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Letters: Thank you, Miners, for an inspiring football season

Inspiring season

Wow … what an amazing season our Miners football team concluded on Friday. I wanted to publicly thank the players, coaches, parents and volunteers for giving our community such a great football season. I especially appreciated how you all inspired the community to rally around the team as the season progressed and loved seeing the enthusiasm for Miners football at full steam during the playoffs. Having experienced firsthand the 2001 Miners championship game (and season) as a fan and parent, I know how much dedication it took to get to the finals and how it was a culmination of eight-plus years of hard work, countless practices and hours on the road. I think what I loved the most about this year’s team was how it handled Friday’s game with such class, poise and great character. The players never gave up and held their heads high, hustling throughout the game to the very end. A good life lesson shown to everyone watching. In addition to the incredible players, I also want to give a big shout out of thanks to the coaches who worked tirelessly to develop such great players in these young kids and to the parents who supported and taught them to be great young men. It really showed Friday. Well done, team.

Stanton D. Jones

Park City

Opinion piece encourages discord

As I read Lilah Rosenfield’s recent guest editorial, I couldn’t help noticing how she mischaracterized what she called the tenants of contemporary conservatism. She began by saying that included “supporting the president as he cages children.” Wasn’t that the policy during the Obama administration?

I’m not going to address the bathroom disputes other than to point out that there are a lot of parents who want our schools to respect the privacy of their children and to design bathrooms, locker rooms and showers with that consideration in mind. That is a concern that is shared by both conservative and liberal parents.

With respect to President Trump’s comments about the “very fine people” in Charlottesville who didn’t want the Confederate monuments taken down, Ms. Rosenfield apparently believes the unfair characterization by the media of the president’s statement that he was supporting the violent protestors. The president is often imprecise in his statements, which makes it easy for his opponents to attack him. I lived in Virginia for 12 years, and as a Northerner whose extended family included Union soldiers, I did not care for the monuments to Confederate leaders. But I liked the Virginians that I met, including ones who approved of the monuments, who often were Democrats. For the most part, the Virginians I knew and worked with were very fine people.

The suggestion that conservatives want transgender children to commit suicide is incendiary, ridiculous and over the top. Most conservatives want the best care for everyone. But determining what is best isn’t easy in many cases, and protocols change as the science gets better.

In the past liberals tended to be more tolerant than were conservatives. Unfortunately, that is no longer true, as illustrated by Ms. Rosenfield’s intemperate editorial. Her solutions aren’t likely to help bridge the gap in this community. First she insults conservatives, then she arrogantly tells them how to think. That is never a good way to win people to your point of view. If on the other hand her goal is to encourage hatred and discord in our community, she should keep doing what she is doing. It is likely to work.

F. Joseph Feely, III

Park City

Thoughtful analysis

This is a response to a guest editorial in a recent edition of The Park Record:

Ms. Rosenfeld, while I acknowledge the apparent need to whittle down a person’s identity as either “conservative” or “liberal,” I believe the reality to be very much more complicated and nuanced. Thinking about people as belonging to easily identified unitary groups makes it much easier to vilify the “other” and reinforce our own sense of moral certainty. Such “thinking” usually leads to less understanding and more isolation of ideas.

Rather than engage in a futile conversation, allow me to suggest that you, and anyone else who may have an interest in the subject, to read “The Righteous Mind” by Jonathan Haidt. I found it to be a very interesting read. I would hope that it may help everyone, as it did me, to be less a captive of their emotions and allow for a more thoughtful analysis of our relationships.

Paul Mathewson


Bountiful blessings

As I walk down our Clinic hallway, seeing the smiling faces of our staff and volunteers bustling about to ensure our patients are getting the medical care they need, I feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude for all of the individuals who keep our nonprofit humming. Without them we would not be able to provide this valuable service to our uninsured neighbors in both Summit and Wasatch counties.

I’d like to take a moment to reflect this Thanksgiving and to thank the countless community members who contribute in their own way to People’s Health Clinic. Thank you to our dedicated staff for caring deeply about each and every patient … we know you could work for a for-profit company and make considerably more. Thank you to our incredible volunteer medical providers — our family doctors, pediatricians, pharmacists, social workers, ophthalmologists, psychiatrists, obstetricians, and so many more, for donating your valuable time to see our patients. We could never repay you for the hours you have worked to ensure our community members received the care they needed. Thank you to the individuals who have donated to our nonprofit: those who have supported our clinic for many years, those who have donated for the first time ever and to those who are considering making a contribution to our clinic. We are also grateful to the many companies in our community who have sponsored and selflessly given in-kind donations to help our organization. I’m overwhelmed by your generosity and dedication.

Lastly, I would like to thank our patients for entrusting us with their health. Please know we are devoted to you and your family and it is a privilege to serve you. Wishing each and every one of you bountiful blessings on this Thanksgiving and throughout the year.

Beth Armstrong

People’s Health Clinic executive director

A turkey triumph

Last Thursday and Friday, the Park City Board of Realtors held our 18th Annual Park City Turkey Drive at The Market at Park City.

How does one properly say and give thanks for the generosity of the Park City community? Our goal was 2,500 turkeys and we actually collected 2,878 turkeys; 850 birds were given to the Christian Center of Park City for distribution to both Summit and Wasatch counties and the remaining birds, along with hundreds of pounds of non-perishable food items, were delivered to partner food banks distribution statewide. For some families, putting dinner on the table every night is a challenge and having a turkey feast is nearly impossible.

This drive is made possible by colleagues and friends of the Park City Board of Realtors. You have again shown the depths of your compassion and without you, the overwhelming results and the number of people we are providing for this holiday season would not be possible. To Rick Otto, Mario Ferreira, and Barclay Butera and their many clients and friends, a ginormous heartfelt thank you for your contributions during the Wednesday fundraising event that pushed this drive into the success category. And finally a great big thank you to the Park City community that again supported the turkey drive. Because of all of you, over 22,000 people will be thankful you provided them with a turkey dinner this Thanksgiving.

The turkeys for the annual drive are provided entirely by Mike Holmes at The Market in Park City. He has been our ardent supporter for the past 14 years, and for two days Mike and his staff commit their time and resources to ensuring the success of this event. Every penny collected goes to purchasing a turkey – we have absolutely no overhead so we rely completely on volunteer help. Thank you to our Realtor and affiliate friends for their never-ending support to our community in so many generous ways and we hope you will put the 19th Annual Turkey Drive on your 2020 calendar.

Deb Hartley

Park City Board of Realtors

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