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Letters: Summit County residents must urge support for bill to close Utah’s gun show loophole

Background check bill needs support

March for Our Lives’ recent report card giving many Utah legislators failing or low grades on protecting Utahns against gun violence highlights yet another example of Utah legislators not listening to the people who elected them. The vast majority of Utahn — including responsible gun owners — support universal background checks, but the Utah Legislature didn’t even let the bill get to the floor for a vote last year.

Utah law prohibits perpetrators of domestic violence and convicted felons from possessing a gun, but there is a loophole in current law that allows people to purchase a gun from an unregistered dealer at a gun show or on line without a background check that would block the sale. Common sense tells us to slam the door on that loophole and H.B. 109 introduced by Rep. King does just that. (H.B. 109 wisely exempts transactions among family members because they will know if a family member is responsible enough to own a gun.)

In addition to Rep. King, Summit County is represented by Rep. Tim Quinn and Rep. Logan Wilde. Rep. Quinn has publicly stated that he supports universal background checks, subject to the bill’s language, but Rep. Wilde has not yet taken a position.

It’s time for Summit County residents to act! Please write Rep. Wilde and urge him to support H.B. 109 — universal background checks. And please write Rep. King and Rep. Quinn to thank them for helping to protect Utahns against gun violence.

Ed Rutan

Park City

We need bright thinkers

It took me 1 1/2 hours to go from the post office on Park Avenue to the theaters on Kearns Boulevard. I sat through seven lights at the turn lane from Park Avenue to Kearns to make a left.

Time for the brains who run the Utah Department of Transportation and Park City to make a change. It was 40 minutes from U.S. 40 to Park Avenue today.

This was a mining town with very smart builders and engineers. They could build a 3-mile tunnel from the Ontario to Keetley (for newbies that’s under the Jordanelle Reservoir now) so straight and true you could see the light from the tunnel opening 3 miles away. They did it with picks, shovels and a bit of blasting.

Why can’t a tunnel be put through the mountain coming into Park City on S.R. 248 to make the more lanes? No one wants to touch the wetlands so there is the solution.

Or try this (and they do this in other places in the country): have two lanes going out in the evening and two coming in during the morning rush. There is the yellow lane that could be turned into a traffic lane each way. Takes a guy with a cone to block things off twice a day. Maybe a police car. We have those stashed an certain intersections now.

We pride ourselves on being careful with the environment. All those cars sitting forever trying to get home certainly is not benefiting anyone or any thing.

Some of us need our cars at work, so the bus is not an option.

Come on guys! This is a mess! Get to work. Leave those out who had the flower pots in the middle of S.R. 248 coming in and Bonanza going south a while ago. We need better thinkers than that.

Peggy Marty


At a climate crossroads

As the season of giving and receiving has wound down and a new year has begun, my thoughts return again and again to the gifts of the earth. Air to breathe, water to drink, land to cultivate and dwell on — all the elements we owe our existence to made possible by and thanks to the diverse, complex planet that we are privileged to call home. The gifts of the earth, which are fundamental to our existence, are so intrinsic to our human experience that they are easy to overlook, ignore and take for granted. But as our planet experiences rapid changes caused by global warming and climate change we can no longer take these gifts for granted and assume they will be forthcoming. We are at a crossroads and must usher in a new era of stewardship towards the land that gives us life. It is time for us to reciprocate and gift to our earth actions to ensure its well-being. To do less is to imperil all our futures. Let’s make this new decade one of climate action and give the planet its due — which will benefit all of us. Thank you.

Liz Haigh


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