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Letters: The time is now to make your voice heard at the Statehouse

Get involved before it’s too late

The Utah Legislature’s 2020 session is underway through March 12, and I am asking people concerned with the climate crisis and environment to get involved by learning about pending potential and current bills and emailing their representatives and letting them know. Even if they are not from your party, they are willing to listen and learn. If we do nothing, we will lose. Everyone must educate themselves to what is happening. Concerns are the Bear River Development Project proposing to divert 20% of the output of this river, the primary water source feeding the Great Salt Lake which would dry up tens of thousands of acres of this vital ecosystem, essential for millions of migratory birds. Learn more at Utah.sierraclub.org and Utahrivers.org. The Inland Port, meanwhile, will use 10,000 acres of undeveloped land, part of the Great Salt Lake ecosystem. Get involved at stopthepollutingport.org. Both these projects will cause air pollution with dust effect, loss of wildlife, and affect our snow. Extremely urgent and noted as high priority on Utah.sierraclub.org is H.B. 125. This bill will require the Division of Wildlife Resources to kill cougars, bears, bobcats and coyotes when deer and elk herds are “below objective.” Predators are not the cause of dwindling herds and with Chronic Wasting Disease now in Utah, if anything we need predators that preferentially help to cull sick animals. This bill could easily cause us to wipe out our predators and damage our ecosystem. Those who care must act quickly. Please, please get involved before its too late.

Jean Tabin

Snyderville Basin

Amazing ambassadors

I would like to acknowledge the professionalism and poise of the Park City bus drivers during a time when 75% of the bus riders are barking questions in a panicked frenzy. Seemingly impossible good manners, calm demeanor and the continual dispatch of correct information was on display by the Park City bus drivers this week. Kudos to you all and your team! You are amazing ambassadors and an example of what I can strive for and accomplish. Thank you!

Allison Florance

Park City

E-bikes are a ton of fun

Thanks, Jeni. Your letter (Jan. 22-24 edition) about e-bikes was wonderful. We had our pedal-assist full-suspension mountain bikes in St. George last weekend and had a ton of fun on single track trails that would not been as attainable if I was riding a non-motorized bike. The ups were great and the downs were just as they would be on a non-motorized bike, no faster.

Fun stuff.

Beth St. Thomas


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