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Letters: There’s a place for e-bikes on Park City’s trails

There’s a place for e-bikes on the trails

I’ve never been part of a town more passionate about more things than Park City. We’re passionate about our art, music, culture, environment, pets and, most importantly, our mountains. Trial etiquette has always been a heated topic, but it’s become more so as people move to Utah in droves and trails become more crowded. I get it, change is hard.

With the arrival of e-bikes on the scene, it’s made people in Park City nervous, and we’re taking a cautious approach. Which is OK. But here’s an impassioned plea from an e-bike enthusiast:

I’m your friend, not your foe.

I’m not overstating it when I say e-bikes have changed my life. What was once something my husband did alone, we can now do together. He generally rides his analog bike while I ride my e-bike. My mental health is better, my heart health has improved, my relationship has never been stronger, and my joints — ravaged by rheumatoid arthritis — are much happier in a pedal-assisted environment.

My husband is a very strong rider — with or without pedal assist — and uses his e-bike as a way to decompress and stay motivated to go out and ride after a long 12-hour shift as a nurse.

I want to high-five the old timers I see out on trails sweating and riding e-bikes. I nearly yell, “We’re doing it, guys! Great to see you out here!”

As to the argument I’m somehow not “earning it” because I ride an e-bike, I’d be happy to share my Apple Watch data that consistently reports otherwise.

Those against e-bikes on Park City’s trails just seem mean or elitist (or both) and I’ll never understand it. There will always be inconsiderate riders, just like there will always be inconsiderate skiers and snowboarders, and drivers, and dance fighters. But if you’re willing to ban a 40-year-old arthritic mother of two, I think that says more about Park City’s values and less about whether e-bikes are good or bad for trails.

Jeni Jones

Heber City

Trump will walk away from the rubble

I am stunned that few seem to care about Trump’s next assault on our planet. Significant changes are being made to the National Environmental Policy Act, allowing federal agencies to approve certain infrastructure projects without considering climate change consequences! This will stop federal environmental reviews of projects that lack government funding. This will endanger wildlife and lead to more carbon dioxide emissions being released into the atmosphere. Of course Trump’s person in charge was a former lobbyist for Big Oil.

Greed for short financial gains to big polluters and our corrupt president are prioritized. Even national parks and monuments, our world-wide envied treasures, are being assaulted. Our public health and environment are at grave risk from the growing climate crisis and our own president. Trump has cut regulations put in place by prior administrations to protect our environment and will continue doing this. He is corrupt to the core. While he and his cronies are stuffing their pockets, our planet is dying. His staunch followers will reelect him again for our “booming economy” that cannot last. Our huge, growing debt will bring us to bankruptcy, something Trump is familiar with. As before, he will just walk away from the rubble.

Maria Roberts

Park City

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