is thorough, intelligent, well-spoken, diligent, detailed and a great team player. He listens carefully to the staff, his fellow commissioners and the public. I have found him to be a very easily approachable public servant and an active listener.

I think our school board could profit immensely from his ability to communicate with the public and the staff to create a strong, transparent, cooperative and effective public body. If you can’t vote for him, please encourage your friends in his district to write his name in their ballot for school board.

Sally Elliott


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