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Letters: Time for spring cleaning on trails

Time for spring cleaning on trails


Taking time out from divisive issues, I propose something we might all agree on — at least dog owners. When we bike, cross-country ski, hike, run, or otherwise enjoy the great off-leash areas Park City has to offer, sometimes our dogs manage to do their business in private. I know this never happens to anyone except me, but let’s keep going. I’ve heard there is no Poop Fairy, but it doesn’t have to be true. As the snow melts, opportunities to “pay it forward” are everywhere. If we took a few extra bags and picked up a pile or two that certainly didn’t come from our dogs, even if we had to pause for a moment in our mode of recreating, all the mess would quickly be gone until the next snow. I have been doing this and it feels good. Join me?

Oz Crosby Park City