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Letters: Ski season is garbage season in Park City

Garbage season

During ski season our beautiful town is particularly despoiled by an epidemic of trash and litter. Two primary sources of this environmental assault include overstuffed garbage bins and dumpsters.

A drive around town reveals ample evidence of this heartbreaking situation — garbage and trash scattered about.

Park City Municipal and City Council are committed to progressive environmental programs. Perhaps they might develop ordinances to better control this blight? Consider a system similar to photo enforcement for traffic infractions. Take a picture of the offending property and fine the homeowners and/or property managers.

Please help keep our town cleaner through programs designed to better control the sources of litter and trash.

David Nicholas

Park City

An idle problem

Idling cars around town have caught my attention more than usual recently. ATMs, school zones, restaurant drive-throughs, then most recently the line to unload holiday boxes and bottles at Recycle Utah. In light of Park City and Summit County’s ambitious climate goals, I’ve been surprised to see so many running cars so decided to research the details.

It’s true that both our city and county have one-minute idling ordinances, with a few exceptions. So what about waiting in traffic or a line of cars? While it’s not the best (and sometimes not legal) to turn the key while waiting at a traffic light, it’s a wise decision to do so in other waiting situations. In the past, the carburetors in our older cars used plenty of gas to turn off and restart. Today’s electronic fuel injectors, however, use virtually no gas. Ten seconds of idling can burn more fuel than turning the engine on and off, not to mention increased cost at the pump, carbon emissions and health repercussions. Excessive idling can also be hard on the car, in particular spark plugs and cylinders.

It’s so simple to turn the key if you feel you will idle for more than 10 seconds. It especially breaks my heart to see idlers in school zones or with kids in the car as it’s their future. Can we all please be more aware?

Mary Closser

Park City

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