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Letters to the editor, Dec. 2-5

Submitted by Park Record readers

Senators should vote against tax reform


I strongly urge Senators Hatch and Lee to vote against the tax reform bill, but on a larger scale I think the Republican party is being shortsighted. This tax reform bill is the opportunity to get rid of Donald Trump and all the daily chaos that comes with him. All they have to do is vote no on this and anything else Trump wants to do; for example The Wall, health care, etc. He will soon get frustrated, blame everyone but himself, declare victory and resign. Then we will have Mike Pence as president and, while Pence is no prize, without a lunatic in charge anymore we can actually get something done. As it is now, the daily chaos is killing the Republican Party, destroying the US image abroad, and is the primary threat to our safety and security. The sooner Trump is gone, the sooner we can all start to repair the damage.

Mike Stevens Park City