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Letters: Support for police should not be partisan

Politicizing the police

I was very disturbed to read the “Republicans rally for law enforcement” article regarding the event at Pinebrook Park. I only heard about it after the fact and was surprised I hadn’t known about it since I would have attended to show support for our police. The article said it was “a celebration of Summit County and Park City law enforcement.” Reading further it turns out it was only for Republicans. What? Donald Trump politicized wearing a mask, which is ridiculous. You wear a mask because you care about your health and the health of people around you, not how you vote. Now it turns out Park City Republicans are politicizing supporting the police.

The last thing we need in this country is more divisiveness. I had thought Park City was above that. I love that our City Council candidates run on their own merits and not as part of a political party.

“About a hundred people from around Summit County and even a few from down in the Salt Lake Valley turned out” for the rally. How many more might have attended if it was open to everyone in the community? They raised $680 for a police foundation. How much more could have been raised if all were invited?

Patricia Pond


Keep it green

It’s very interesting that the people that are showing support for the Kimball Junction development in the newspaper do not live in Kimball Junction or Park City proper. They are from Jeremy Ranch and Oakley.

We live on the east side of Kimball Junction. The development proposed for the west side may offer affordable housing, but it wants to clutter up the green space with things we already have here. There is a hotel and plenty of commercial spaces available. We don’t need 700-plus more vehicles in the area at peak travel times (per the developer’s proposal). We can’t handle the traffic we already have. We will end up being overbuilt and overcrowded like parts of Park City.

There are several affordable housing projects on the east side of Kimball Junction. There are even more apartments in the area. We don’t need any more multi-housing developments in the area. Our community deserves to have some open green space. Let’s keep the space green if no tech companies want to move in.

Donna Di Fiore


A specious argument

The argument Mr. Phil Palmintere makes in his recent letter regarding traffic issues is utterly specious. Anyone who has lived here longer than half an hour knows that the vast majority of traffic is generated by service workers driving here from the Wasatch Front and outlying towns, and tourists, particularly in ski season. So the obvious answer is to do without workers for pretty much everything, and close the resorts.

Sarah Wood

Snyderville Basin

Wannabe dictator

In response to Bill Redkey’s letter and his dislike of facts exposing Trump’s desire to sabotage our elections and destroy our institutions:

Senate Report Aug. 18, 2020: a 966-page Senate report leaves no doubt that Russian operatives worked with Trump to destroy Hillary Clinton’s campaign in 2016. Putin ordered the hacking of the Democratic Party’s computer systems.

The Republican-led committee shows Trump’s former campaign manager, Paul Manafort, marked as a “grave counterintelligence threat.” Donald Trump Jr. also participated in a covert effort by the Russians to help his father to win. It was documented that Trump “did, in fact, speak with Stone about Wikileaks …” Trump’s written testimony to counsel denied any conversations took place. What a lie!

Trump’s new postmaster general, Louis DeJoy, a mega donor, was ordered to remove and destroy important machinery and mailboxes, thus slowing processes and delaying mail significantly. Trump can vote by mail, but the rest of us should not?

The outcry of the American people not receiving their medications, mail, etc. uncovered this scheme.

Trump was caught in over 20,000 documented lies according to the Washington Post’s fact checker team. Mr. Redkey appears to be satisfied with a lying wannabe dictator.

Maria Roberts

Jeremy Ranch

Lack of character

At the risk of prolonging a contentious dialogue, I feel compelled to respond to Bill Redkey’s comments regarding Mark Vilnius’s letter. I agree that Mr. Vilnius does not speak for all veterans, but neither does Mr. Redkey. If Mr. Redkey does not know or know of any veterans who feel our current president is guilty of dereliction of duty, then he must have a narrow circle of acquaintances. The veterans of this country are as diverse as its citizens and are both ardent Trump supporters and those who believe, as I do, that Trump is an utter failure as both a leader and as a decent human being.

I do not question the sincerity of anyone who supports President Trump. I admit that my vote is usually influenced by the character of a candidate rather than his or her policies. Integrity, grit, loyalty and responsibility are just a few of the character traits that make for a great leader. With the sense of honor of a lifelong con man, the work ethic of a welfare queen and his public refusal to accept responsibility for his actions, Mr. Trump’s lack of character is well established.

Regarding the Russian collusion “hoax,” the recent release of the Senate Intelligence Committee’s report further bolsters the suspicion that it was anything but a hoax. However, even if this allegation were proven beyond a doubt, it would not be the worst example of Trump’s dereliction of duty. Even his criminal negligence in addressing the current pandemic does not compare to his most egregious failure as a president. Which is his self-serving efforts to divide and sow hatred amongst the Americans he was elected to protect and serve.

I wish to thank Mr. Redkey for his service and state that my dislike and disrespect is focused on just one man and not on the good Americans who support him. I encourage everyone to remember that both Democrats and Republicans are buried at Arlington and our other national cemeteries, along with so many who died too young to know or care about political parties.

Patrick McLane


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