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Letters to the editor, Dec. 27-29

We must solve the climate crisis


Trump and the Republican Congress passed tax laws that will increase the gap between rich and poor, and may bankrupt government with massive deficits. We are left to solve the climate crisis ourselves!

Home heating & cooling are major causes of greenhouse gases. Air conditioning causes large CO2 atmospheric emissions because coal-fired power plants generate most Utah electricity. East and west windows overheat houses in summer and make houses cold in winter.

Home heating adds about 9 times the amount of methane gas to the atmosphere that furnaces burn. Methane gas has 20 times more greenhouse effect than CO2. When methane is mined, deep underground rock layers are fractured, but only about 10% of the released gas is collected up the drill bore. The unrecovered 90%, now buoyant, eventually, filters upwards through natural rock fissures and reaches our atmosphere.

Instead, we can enjoy nice temperatures, good health, lower energy costs, and conserve climate and resources. How?

In summer, during the day, close shutters, blinds, or insulating draperies on east/west windows and/or plant deciduous shade trees in front of east/west windows. At night, open north and south windows for cool ventilation and close them every morning to keep the house cool all day.

In winter, use wood-burning masonry stoves of the type having government subsidies in Germany to keep fossil fuel demand low. Masonry stoves originated centuries ago in nations like Norway and Russia. Heating with wood does not add to the earth’s atmospheric carbon cycle as long as forest/tree growth is maintained. Trees sequester carbon and keep the climate cool. When trees die and decay, their carbon naturally goes back into the atmosphere. Maintaining local ungulate wildlife by building wildlife road crossings maintains forest health, reduces forest fire frequency, and prevents land from turning to desert. Allow wildlife to pass through your yard; do not build enclosed anti-wildlife/privacy fences. And vote for Democrats.

Kathy Dopp
Park City

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