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Letters, Sept. 5-8: New to Park City? Here are some tips.

Welcome, newcomers

While moving around town recently, I’ve noticed a significant number of new folks who evidently moved to Park City in the wake of the pandemic. That’s great, and we’re happy to have you. Here are some local customs and mores that may ease the transition to your new home and endear you to our beloved community.

• If you see a good wine on sale at the liquor store, don’t buy out the entire supply. Just take one bottle, maybe two, so that we can all share the bounty.

• Don’t assume you need to drive places. Bike or walk was much as possible and please don’t let your car idle while waiting. Because it fouls the clean mountain air, idling is nearly as irritating to locals as leaving your dog’s crap on the trails, and it violates the city’s anti-idling ordinance (P.C. Mun. Code § 9-10-1).

• Practice proper trail etiquette, and big “superhighway” trails like Midmountain or Armstrong are crowded, so assume there’s people around every blind turn. In fact, that is a good assumption on any trail.

• Kids’ sports programs here may not be as intense or competitive as those in the cities you came from. Calmness and deference to the coaches should prevail.

• In general, set your life to a slower rhythm and renounce all “me-first-gotta-get-mine” attitudes. There’s plenty for everyone around here, so just relax and receive life as it comes to you.

Adam Strachan


Incompetence or favoritism?

I was of the impression that building above the ridgelines is strictly prohibited by the Park City building code. Unfortunately there is a house under construction on Finnegan’s Bluff that substantially violates the ridgeline code. We live at on American Saddler Drive and, from our deck, we can clearly see two stories of a large, partially completed house. The structure substantially spoils the view of the ridgeline. How could this have occurred? Who did the owners know to get permission from the city? The situation is either a case of incompetence on the part of the city or explicit favoritism. Unless it’s corrected, it will be a permanent blot in our and others’ view of the mountain.

Douglas M. Hayes

Park City

A growing problem

Another year of disappointing “flower baskets” on Silver King that lead into the resort. No flowers at all. Instead the baskets are dreadful hanging “weed baskets.” Whoever has the contract for these needs to be fired. Instead look to the baskets in the Prospector area, or even downtown Heber. Please don’t bother to spend money on these eyesores again next year.

Julie Breslin

Thaynes Canyon

Where’s the logic?

During my 27-plus years living in Park City, I have voted “yes” on every open space bond … and there have been many. Please explain the logic in the city spending $3 million to preserve as open space the secluded and isolated Armstrong Snow Ranch Pasture that nobody except five adjacent homeowners can see, and yet we don’t preserve Finnegan’s Bluff (the hill between Park Meadows and Snow Creek Shopping Center) as open space that thousands of people see daily driving in and out of Park City, which now is permanently scarred with a home breaking the ridgeline and being built in violation of the city building codes. This is unacceptable.

Stanton D. Jones

Park Meadows

Fix the mistake

There is no disagreement that a gross mistake was made allowing the unfinished house to sit on top of the ridge line on Finnegan’s Bluff at 955 Saddle View Way.

Fortunately the city can and should correct its mistake by requiring the structure to be properly sized below the ridgeline. The house will still have killer views of PCMR and be worth millions but the ridgeline will be preserved and a dangerous precedent avoided. City officials, please don’t make the monumental error of compromising our ridgeline for time eternal.

Bill and Terre Thomas

Park Meadows

Deceptive methods

The Park Record recently published a right-wing propaganda piece, (mislabeled “Guest Editorial”) in which the author used a deceptive method of lying about other parties without directly doing so. The method involves claiming that “WE” don’t do (insert list of bad things), but writing it in such a way that the reader infers that “THEY” do (insert same list of bad things). Unfortunately, it’s a very effective way to implant lies in the readers’ brains and is widely used by people for whom reality and truth are inconsistent with their views.

In this propaganda piece, the writer attempted to lead her readers to infer that Democrats attack children, drag people from their cars and beat them, threaten suburban homeowners, loot small businesses, attack police and burn down government buildings.

Let’s see what happens if Democrats use the same propaganda method, but with a heavier dose of reality and truth.

Democrats don’t kidnap children from their parents and put them in cages; use government property for personal gain; solicit bribes from foreign leaders and welcome their help in elections; ration health care only to those who can afford it; ignore the earth’s warnings that the whole planet is in an existential crisis; trample on human rights; use their power to shoot or choke people because they don’t like their looks; enact tax laws that transfer wealth from labor to capital (i.e., the working poor to the idle rich); praise right-wing murderous vigilantes or stand in front of their houses pointing guns at passersby; excuse criminals based on the color of their skin, the color of their uniform, or the color of their politics; or print obvious propaganda pieces in a newspaper that will elevate their propaganda to the level of Guest Editorial.

Holly A. Carlin


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